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BURGAW, NC (NEWS RELEASE) –- Carolyn Moser has been selected by the Pender County Board of Health as the Health Director for Pender County. Moser currently resides in Madison County where she serves as the Health Director for Madison County and she has been in that position for over 16 years combined. Moser is a graduate of Western Carolina University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Allied Science, A Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and a Master of Public Affairs. Moser also holds an Associate’s Degree in Nursing.

Moser began her career in public health as a Public Health Nurse trainee in 1982 at the Madison County Health Department and advanced to the position of health director in 1992. Moser served as the Madison County Health Director for three years before accepting a position as a child health nurse consultant with the North Carolina Division of Public Health, where she worked from 1995 until 2007. Moser returned to health director position in Madison County in 2007.

Moser has extensive experience as a local health director and she has written and administered over $3 million dollars in grant funding over the past 20 years. Projects Moser has administered included implementation of an enhanced 911 program for Madison County, construction of a dental center and construction of the first school-based health center for Madison County

Moser is active in public health at the state and national levels. Moser served as past President of the North Carolina Public Health Association, is currently the representative for the association to the American Public Health Association, and is an active member of the Local Health Directors’ Association.

Moser will bring to Pender County a wealth of public health experience from a “hands on” perspective. Moser begins work at the Pender County Health Department on August 15, 2011.

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  • HELP!

    Dear Ms. Moser
    As an employee of the Pender County Health Department, I am asking for your help! Please rescue us from the hands of Brown. Over the past 19 months, he has ruin our crediability and reputations in the community. All of this stress has taken a toll on my health. I am tired of Brown running the health department. I am saddened by the news that Shirley Steele is the new Nursing Director. She was the start of the trouble that has been here at the Health Department. Even after all the files came out – materials that all the employees that work here already knew about – she was still given the job. I would not take my dog to the Health Department and I work there….while Shirley Steele and Brown are running the clinic. In the past year, we have had good employees leave and RIFed because of Brown. Please put a stop to this and help us. I have been quite about this because I am scared for my job – I have seen others that have spoken out be targeted. Ms. Moser – please help us!! Please look into all the programs and make sure they are being properly ran. Please look into how a nurse with discplainary actions and degrees from Phoenix University is now the Nursing Director. Most of all – Please dont be fooled by George Brown!!

  • Dear Help

    If Carolyn Moser is all what her CV proclaims her to be, then it will be interesting to see how many days it will take her to zero in on the cause of the PCHD Cancer. Dr Jack Griffith and Mr. Raynor passed the test with flying colors. This test of character has really been separating the boys from the men!


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