Berger assault charge dropped; Goolsby attorney

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Submitted: Thu, 07/14/2011 - 12:50pm
Updated: Fri, 07/15/2011 - 12:48pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The New Hanover County District Attorney has dropped an assault charge against New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger.

Berger’s attorney Sen. Thom Goolsby said the case was dealt with Tuesday. Goolsby said he appeared in court on Berger’s behalf after Goolsby and Assistant DA Lillian Salcines Bright agreed to resolve the case.

“That was no assault clearly,” Goolsby said about the allegations against Berger.

Berger was charged June 10 with assault on a female after an altercation with his ex-girlfriend Heather Blaylock. She called police after she said Berger got angry when she came to his home to get some of her personal items she said he was throwing away.

Blaylock also told police Berger had ripped off a door handle on her car as she tried to drive away. Blaylock later said the whole incident was blown out of proportion. Goolsby said Berger received a prayer for judgement continued on the resulting damage to personal property charge. That means there was no judgement entered on the charge.

“He has to pay for damages if there are any, but we have not seen any damage,” Goolsby said.

WWAY has called Berger for comment. So far, he has not returned our call.


  • GUEST STAR 1 says:

    Holy Moley, just when I think the news couldn’t be more insane, it does. Wow, no wonder many residents are running to another community.. Wonder who contributes to Goolsby’s campaign and why does he want to be in the Senate so badly. Why is he allowed to continue advertising his investment show and his law practice? Is there any conflict of interest here? What is Berger’s deal? What was his purpose in running. I remember overhearing him tell a potential voter (handing him one of his cards)at the polls at Parsley School. He said, “ didn’t matter what time, day or night, he was available”. When asked by potential voter whether his wife would mind, Berger replied, “…my wife is fine with this”. (my thoughts at the time was, just wait till the first call.) Wow, he isn’t married though there have been a few girlfriends. Maybe the stress in running made him forget his status. And his job situation re unemployment etc. Are they wearing pants? Is there smoke?? Gotta love the news..

  • Guest Apu says:

    Just because someone is elected to the state senate, doesn’t mean they have to give up their businesses.

  • GUEST STAR 1 says:

    either there or Orlando Fla.. and get Jose as his attorney when he needs it …

  • Guest3293 says:

    Maybe he should move to Tabor City and start a new life!!

  • SurfCityTom says:

    the reformation of Mr. Berger. See him at the polls when he comes up for re-election.

  • Guest1987 says:

    I hope he runs again. Simple facts- a republican woman operative stole his notes. A county employee leaked info from his personnel file. The wilmington police overreacted shamefully. He is no saint- but unlike Catlin and others his heart is in the right place and last I looked he has not done business with the county like many of the others. I’m sure smears have taken their toll but I hope he hangs in there and sticks it to phonies like catlin.

  • WillBDone says:

    Boy that didn’t take long! He just used the the good old boy system to get off. Oh well, stupid is as stupid does.

  • Guest Apu says:

    I was wondering if WWAY was going to start referring to Tom Goolsby as “Berger’s attorney” in other unrelated articles, like they did with Dennis Sullivan.

    Is the next headline going to read “Berger’s Attorney votes to override Perdue’s veto”

  • Guest1984 says:

    I like his votes and I admire his quiet courage under visicous attacks. On substance I would take him over the others any day of the week. Let’s see how he does going forward. Like the comment earlier, i am very open to voting for him next time if he chooses down the road to stay in public life. Whatever his weaknesses they pale when we look at some of his colleaugues. In any event, this is the right outcome, he never should have been arrested.

  • onesnowflake says:

    Be assured, Mr. Berger and his “antics” will keep us amused, in a dark sort of way, for a long time coming. He has a past, but apparently no one cares to do his/her research and educate his/her self. Mr. Berger’s behavior is typical and indicative of his personal life, which is one hot mess. Ladies beware!!!

  • sunflower1 says:

    I have known Brian Berger for years and he is a sweetheart and genuinely nice guy with a heart of gold. Anyone who knows him knows that if anything Brian is too nice, and those attacking him here are a tiny group like ex-boyfriends of current or former romantic interests, those public employees threatened by his tea party association pretending to be unbiased or lying saying they voted for him before but live hours away and have never met brian.

    Brian’s not perfect but he’s an honorable, genuine gentleman, selfless, and shy (can be perceived as arrogrance but isnt), and not what we expect in politicians. Brian has some issues, but who doesn’t?
    Few men would become romantically involved with a poor single mother with two children, both with special needs, but Brian did. When their dad abandoned them Brian raised them as his own and he is the first father they ever knew, and a great role model. He has stood by a women with cancer and serious mental health issues from childhood abuse and former boyfriends, she says, she has no family, and the WPD used her to gin up a charge of assault against the last person who would ever hurt someone else. Any woman would be lucky to have such a caring, faithful, genuine, and honorable friend/paramour. I have cried necause of all these lies and the cruel treatment Brian has been subjected too.

  • GuestBobby says:

    I hope he plans on suing the Wilmington Police Department for everything they are worth. The fact that the case was dismissed proves that they had no right to arrest him, much less keep him in jail overnight. His arrest was obviously a political move to try and force him out of office.

  • WilmingtonTruthTeller says:

    Why sue the WPD ? I believe a written statement was taken from his live-in lover. That gave Probable Cause, and left them no other choice.

  • concerned citizen says:

    i don’t know brian, but when you are in public office, everyone is going to come at you. the thing that stood out the most to me was an article in the star news where he supposedly says he gets 5-15 hours sleep a week. that is not healthy! rest and good nutrition are vital to maintaining ones physical and spiritual self. plus i have seen him with al roseman who ran against julia boseman for state senate and he is a real mess. heck, most republicans did not even vote for al! so if brian would just get more sleep and stay away from al, he will be fine!

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