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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Carol Ann Johnson was found dead in her Pine Valley Drive home lask week by her fiance more than a week ago.

Today, we don’t know any more about the murder than we did the day it happened.

In a police report we got today, the crime is listed as “miscellaneous” and no other details are available.

Johnson’s fiance, Christopher Munn, who called 9-1-1 the night of the death, is listed on the report as the reporting person.

Munn told police he worked at the Target store on Market. When we talked with managers there today, we were told he hadn’t been to work since the incident.

Wilmington police still won’t release the cause of death or any other details from the autopsy because they say it could hinder the investigation.

A spokeswoman for the department says it is not uncommon for this information to be withheld.

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  • Its not uncommon?

    When in the world do we not hear every little detail about murders that happen in our city?

    All of the shootings at the clubs… we heard everything.

    Concerned citizens want to know what’s going on.

  • Brian

    No. Nosy, gossipy citizens want to know what’s going on. Concerned citizens keep their eyes and ears open, and take positive and immediate action when something seems amiss.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    A gang member being shot down is pretty cut and dried – straightforward.

    There may be something very unusual about this murder that they want to keep quiet – details that only the killer would know. This is VERY common when an odd weapon was used, there were crimes committed in addition to the homicide, or just simply something really out of the ordinary.

    It’s also required when there’s a strong piece of evidence pointing to a specific occupation or skill that might warn a suspect.

  • Guest757

    would you be at work if this happened to you? I don’t think so…
    it’s only been a week..

  • Anon

    Wanting to know if we are safe in our own neighborhood is not “nosy” or “gossipy”. It would be nice if they could at least give us info as to how the person got into the house. I don’t see how this little bit of information hinders the investigation and could potentially help concerned, watchful citizens know what to look out for, thus preventing another death. Are they just going to wait until it happens again to somebody else? I suspect that the cops in Wilmington are less than competent and seem only concerned with shiny new cruisers to ride around in (I have never seen a city police force with such nice vehicles, and in a recession no less!) The news stations are simply complacent and do little to hold anyone accountable. WWAY is the only one that has even tried to follow up on this story. It is no wonder crime in Wilmington is above average for a town its size…


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