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WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — The driver police think struck and seriously injured a pedestrian early last Saturday morning has been arrested.

Erica Nicole Kane, d.o.b. 8-7-1983, was charged on Friday with Felony Hit and Run, as well as the additional charges of Expired Registration and Expired Inspection.

Kane’s passenger at the time of the crash, Mario Deran Robinson, d.o.b. 12-17-1981, was also arrested. Robinson was charged with Failing to Report a Traffic Crash. Kane and Robinson both reside in Wilmington.

Kane received a $3000 secured bond. She posted bond and has been released from custody. Her booking photo is attached. Robinson was released on unsecured bond (no booking photo available).

Summary of the case – Daniel Khan, age 21, was struck and seriously injured on July 2nd as he tried to cross South College Road. He has been hospitalized since the time of the crash.
A description of the car that struck Mr. Khan was widely publicized. On Thursday (yesterday), the WPD Traffic unit located the gold Mitsubishi Galant in Sampson County where it had been taken for repairs.

After interviewing Erica Kane on Thursday night, the Traffic Unit obtained warrants. Kane and Robinson were arrested on Friday morning.

Last weekend, the Wilmington Police Department and the victim’s family issued appeals for information about the incident. Local news organizations assisted by widely publicizing the appeals. Numerous calls came in from citizens providing information and trying to assist. Information received during this time was pivotal in solving the case. Thanks to all who responded.

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  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    This criminal mowed down a pedestrian, nearly killing him, fled the scene, then intentionally tried to conceal the vehicle and have it repaired covertly….and she’s placed on $3000 bond?

    She’s probably already gone!

  • who posted her bail…just that her $3,000.00 bail was posted. It may have been her…or someone else. You are making an assumption with your comment.

  • Guesticles

    10% of $3,000 is $300. That’s all she would have had to pay a bail bondsman. And, do you have the receipt that shows that she paid it and no one else?

  • GuestLee

    No, I’m not making any assumptions. You are misinterpreting my post. I said, “She managed to come up with $3,000 to bail herself out of jail”. I didn’t say anything about whether it came from her or someone else. My point was that she was able to come up with $3,000 from somewhere to get herself out of jail. Geeeeezzzzzz!!!

  • GuestLee

    It was a SECURED bond. A secured bond means she had to put up a security deposit or some form of collateral (often property) as a guarantee that she will show up for the trial. The property’s worth must be EQUAL TO or MORE THAN the bail amount required by the court ($3,000).

    If it was an UNSECURED bond, that’s where the 10% would come in.

    Receipt? Asinine remark worthy of a dummy….

  • WilliamSmith

    A secured bond is just as you mentioned. Only it can also go thru a bondsman at 10 or 15 percent. An unsecured bond means that you simply sign your name as a promise to show up for your court date.

  • throw the book at someone…this is it. Unfortunately, I doubt this girl has the resources to pay the victim’s medical bills…other than what her insurance company will pay.

    Shame on her…and her passenger!

  • GuestLee

    Oh yeah? She managed to come up with $3,000 to bail herself out of jail.

  • guest111

    do you actually think she has auto insurance????

  • Guesto

    Apparently not far enough away from this story. Nice try though.

  • Julia B


  • Guest26

    We have every right to judge. If she REALLY felt ashamed she would have turned herself in instead of trying to fix her car in another county, and if she had ANY moral fiber she would have stopped after hitting this poor guy and called 911. Same with this other low life scum that was with her. they both need to be placed in jail for a long long time. They left him for dead for all they knew. So yeah we have the right tho judge these idiots.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …now that she’s caught! She wasn’t too ashamed to leave a man bleeding and near death in the street, or to try and conceal the evidence of her crime, was she?

    You “do not judge” people crack me up. You will excuse any behavior at all, no matter how vile or disgusting.

    Here’s hoping the DA adds a conspiracy charge against the two of them and anyone else involved for arranging to hide the car.

  • ASHAMED? Thats why she took the hoopty to another county for repairs. She is only Ashamed that she got caught.

  • WilliamSmith

    This woman nearly TOOK a LIFE!

    This POS hit a human being, and left him for dead! Then went out of the area to cover her tracks. Days went by and she never once made an attempt to contact authorities. If there was an once of integrity in her scumbag body she would of stopped right then and there to help this man.

    I am livid that she only recieved 3000 dollar bond! She has shown that she will leave the area to save her a** and she still gets a low bond?

    I hope her and the Mom that bred her both have a miserable LIFE!!!!!!

  • sailboat2323


  • concernedcitizen2011

    I am thinking like you. Let’s not judge. Besides, why is no one asking what he was doing out at that time at night????

  • calvin lewis

    GET A LIFE ! are you serious ? the victim had a life that she nor her passenger cared about and clear that she was totally aware that the car she was driving was illegal to even be on the highway. also instead of during herself in to law enforcement ( after sobering up most likely) she and / or others attempt tocover up the crime by making repairs to vehicle, in another county, no wait a sec, why dont you wake up and stop supporting people like this and we all can have alife.

  • Guest CommonTater

    She’s ashamed she got caught. Did it, left the scene and tried to cover it up as the car was in the shop having damage repaired. Pull your head out of your a&&. I hope they nail both of them to the wall.

    Who are you? Probably a relative……. or a good friend of these “nice folks”.

  • WilmLocal

    Before anyone questions about myself, I saw this case on the news, just a local from Wilmington. I’m so glad the police deparment caught these 2 scumbags. You can run, but you can’t hide. Why would you let these 2 fools out on a $3,000 bound? Best of luck to Cody as he recovers. It’s wrong to say, but I hope these 2 scumbags continue to have a rotten life.

  • Guesto

    Maybe you are a bad judge of character. Those are not exactly the words I would use to describe a person who would leave someone laying on the side of the road after accidentally running them over. Didn’t stop, didn’t call for help, just left the injured man to fend for himself. How did she know someone would find him before his life faded away?

  • Guest461

    …struck a pedestrian with her car and has almost killed him! “Bad choice” my bunkie! She flat out forsook her “god given” ways, hit an innocent man and left him there in a ditch to die! Everytime you Holy Joe’s out there try to pull the Bible out and beat on it to show how “good” someone is, it gives me the immediate urge to plug a cork where the sun doesn’t shine, because I KNOW you’re coming for it!

    Tell me “Past Friend”, how is it that you expect the public to have “heart and mature understanding” for someone that DID NOT have the “heart and mature understanding” to report that she had hit a pedestrian with two tons of steel at 45 mph and cold-heartedly left him there to die without a simple phone call for emergency help? That isn’t bad judgement, that’s called lack of responsibility, accountability and total disregard for another human life! I won’t even go there with the lack of vehicle registration and inspection. THAT,in itself would be considered bad judgement.

    She may not have hit him intentionally, but you can be damn well sure that she “intentionally” let that poor soul lay there in pain with the risk of death after maiming him! That is what she’ll pay for.

  • Past friend of the Family

    I would like to begin with the fact that no one is perfect. I have know Erica’s family for years! They are wonderful people. She has a very strong and God fearing supportive backing and to continuously say that she didnt have the resources to post bail or pay for medical bills is absurd and quite sad on your part! God is the only one that may pass judgement…..not man. She is no animal. Merely a person who made a bad choice after an accident. She would never intentionally hit someone with a car. Who would? Both parties of this incident are suffering. Have respect for both families and refrain from public bashing. I pray for both parties and anyone with a heart or mature understanding would do the same.

  • guesty

    She may not have intentionally hit him, but she most certainly did intentionally not stop to help, didn’t report it and tried to hide her car in another county in an attempt to have it repaired. She is nothing more than a criminal.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …need to put a sock in it. You people can excuse anything! Murders, stealing, hit-and-run – it doesn’t matter what the crime, you don’t want people judging your CRIMINAL friend.

    Too bad. We are all judged, every day, by everyone we meet. Don’t want people judging you too harshly? Don’t be a criminal. It really *IS* that simple.

    BTW, that God-fearing woman will certainly be judged very soon, and whether by judge or jury, I sincerely hope they put her in prison, where she belongs.

  • Guest CommonTater

    They are wonderful people.

    I was wondering how long it would take some loser to chime in. I agree just wonderful God fearing folk…. LMAO!!

  • Julia B


  • Guest CommonTater

    So the time of day that you get run over is what counts eh? Where do these idiots come from!

  • Guest910

    So, “let’s not judge” the driver, but then judge the man for being “out at that time at night”.

    Why would anyone ask why the young man was out at night? Wasn’t the driver also out at the same time?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    You can’t get away with mowing them down and fleeing just because they’re out late.

  • concernedcitizen2011

    We will hear the driver’s side of the story soon enough when she gets her day in court, but were I am coming from is from the beginning it was said that this young “man” was here visiting friends. So where was his friend’s when he was crossing the road????

  • SurfCityTom

    expired registration and inspection.

    Any bets on No Insurance?

    I have my thoughts from professional experience.

  • Guesto2

    Sounds like you may have a lot of hit & runs in your driving history past with out having the proper equipment.


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