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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — It’s been more than three years since a Brunswick County realtor was found murdered on a dirt road. This morning his family finally got some closure from a plea deal.

Lora Moultrie pleaded guilty to second degree murder and conspiracy to commit first degree murder in the death Adam Bradshaw. Deputies charged Moultrie and Craig Bryant with Bradshaw’s April 2008 murder after his body was found off a dirt road in Shallotte.

Prosecutors say Bryant shot and killed Bradshaw after Moultrie arranged a meeting on a property they were negotiating.

Investigators say Moultrie admitted her involvement in the murder early in the investigation. Now, by making a plea deal with the state, Moultrie will receive a consolidated sentence, in which she could face up to 42 years in prison.

“Our expectation is is that Ms. Moultrie will cooperate,” prosecutor Lee Bollinger said. “She cooperated with law enforcement early on in the investigation, and we expect that she will testify at the trial of Craig Bryant.”

The terms of the deal say Moultrie must share any and all information she has on the case, including any details she had on Bryant’s involvement. Moultrie must also testify to that information in court.

Bradshaw’s friends and family did not want to speak on camera, but they did say they are glad there has been some progress in the case. Prosecutors say they feel the plea gave some closure to the family. They hope the information they receive from Moultrie will help settle the case once and for all.

A judge will determine Moultrie’s sentence after she testifies against bryant. For now, she waits in jail.

Moultrie was moved to the all women’s correctional facility in Raleigh, because she says she’s concerned for her life being in the same facility as Bryant. Bryant’s mother was charged in May with trying to smuggle a razor blade into the Brunswick County Jail, where both her son and Moultrie were housed.

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  • Guest payee

    Thank God that these 2 were caught.

    Hopefully, the punishment will fit the crime.

    I hope we don’t have to house and feed this worthless wretch for life.

    However, i think that one way or another, we will.

  • larry b

    How the hell people going to judge other people on then call them self a child of god

  • SurfCityTom

    ticks slowly to bring folks to justice. Apparently 3 years in custody at the taxpayers’ expense.

    The only real questions will involve whether the race card gets played; will the NAACP be present; is she really a good person who was just misguided; or has she found redemption?

    The sad thing, if she is guilty which apparently she is, will be for her to walk free based on a time served sentence.

  • Guest5050

    It’s just another heinous black on white crime that is downplayed by the media. If it were two white people that killed a black businessman, the media would be pumping it up to get the usual crowd fired up.


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