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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — On day two of the Allen Strickland arson retrial jurors heard from several witnesses including an agent with the State Bureau of Investigation. Megan Kwalick interviewed Strickland hours after the July 2009 fire. In that conversation Strickland told Agent Kwalick about his financial connection with former state Senator R.C. Soles.

The interview started with Strickland telling the agent about the morning of the fire. Strickland said about an hour and half before he was awakened by smoke, someone had been knocking on his door; he saw no one outside. Later in the discussion, Strickland told Kwalick that people would often come to his home and ask for money. Strickland added that a week before the fire a man named Joey Hammons had banged on his door and demand money like the others. Hammons is the brother of B.J. Wright; a former legal client of Soles. In the post fire interview Strickland also told the agent that people stopped at his home and asked for money because they knew Soles would consistently give him cash. The teen also said that the senator would give money to about 30 others. Strickland also admitted that soles payed for his home and car, a Chevrolet Corvette.

During cross examination the defense asked Agent Kwalick if the SBI looked for any other suspects after it made Strickland a suspect in the arson. The agent said “no.” She added that the SBI stopped looking for suspects after fire investigators found the origin of the fire which was the couch in Strickland’s living room.

The trial resumes Wednesday morning.

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  • SurfCityTom

    the Judge’s indication he would not allow testimony regarding the relationship between Frog & the Senator, I’m surprised the Defense did not object to the points made concerning the Senator.

    The sofa was the point of origin.

    Now if the defense has any common sense at all, they will establish whom was in the house that evening and might have been smoking when they present their side of the case.

  • SurfCityTom

    not certain how one would from the limited media report. I did not even hear mention of the Fireman reporting the sofa reeked of gasoline.

    If the Insurance Agent is suspected of any misdeeds involving an insurance related issue, the NC Department of Insurance would delegate one or more investigators to lead the investigation.

    Frankly, it’s probably premature for any action to be taken while the trial is ongoing.

  • justpassinthru

    Did anyone notice how Frog’s insurance agent was the only witness that was held captive all day Monday during jury selection, by two ADA’s. She repeadly ask “why” and repeadly asked if she could return to her work. It appears that Jon David’s office was trying to secure a warrant on her for perjury so he could use the news media that was present to make a big “show” for their over zealous crusade with anyone associated with Frog. Apparenty his tactics failed. This was a blatant abuse of power by him. He is suppose to be a prosecutor not a PERSECUTOR! I hope she sues him just like he sued the HONORABLE JUDGE JOLLY. As for me, I’d vote for Casey Anthony next election before I would vote for Jon David.

  • Guest3293

    How could someone who knocked on the door (which Strickland claims to have gotten up and did not see anyone) and never entered the house, start a fire on the couch inside the home? The SBI was smart in not spending anymore of the taxpayers dollars on such nonsense. As for Strickland and the other R.C. boys, have you ever thought of working for a living?


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