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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — With a state budget finally approved, state universities will face cuts. The North Carolina system was hit hard with $414 million coming out of funding.

Over the past three years, budget reductions for UNCW have totaled more than $31 million. This year’s budget will see a nearly sixteen percent reduction.

Eli Bingham is a UNCW student double majoring in math and physics, which he says are not very large.

He says because there is a small amount of students majoring in physics, several upper level classes have two or three students enrolled.

“They will have a hard time justifying keeping these sections,” said Bingham.

Chancellor Gary Miller announced Thursday that UNCW’S budget for fiscal year 2010-2011 has been reduced by more than $16 million.

In an email sent to faculty, staff and students miller writes: “After extensive reviews of university priorities, recommendations from the senior leadership, and available funding from all sources, it is apparent that it will be necessary to eliminate the equivalent of 147 full-time

Of those positions 78 will be faculty and the remainder will be staff and support positions.

The faculty cuts will most likely mean closing or crowding more students into already packed class sections, which Bingham says would affect his future at UNCW.

“It could take me a longer time to graduate and also I would be paying an extra year of tuition,” said Bingham.

The reductions will be achieved by not filling any currently vacant positions.

In his email, Chancellor Miller stressed that no currently employed tenure track faculty will be impacted.

“We’re not going to necessarily see a decline in the quality of teaching, but in the quality of support staff perhaps,” said Bingham.

In comparison, UNC Chapel Hill’s funding will be reduced by nearly $100 million, the hardest hit among the UNC’s 17 campuses.

In closing his email, Miller stated that the focus will be on how to move forward in the months to come.

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18 Comments on "FIRST ON 3: UNCW cutting almost 150 jobs"

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Guest of who's the editor on first?
2015 years 11 months ago

Oh yeah, I’d keep my name off the byline too if I wrote copy and heads like this.

First, no one is losing a job; HR @ UNCW simply does not fill jobs already vacant due to attrition, retirement, and other means. good thinking.

Here are a couple of ideas: put a moratorium on certain majors for a semester or two; demand a higher GPA from students before they declare certain majors. Both ideas easy to implement and guaranteed to save money.

Second, what’s this? “Eli Bingham is a UNCW student double majoring in math and physics, which he says are… Read more »

2015 years 11 months ago

I get sick and tired to listening to people complain about not getting the government hand outs they are so entitled to receive… I grew up in a low income family. I worked hard in school… I had very good grades, and played sports. When it came time to graduate I had no scholarships coming my way, and my parents had a hard enough time putting food on the table let alone put me through college at the tune of 50K… So what did I do??? I made an adult decision… I was not going to sit idly by and… Read more »

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