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PEMBROKE, NC (AP) — Farmers who belong to the Lumbee Indian Tribe have begun filing claims now that a nationwide discrimination case involving the federal government has been settled.

The US Department of Agriculture has settled a $680 million lawsuit on behalf of American Indian farmers who said they were denied loans over several decades because of discrimination.

Lawyers handling claims are operating out of a converted barn on a Lumbee farmer’s property in Pembroke. Depending on their documentation, farmers can get up to either $50,000 or $250,000 from the settlement, plus debt forgiveness.

USDA officials say there’s no way to know how many farmers are eligible for the payouts.

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2 Comments on "Lumbee farmers file claims in discrimination case"

2015 years 10 months ago

Everywhere you turn, there’s always another government handout. Where’s my handout for remaining gainfully employed and supporting my family?

2015 years 10 months ago

…without depending upon the government, you are what the Democrats call a sucker or “the rich.”

If you don’t need the government to make it, they don’t need you….only your wallet!


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