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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Raleigh attorney who accused two state troopers of intimidating him and his wife was in Wake County Court Thursday to face a simple assault charge he received in December. Hoyt Tessener was accused of punching a bar manager in the face after a misunderstanding over a bar tab. The judge found Tessener not guilty of the assault.

A reporter caught up with Tessener upon his departure, but he did not have much to say.

“It’s an embarrassing situation,” Tessener said.

Tessener has not returned our phone calls since he and his wife Gina first told their side of the story involving the two troopers who they claimed intimidated and harassed them.

In court Thursday District Judge Jane Gray heard testimony from Hoyt Tessener as well as bar manager Gregory Sunday. Each man argued that the other started the fight and threw the first punch.

In the end the judge found Tessener not guilty. She said she could not determine who started the fight back.

Meanwhile, Gov. Bev Perdue Thursday says she expects an internal investigation into Troopers Edward Wyrick and Andrew Smith to be finished Friday.

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5 Comments on "Hoyt Tessener not guilty of assault; Says trooper situation is “embarrasing”"

2015 years 10 months ago

Well it looks like the good “bald” faced liar ambulance chaser has a good friend in the Judge. Maybe the Judge, “Old Baldy”, and the Gov go have a drink at the end of the day. Maybe the Magistrate was onto something when he referred to “Baldy’s” wife thinking they are above everybody!!!! My oh my what common people we are!!!! Hail to the Rich Political folk!!!! We are not worthy!!!

2015 years 10 months ago

RALEIGH — A veteran police sergeant who had served as president of the local police union was fired this week, Raleigh police officials said Thursday afternoon.

Sgt. Rick Armstrong, who worked in the department’s field operations division, said he was notified Wednesday of his termination. President of the Raleigh Police Protective Association for 10 years, Armstrong said he resigned from that post nearly two weeks ago.

Armstrong was one of four officers under an internal affairs investigation following allegations that some officers had sex with a woman described as a prostitute in the Bragg Street area of Southeast Raleigh. Police spokesman Jim Sughrue confirmed that Armstrong had been fired.

Although Armstrong has been on administrative leave with pay for the past five months because of the inquiry, he said his firing was not related to the sexual misconduct investigation.

“My termination has nothing to do with prostitution,” Armstrong said Thursday evening. “But because of the appeals process, I am not at liberty to discuss what happened in detail.”

He said two of the officers named in the allegations have resigned, and another officer, M.C. Rominski, was fired June 15. The reason for his termination has not been made public, pending an appeal.

Armstrong said that during his 14-year career, he had an impeccable record.

Armstrong, who has five days to appeal his dismissal, plans to submit the necessary paperwork Monday. Afterward, he will have an opportunity to speak with Police Chief Harry Patrick Dolan. As a final recourse, he can take the issue up with thecity’s civil service commission.

Read more: http://www.newsobserver.com/2011/07/08/1328915/raleigh-officer-subject-of-sex.html#ixzz1RWuMJXl5

2015 years 10 months ago

This guy just seems to be a persecuted victim, everywhere he goes.

2015 years 10 months ago

….until those video tapes came out.

2015 years 10 months ago

It should be embarassing after all of the lies he has been caught in…..but then again, he is a attorney so the media and society approve of him lying because he may have to tell those same lies to get these crooks out of trouble. You are the 10 percent!!!


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