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DURHAM, N.C. (AP) – A judge has denied a request by a former University of North Carolina football player to be reinstated to the team.
Durham County Superior Court Judge Orlando Hudson on Wednesday denied the request by Michael McAdoo to compel the school to reinstate him, as well as an injunction against the NCAA for sanctioning the school if it brought him back. The decision followed a two-hour hearing.
According to McAdoo’s complaint, the NCAA ruled McAdoo ineligible for receiving improper assistance on multiple assignments over several terms. His lawyers argue that the school’s Honor Court found him guilty of receiving too much help on a research paper in 2009.

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  • Guest28451

    Did he get extra help on one paper or was it multiple cheating issues. If its the former this is some seriously heavy handed actions by the NCAA and UNC towards a player if its the later then I dont blame them because of the history of academic issues at college with big time football programs. But thenagain the NCAA seems to operate in the legal vacuum known as guilty until proven innocent while the exploit kids for billions of dollars each year and yet the students cant even have a job to have any bloody money outside of school which isnt the least bit fair. While the concerns of kids getting fake jobs (Ie paid to do nothing) to entice them to a school is admittedly a concern why is it then fair to basically treat them like slaves to the college and NCAA because their families arent rich enough to give them spending money to even go to a movie or applebees on a Sat night like their other friends can. And yes i know life isnt fair but its not fair for the colleges to make billions off these kids and they cant even have some self respect and dignity of their own to enjoy college like normal students.


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