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UPDATE (7/8) — Linwood Costin passed away Tuesday. Here’s his obituary posted in a local paper:

Linwood Nash Costin, 68, of Willard, died Tuesday, July 5, 2011, at Columbus Regional Healthcare System, Whiteville.

The funeral will be at 2 p.m. Friday at Moores Creek Baptist Church, Currie.

Burial will follow in Riverview Memorial Park, Watha. Quinn-McGowen Funeral Home, Burgaw.


PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Sometimes, a finance company will let you skip a car payment. That turned into a mess for one Pender County man. He found out his truck was scheduled to be repossessed, but when he paid what was owed, the truck was still taken anyway.

“The following day, because of all the stress, my father had a heart attack,” Teresa Costin said.

She is speaking on behalf of her father Linwood, who is currently at New Hanover Regional Medical Center, unable to share his story with us.

Earlier this year, Linwood called Ally, formerly known as GMAC, to skip his truck payment for March.

“He said when he called they told them they don’t usually skip a payment; they skip two,” Teresa said. “He said, ‘That’s fine,’ and he sent the amount they told him to for interest.”

March and April’s payments were skipped, but then May came.

“He called me at the end of May because his truck payment should’ve come out at that time, but they hadn’t taken it out,” Teresa said. “I told him he needed to call them and find out what’s going on.”

Turns out, Ally was in the process of repossessing his truck.

“He got very upset and asked what he needed to do to fix things,” Teresa said. “The guy told him he needed to go to the closest Western Union and wire them $567.”

Linwood got off the phone and went to Western Union. The Costins showed us his receipts showing he made that payment.

“He finished his shopping for that day, went home, and they came and took his vehicle anyways and has refused to return it,” Teresa said.

We contacted Ally, which promised to look into the situation.

“We want to thank you for bringing this customer issue to our attention,” Gina Carrier of Ally Financial Global Communications said. “Ally contacted the customer and is working to resolve the issue. Beyond that, I can’t provide details about the customers account without the signed consent form of the customer.”

Linwood Costin should be released from NHRMC by tomorrow. His daughter tells us doctors say he didn’t have any blockages that led to the heart attack, which is why she believes the stress did it.

Ally has now dropped off the truck. It was washed and had a full tank of gas. The company also waived June’s payment.

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7 Comments on "TROUBLESHOOTERS UPDATE: Man who had heart attack after truck repossessed died this week"

Friend In Tulsa OK
2015 years 9 months ago

Mr. Costin passed away this week. My heart goes out to his daughter, a personal friend for many years.

2015 years 9 months ago

How horrible. I have heard of situations where they will allow you to skip a payment. Poor man. I thought he was going to be okay…. I feel awful.

2015 years 9 months ago

They tried to pull some similar crap to my wife on her car (before we got married). She was barely a month behind and they tried to come repo her car and she had made the past due and current payment and they didnt have a wrecker and were demanding she give them the keys I told them to piss off and she had the finance company on the phone and they ended up talking to them ont he phone. Some repo companies are unscrupulous in their actions and it cant be assumed they are given proper info or worse you have to make sure you call the finance company as soon as any payments are made in which you maybe at risk of repo because if you talk to them and they confirm the payments and then the company takes your car rightg after that they can be held legally liable. In this case GMAC could be facing a lawsuit by the family for wrongful death in this case due to the undo stress they created and as for the Home Health Nurse I definitely would sue your finance company for lost wages as well as treble damages for fraudulent conversion by your lender if you were current and it was taken then they can be held liable because the repossession isnt legal if you are current.

So Sorry
2015 years 9 months ago

I am so sorry to hear the outcome of this situation. My heart goes out to family and friends of this man.

2015 years 9 months ago

When I dealt with GMAC 2 years ago, I had sent a payment in but the lady on the phone told me they dont have an accounts receivable computer to track payments, readily available. GMAC cant verify alot of information due to lack on computers and the software they use.

2015 years 9 months ago

The same exact thing happened to me. GMAC did a special finance arrangement with me to skip a payment..but I too was told I wouldnt have to make a payment for almost two months. I paid exactly as they told me to. One day I came home from work and a wrecker pulled up said “We are here to repo your car Ma’am. I showed all the paperwork where my payments were up to date, the men said “we have orders to repo it”. They took my car, which was my livelihood. I was at the time a home health nurse. I called Alley and got “Ma’am we cannot speak to you for eight business days, in eight business days call us and we will discuss this matter”. It made no sense, well long story short, I told them to contact me in 8million business days when they called to tell me how much money it would cost to get my car back. I am sorry about your father and wish him a speedy recovery. People should be careful of this company which was once GMAC. It was GMAC when I purchased my car then they changed to ALLEY. I never did figure out what the call back in 8 business days was about, but it was very rude and 8 days out of work is a long time especially when you have kids to support. I was furious when it happened to me and can attest to the stress something like this causes.

Das Weibstück
2015 years 9 months ago

WOW I am sorry about this mans truck issues. Hope he recovers quickly.

We have had a few cars/trucks through Gmac/Ally and never had an issue with them. We never skipped any payments though and had 0% interest on 1 of them. Something in their system is messed up apparently to show no payments instead of just the interest.

I don’t know if I would skip that June payment !!


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