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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A local radio host who not only talks about the headlines but makes them, too, is in the news once again. WAAV host Curtis Wright is being sued in small claims court by a man who claims Wright is cheating him out of more than $1,500.

Jim Rafferty of Market Shapers here in Wilmington claims Wright owes him for “professional services.” Market Shapers is a company dedicated to finding careers for executives, including a “represented search” and “contract negotiations.”

Wright, a conservative talk-show host, was fired from The Big Talker FM in March of last year after three years hosting “The Morning Beat.” Less than two months after being let go, Cumulus Broadcasting hired Wright to do a morning show on WAAV and WFNC

Rafferty filed the claim back in April, and the two went to court the same month. The judge ruled in favor of Rafferty and ordered Wright to pay him $1,550. Wright did not follow orders, and Rafferty had to go back to court to try and get his money.

As of today, Wright still has not given Rafferty the money. We spoke with Rafferty earlier today, but he did not wish to go on camera. We also tried contacting Wright, but have yet to hear a response.

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  • robb4

    Two peas in a pod Curtis Wright and Brian Berger, both are pathetic representations for the Republican party

  • Wade griffis

    “Them that can-do.” “Them that can’t- talk about it.” That is the essense of talk radio.

  • Tie Lurk Rawly

    He looks like a Third Reich apologist who would take the stand and say “Vy Vas Just Vollowing Vohdehs!” (“I was just following orders.”)

    I swear he was in that Tarantino film.

  • obummerguy

    obummer. the lawyers make the laws, litigate the laws, and bring home the bacon. we the people, well, we get screwed. over 500 new laws since the lawyer obama became President. calls for another obummer!

  • Guest7979

    Berger and Wright have very different jobs. Wright has more leeway to speak his mind. That’s what he’s paid for, Berger represents the people and as one of the few paying attention, Berger and I disagree on more than we agree on, but Commissioner Berger might be the ONLY member of the New hanover Board with NO HIDDEN AGENDA. He tells you where he stands, keeps his word, and is actually very reasonable and respectful of others. Berger though is surrounded by self-serving and hidden agendas from the other four Commissioners, which explains the vitriolic personal attacks that have nothing to do with his genuine public service. Brian Berger might have a couple fairly benign personal matters he needs to address, but I trust him more than any other local official to do the right thing, not serve his buddies or own financial interests. We need more elected officials like Berger, so Commissioner Berger doesn’t have to compromise so much, and since you mention hidden agendas, Berger has none but the media outlets that have been vicious and misleading in spreading false info on Berger – they have a HIDDEN AGENDA. Berger’s biggest problem, he is the lone Commissioner seeking to change business as usual so those who benefit from big government have been brutal and brutally dishonest in a negative campaign no elected official has seen here despite causing far more harm to citizens. Who do you work for raising such an unrelated official as if he has something to do with a non-political small claims dispute to which Berger has no connection. Get a life! Berger has been mistreated and even those of us who disagree should demand honest debate, not bash Berger and misportray one of the nicest and most genuine people in any office.

  • Guest28451

    Berger has proven to be irresponsible and a paranoid nutjob who has a hidden agenda. Curtis has never pretended tobe somebody hes not. Yeah he stirs the pot up in this town and Im glad he does even though I rarely listen to him due to my schedule hes dead on a lot of time for calling out the politcians in this town on both sides of the fence for their actions and he holds them accountable. The good ole boy network dislikes him for that reason because he points out the failures and questionable actions and while I think hes over the top on some issues and disagree with him on a few things he is who he is. Berger ont he other hand just has major issues period and I know curtis has questioned Berger on some of his actions. The issue Curtis is facing is still an agreement to disagree issue and Im guessing curtis feels like this guy didnt earn his fee. Also lets be honest the Big Talker lost its balls when they fired him and cut loose the right on campus guys because they want to appear to be conservative talk but yet they didnt like anybody local calling out the local polticians and what not which Curtis and Tyler Crowlee and his buddy did all the time. WAAV 980 has taken charge of the local political debate now which is unfortunate but it proves the big talker just got castrated by management end of story.

  • NCSailor

    It seems that Curtis Wright is showing his true Conservative Colors. It seems he wants something for nothing. He is a sad caricature of a conservative. It must be embarrassing for the radio station to have such a freeloader on their payroll. After listening to him on the radio, I am convinced that not only does he steal from legitimate businesses such as the mentioned headhunter, he also steals his discussion ideas from other right wing wackos. I am sure when he explains this situation to his fan, he will blame the liberal press, Obama and all the other legitimate and HONEST progressive folks in America. FIRE HIM!!!

  • Me, Myself, and I

    This guy can’t tolerate others not living up to their responsibilities. But I guess his rules don’t apply to himself. Can anyone say “hypricrite” ?

  • GuestTocs

    Quote allegedly signed 6/12/2011 from Curtis Wright about District Attorney Ben David
    “The Police acted improperly by not clearly instructing this caller to NOT go to that residence for any reason. The Police should have clearly instructed the caller that her option was a Small Claims/Civil action to retrieve property she said was hers.

    The D.A.’s office illegally had Mr. Berger arrested knowing that there was no history of physical violence, no current threat, no physical contact whatsoever, and no claim by the caller of physical threat nor contact. The DA’s Office illegally arrested Mr. Berger using the extrodinary and exceptional 50B laws, knowing that such exceptional and extrodinary circumstance did not in any way apply…and, illegally imprisioned Mr. Berger under such laws knowing that his actions, nor the evidence surrounding this incident, did not inany way conform to the 50 B/Domestic Violence Act.

    Mr. Berger needs to immediately notify the Federal Government Civil Rights Division and demand a full Federal investigation of all government officials involved in this action; immediately file suit against the DA’s Office for false arrest and imprisionment, and illegal acts to harm Mr. Berger; file a law suit against the WPD for violations of his Civil Rights and false arrest and imprisionment; and demand an immediate dismissal of all charges.”


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