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RALEIGH, NC (WWAY) — Gov. Bev Perdue talked for the first time since an investigation began looking into whether a North Carolina State Trooper tried to intimidate a Raleigh attorney and his wife.

We were the first to report that Hoyt Tessener accused Tpr. Edward Wyrick of trying to intimidate his wife Gina after a DWI stop a couple of weeks ago near Wrightsville Beach.

Tessener made his accusations in a letter sent to the governor and a host of other state leaders.

Earlier this week, the highway patrol released text messages between Wyrick and Tpr. Andrew Smith in which Smith uses the “F” word.

“I think the messages were totally inappropriate… the content of the messages,” Perdue said. “I don’t believe they’re criminal, and I don’t believe they’re offenses to fire over, but I do believe the messages were wrong. I don’t think anybody should use language like that in texts or anywhere – privately or publicly. So for that, I’ve talked to the Secretary today. I believe the report will be completed some time very soon. And I for one believe that everybody ought to have a chance to read the report and hear the report and see if what we think has happened really happened. Now that’s what America’s great about. I have zero tolerance, but yet I’m smart enough to know when there’s an ongoing investigation I’ve got to step back and let the investigation happen. I look forward to the results tomorrow.

“Again, the content was wrong. Folks shouldn’t put that in an e-mail or a text. We expect our state government employees, because they work for you and for the people of North Carolina, to be respectful and mindful and understand their job is one of public service, and that doesn’t meet the sniff test. But again, I don’t know that that’s criminal, and I don’t know that that’s an offense worth firing for.”

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  • PublicAvenger1984

    I have a feeling “Fat Albert” is that coward, Tressler. Nice try, but we know you’re probably not the “upset citizen” you pretend to be. You are a snake.

    For the record. I am proud of our troopers, and the governor, and the brass, their support.

  • PublicAvenger1984

    The governor is right. The profanity, on the texts was wrong. But it was private, and not a criminal offense. If Miss Priss Trophy Wife (Who refuse to allow a simple investigation into her soberity.)And her ambulance chasing Sugar Daddy Elmer Fudd, lawyer husband, had their way, the trooper would be fired, and possibably imprisoned.
    For “False Imprisonment” of a person, the trooper offered several times, another route, which she refused.

    Just like El-Cheapo punching a man over a bar tab, this is all about two greedy phonies, wanting money they don’t have to earn,(or Pay) and not caring, who gets hurt, or whose lives they ruin in the process.

  • Angry at Bev

    Since you’re “stepping back” and letting the investigation happen, don’t you have anything to say about the obvious issues with the Tessener’s version of events and the videos? I mean, since you’re stepping back.

    HOW can you be stepping back when 1) you commented on this issue when you started the investigation and made those Troopers guilty before the investigation was even done and now 2) you’re commenting on the content of the texts…what? Nothing about the lies the Tesseners told? Stepping back? You shock me with the carelessness in which you speak.

    Next. MY cell phone. MY texts. You don’t pay the bill for those Troopers phones and who the **** cares what you think about what we say to each other. “I don’t think anybody should use language like that in texts or anywhere – privately or publicly.” Lady, *I* have heard worse out of your mouth when you’ve come “home” to this area. You don’t know if those texts were criminal? You don’t KNOW? They aren’t, by the way. Not in the least little bit. Zip. Zilch. Nada. NOT criminal, you fool. You don’t know? Do you even think before you open your mouth? If you don’t know whether it’s criminal or not, why don’t you check before you make yourself look so foolish?

    You MIGHT want to talk to that husband of yours that drops your BUSINESS CARD every time HE gets stopped. “Oh, do you know my wife?” Really, Bev?

    And what about one of your secretaries that recently filed a complaint against an Officer? Her complaint is false according to the video and hopefully that agency will charge her with filing a false complaint when the video of the stop is released.

    You better clean your own closet, Bev. Try not to trip over the skeletons, dear.

  • So Over It

    Wash their mouths out with soap and send the Tesseners back to Raleigh. This is beyond ridiculous at this point.

  • Fat Albert

    Maybe these guys should have taken the breathalizer !

  • Fat Albert

    I will never, ever feel the same way I did about the N.C. STATE HIWAY PATROL. I held them in such high reguard. Never again. I will always be afraid for my family. it’s such a shame!

  • Guest54321

    “And I for one believe that everybody ought to have a chance to read the report and hear the report and see if what we think has happened really happened. Now that’s what America’s great about. I have zero tolerance, but yet I’m smart enough to know when there’s an ongoing investigation I’ve got to step back and let the investigation happen. I look forward to the results tomorrow.”


  • dbone

    That’s the smartest thing that’s come out so far.
    Don’t know if its criminal??? He was in the presence of no one. How can that be criminal??
    My mom would have washed my mouth out and stuck my nose in the corner.
    Shame on you trooper for using your given rights. And that goes for everyone. No more dropping f bombs. I’m glad I don’t hang around her, she would get offended.

  • saggyballs

    Ohhhh Noooo. Harsh Language. You people are such a joke. I guess you want some Mamby Pamby wimp out on the Highways in the middle of the night with minimum or no backup to protect the motoring public from drunks, thieves, robbers. If these men were not out there..and did not have the can do…no matter what attitude….more people would be dead on North Carolina Highways than you could think of…

    People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

    I guess the next thing you will want is a Marine in Combat making nicey nice with a taliban that has just cut your neighbors head off with a machete…..?

  • KrisC

    These men seemed to have intent that was not part of their line of duty in the arrest and debasement this woman. The profanity throughout their communcation is despicable. I have no respect for the law anymore if these are the kind of people who are hired, and that goes for the canine officer who abused his dog too. Makes one very afraid to know these are people who have great power over the public.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    “These men seemed to have intent that was not part of their line of duty in the arrest and debasement this woman.”

    Could you remember to take your lithium and then tell us their “intent” and how they debased this woman?

    Methinks you have a wildly overactive imagination.

  • Guest2020

    So, an officer speaking to another officer, in private, is an offense worthy of being fired over? I guess they appreciate their jobs a lot more knowing that they aren’t entitled to the same rights as everyone else in this country.

  • I guess the letter to the Gov filled with less than honest facts are ok with you because Mr. Tessnner did not use profanity. Kris C, you must be the only Saint on earth!!!

  • Correct

    It is amazing how many arm chair quarterbacks there are. Everyone relies on what the news says as gospel. WAKE UP PPL! Because the media said it, does not mean you know what happen. Just wait and see, devote the same amount of time you put into thinking about what is said on the news into your family. PS: This was written based on the comments around our dinner table, yes I said that, we are one of the few families who still do that. Peace

  • Pickles

    I guess you are holier than all of the rest of us. I wonder if you have ever used offensive words during YOUR work day. Oh wait, apparently not. I am offended by your assumption that troopers aren’t human. Most humans get upset..they might curse. That’s life.

  • Ridiculous

    Kris C……Can I come over and see your glass house. If this is a firing offense and considered vicious even considering all of the circumstances then we need too fire EVERYBODY!!!! This country should have a record number of job openings tomorrow based on your belief. Are you sure your alias isn’t GOD. DOUBTFUL!!!!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …because it comes up incessantly in any discussion about her policies.

  • Guest2020

    …the “i” word when it comes to our governor, but that’s just me.

  • Truthseeker

    Purdue is the person who needs firing which should occur in 2012. These troopers were vicious, demanding and definitely not serving the citizens. Purdue needs to stick to raising chickens and stay out of politcs, out of NC Citizens lives and live in Canada! This was a abuse of authority and if she can not see that then it only enforces the fact that she is completely incompetant.

  • Guest2020

    There was no abuse of authority. Trooper Wyrick followed the law and highway patrol protocol when he stopped and arrested the woman. He was serving the citizens when he took a potentially drunk driver off of the street. The video footage available does not show him being vicious or demanding. It actually shows him being very patient with a very difficult person.

    The governor’s incompetence has nothing to do with this incident. That is a fact that has been blatant since before she took office. I guess that really doesn’t say a lot for the people who voted for her.

  • Guest1234567

    You spelled incompetent wrong.

  • Grand Ole Party

    Stop being ignorant. What they texted was done in private. How in the name of hell were they demanding? Or vicious hahahahaha? Grow up.

  • GuestSiriusly

    Vicious and demanding? Even when the facts are available for you to see, you chose not to look. There is video footage on this site that contradicts your assertion that the Troopers were “vicious and demanding”. It shows just the opposite. I’m curious to know if you have even watched it. The only person *proven* to be “vicious and demanding” is Mr. Tessener. He generated letters to high ranking government officials and the media and made FALSE accusations against two Troopers, demanding that they be removed from the road.. There’s your “vicious and demanding”. (For those of you who need a refresher, or if you haven’t done so already, please take the time to watch Mr. Tessener’s interview and actually read his lengthy letter where he details an account that is *contradicted* by the video footage at the WBPD.)

  • SurfCityTom

    the State position forward. They likely will not be fired. Demoted and retrained, probably. Reassigned to other areas, possible.

    Now the State Bar needs to look at Mr. Tessener and his conduct both here and in Raleigh.

  • PublicAvenger1984

    When you’re a desperate Ham and Egger lawyer, pretending to be a bigshot,you have to do everthing you can to keep Miss Priss Trophy Wife in her Fancy-Car. Fat Baldy, Elmer Fudd, Sugar Daddy, will stoop to any level to squeeze a few bucks. Being a professional victim is big bucks.

    I applaud the governor, and the HP for their courage and backbone. The real victims are the troopers, and the resturant manager.

  • jim hammond

    A State Trooper is suppose to represent the cream of the crop, the best of the best of law enforcement. The conduct of the two officers being investigated currently is disgraceful and shameful to say the least. The language that these officers used even though they were texting and not verbally expressing their thoughts out loud does not say much about their professionalism and possible prejudiced attitude towards the lady they improperly arrested and charged with DWI. Also, considering the current budget constraints throughout state government concerning o/t and gas usuage by officers on duty how did that other trooper suddenly appear on the scene to sidetrack the victims husband and prevent him from following the trooper who had his wife handcuffed in his vehicle? What these troopers said in their text(s) reflects not only what thoughts were going through their minds but the disgraceful intent behind same. I hope and pray that I never encounter these two retrobates out on the road.

  • Pickles

    Who else in this state would like their private conversations aired for the world? Who else would STAND for it?! I am so tired of law enforcement having less rights than murderers and rapists. They at least know it will take a court order to have their personal laundry texts and phone records released. Hey state lawmakers..how about sharing your PERSONAL phone information with all of us.
    This is just getting plain old ridiculous. If the troopers did wrong, then deal with that. If they vented to each other (possibly PREVENTING stress from affecting their work) let them vent.
    Move on, get over it, and find someone else to witch hunt. Most of us are tired of this.

  • Guest 1950

    Well, Smith typed those words, and those words reflect Smith’s attitude towards the public. I would like him to articulate exactly the meaning of his comment “tell him if he wants to cop an attitude to feel free and come back and I’ll stroke him that speed”. These are his typed words as released by the NCSHP. It seems to me he has power issues, anger issues, (and collectively mental issues) and is implying a physical assault on the man who “copped” an attitude.
    Does anyone think this attitude by Smith is a one time event? Its not unlikely that this documented attitude is what he thinks of most motorists he has the authority to stop. As to the “hahaha” which preceded the choice words “F” her and “F” him, seems his immaturity is less than what citizens expect from this state.
    Next time you are stopped, just realize the guy with the badge and gun may be thinking the same thing about you as Smith was thinking of this couple. And just think, Smith had never met the wife and apparently had only brief contact with the husband. Guess he believes its him against us.

  • Seriously?

    at that speed means to cite them AKA to summons them to court via a NC citation. It does NOT mean to assault them. Seriously? Are you truly that ignorant?

  • Guest1234567

    When you grow up and never hear the F word, you do have a big dislike for it. The only people who used this word many years ago were scum, you certainly did not associate with them. So yes, it does make me cringe ever time I hear it. I can certainly understand the way the Gov feels about this. Not professional at all.

  • sailboar2323

    Marines are as you say in combat, the cops are here to protect the people in NC they are not in a combat situation. I don’t think a speeder or drunk stop is considered combat. Well it might be in your eyes. Wyrick just probably wanted to do combat with Mrs Tessler if you know what I mean. If I was to be pulled over I don’t expect to be treated like a taliban warrior and these think everyone they are supposed to “protect and serve” are the enemy. Ex marines so what do you expect, probably couldn’t cut it in the corps so got out and figured I can handle a non drunk woman. BIG MEN.


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