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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Earlier this year we told you about some Wilmington comics who were road tripping to every New York Yankees game this year. Tonight marks the end of the All -Star break, the unofficial half-way point of the season.

Can you think back to March? There was still a chill to the air, it definitely wasn’t 100 degrees and the baseball season was just starting. Seems like a long time ago right? That’s when our two local comics hit the road on a quest to attend every Yankees game this season.

Now that we’re at the All-Star break, you’ll be happy to know the dream is still alive, but you might notice a little something different since we last checked in with our comedic baseball team.

“You know, I tell people they’re going to have to buy the book to get the whole story,” road-tripper Steve Melia said.

Yes, the two Steves have been reduced to one. So what happened?

“Steve Marcinowski wasn’t a big baseball fan, and that was probably the biggest thing,” Melia said. “Three to four hours a day of watching baseball is a lot. Two adult men, we were probably getting on each other’s nerves a little bit too much, especially as comedians. We just decided that it was enough for Steve.”

But Melia’s still going strong; flying solo to each game this season, and he hasn’t missed a beat.

“At this point, I’m at 88 games,” Melia said. “I tell ya, it’s gotten past where it was weary, where it was getting on me to now where it’s just like pure joy and pure fun.”

Baseballwise, it’s been another good season for the Yanks with a certain special moment coming just this past weekend, as Derek Jeter hit a home run for his 3,000th hit.

“It was so exciting, and to just be in the ballpark, and feel the energy, it was a magical moment,” Melia said. “Honestly, if the tour stopped now for some reason – it’s not going to – but everything I could have wanted out of it, I got.”

After Jeter’s 3,000th hit, a lot has been made of Christian Lopez, who caught the ball and gave it up for free. Turns out, Steve would’ve done the same thing.

“Ii actually put on my blog that I would give the ball back to Jeter with no strings attached, and then of course I had a list of strings that I wanted to get,” Melia said.

While he’s still waiting for that elusive meeting with Jeter, Melia has met Jeter’s dad, and even the Yankees’ manager.

” had met the hitting coach Kevin Long, and I was just kind of circling the coffee shop like a stalker, and Joe Girardi sat down with him,” Melia said. “I was so nervous. It was like I was in junior high going to ask a girl out. That’s how nervous I was. I got my courage up, and I went up to him, and he took his picture with me. I didn’t even have to ask twice. It was just great.”

So what’s next for our road warrior?

“Right now we’re at 74 games to go,” he said. “It’s sort of like being at a party that’s a great party. It’s like a four-hour party, and before you know it, you look at your watch and you go, ‘Man, people are starting to leave, and the party’s almost over.’ I’m already starting to miss the experience.”

Be sure to stay tuned to WWAY throughout the rest of the baseball season. We’ll have more updates on Melia as he continues his now solo quest across the country.

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