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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Ordering a dress for a special occasion is an exciting time for a woman. But when the dress does not arrive quickly, and then even more time goes by, that excitement turns to stress.

A Brunswick County woman claims one bridal shop did not hold up its end of the bargain. Now she wants her money back.

Delores Warren attended a ball in Wilmington last month, but the dress she wore is not the one she had her heart set on.

Warren started searching for a white dress in February. On April 2 she found a dress she loved at the Bridal Boutique.

“I asked how long it would take to get back, and she said two weeks.” Warren said. “I said great, because I didn’t want to be struggling trying to find a dress for an event I was attending.”

Warren left a $100 deposit. In early June, she still had not heard anything about her dress.

“I asked, you know, what’s going on with my dress, and I called on Saturday. It didn’t come in. I called on monday. It wasn’t there,” Warren said.

Warren says the Bridal Boutique promised it would arrive in time. Worried she wouldn’t have anything to wear, warren bought another dress as a back-up.

Then, two days before the ball and more than 12 weeks since she ordered the dress , the Bridal Boutique called and told her the dress was there.

“I told them my name, why I was there, and the assistant looked at me with a stone face and said, ‘Well, you have to pay the balance before we bring it out the back so you can see it,'” Warren said.

Warren says she was told it was store policy.

“I’m like, well, it’s not written on my receipt or posted in the place that was near the counter where I was, and the lady kept saying, ‘It’s store policy,’ and I’m like, ‘I’ve never heard anything like that in my life,'” Warren said.

Warren refused to pay the balance without seeing the actual dress, so she left.

We contacted Bridal Boutique owner Sandra Bost. She did not want to go on camera, but over the phone, she denied promising the dress would arrive in two weeks.

“It takes three to four months for these dresses to come in,” Bost said. “See, these people hear what they want to hear, and when we try to explain it to them and the contract she signed said approximate ship date. We put that on there and have them sign that type of thing so they understand.”

As for not letting warren see the dress, Bost said it is store policy not to let customers try on their dresses until the balance is paid, but when we asked again whether Warren should have been able to see the dress, Bost said, “I’ll find out what took place, but even if we didn’t bring it out, the policy in this store is you pay for the dress before you try it on. I guess we don’t have it written down before we bring it out, but why would we have her pay for it if it isn’t here?”

Bottom line is Bost is not returning Warren’s $100 deposit.

Bost says she will hold the dress for a few more weeks before putting it out on the sales floor.

Warren plans to go to small claims court to try and get her money back. We will let you know what happens.

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17 Comments on "TROUBLESHOOTERS: Customer says dress shop did not deliver as promised"

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Deloris Warren
2016 years 2 months ago

I stated in my post above that Sandra Bost had not appeal the case. She made an appeal, but when I called on the date that I was told to call, it was not done at that time. She has since made an appeal and I am waiting to be served. This seem to be a never ending situation.

Deloris Warren
2016 years 2 months ago

I would like to thank everyone for your comments. I took Sandra Bost to the small claims court and I won. She did not appeal the case. As a matter of fact, she sent her daughter and her assistant to court with the dress in tow. To me, that was amazing when they would not bring it out of the back room for me to see. I would encourage everyone who’ve been affected by this lady to take her to court and make sure you sue her and not the Bridal Boutique because it is not an incooperation. It is… Read more »

2016 years 2 months ago

Been there and the owner is always fighting with her daugther the manager in front of costumers. It is a shame you get so many excuses when you do not get what you order and also having to pay more for a mistake they had, And even worse being discriminated on deals some people get but just because you are hispanic or african american you can not get the same deal.
Please people don’t let this lady do whatever she wants with you. Shop somewhere else.

2016 years 2 months ago

… Just not to this Bridal Shop.

I trust my peer reviews! Thank you to the women who have shared their stories and perception of this so called ‘business’.

These are a really lousy bunch of store policies at best!!!

As these stories unfold, I can vividly perceive the type of ‘business protocol’ these people operate under and have ELIMINATED them from our 4 daughters up-coming weddings. The bridal parties for my girl’s will be at least the loss of 20 DRESS sales, + Mom of Bride and Grand mom of Bride and possibly MOM of Groom And Grandma of Groom…

Who… Read more »

C Simpson
2016 years 2 months ago

A few years ago, I was maid of honor in my
sisters wedding. Several months before the wedding, all of the female wedding party met at Bridal’s Boutique for fitting. When our dresses arrived, we were called in for final fitting. When I saw my dress I immediately noticed something was wrong with ny dress. IT WAS A SIZE ONE!!!!! I was fitted as a size 12. The owner offered to reoeder my dress and it would arrive in two weeks. I declined because the wedding was in two weeks and I was informed at fitting it takes six to… Read more »

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