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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Eleven days after a woman was found dead in her Wilmington home, police still have no updates on who killed her.

During a Friday morning news conference at the Wilmington Police Department, WWAY asked Police Chief Ralph Evangelous about the July 4 murder of Carol Ann Johnson, 59, in her Pine Valley Drive home.

“I’m not gonna compromise an investigation just because people want to know. I assure you that they’re safe,” Evangelous said of Johnson’s neighbors. “I assure you that we’re working on it diligently.”

Johnson’s fiance Christopher Munn called 911 early on July 4. He said he came home from work around 3 a.m., found the door unlocked and Johnson dead and covered in blood on the floor.

Wilmington police have not said if they have any leads on suspects. They say they are working hard to get answers for the community.

We attempted to track down Munn for comment, but the number listed for him has been disconnected.

We’ve also tried to talk with Johnson’s neighbors, but they have declined to speak on camera.

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  • Allan

    – on the supposed statements that Carol had made to friends that she had broken off with the fiance a few days before she was murdered?

  • Lisa

    Police officials should check the fiance’s schedule at work (clock in/out)and hours of operation. It seems kind of strange for a Target employee to get home around 3am.

  • Kimberly Joy

    I am appalled!!! Appalled and let down by the Chief of Police referring to our “CONCERN” as “CURIOSITY!!!” Its sad that he felt the need to put Ms.Johnson’s neighbors by belittling our fear! He should be ashamed of himself! I am embarrassed that someone in his position would show such little concern for our safety! Or is that he just isn’t “CURIOUS!!!” Kimberly Joy

  • sailboat2323

    He can’t tell you anything because him and his keystone cops probably don’t have a clue as to what they are doing. Too busy polishing his 5 stars on his uniform, thinks he’s a friggin general or something.

  • concerned citizen

    while i am sure the police are investigating, there are a lot of unsolved murders in this area. in fact, wilmington has a history of police incompetence. i saw a policeman, badge number 451 on thursday 7/14, ask a way too intoxicated person to leave a person’s porch downtown, they did not even know the man. then he gave the bottle of alcohol back to him. when i asked the police officer if he knew that he himself was breaking the law by giving this stranger who was passed out with a burning cigarette on someone’s front porch, he became belligerent with me and i told him as a police officer, he was pathetic. he tried to follow me onto my property, and i told him this is my property and i am not the criminal. soon after he left, the drunk man grabbed the arm of a cape fear comm college young lady, and then threatened me and the man who called the police. i don’t call the police, as i really don’t see much difference between them and the criminals. oh yeh, the officer said if i don’t like what he did, i can leave wilmington. i moved here in 1961. pathetic indeed.

  • Guest461

    …another word for ignorant is it? You make sound so. The Chief is following proper investigative protocol to solve this crime. He simply cannot divulge any information to anyone until has has all of the evidence and facts in place. Otherwise, idiots like yourself would absolutely RUIN any chances of him being able to make an arrest and gain a conviction with your excessive gossip and lip-flapping.

    What’s sad is that this woman was murdered AND the fact that some nosey busybodies can’t keep their mouths shut and allow the police to do their work!

  • Guest11221

    Aunt Bea, this is not Mayberry and the Chief is not Andy!! Let the PD investigate this case. If he gave out too much information and jeapardized the case you would be bitching about that. You and Sarah make an apple pie and let the police do their job!!!

  • Guest4567

    Not really if he works overnight. And I would think Target has already provided his check in/check out for the day along with provided any footage from their cameras for police.

  • Guest26

    the police have not thought of that! you are so clever!

  • Katies

    The first person police look at in a murder investigation are spouses, significant others, and family members. I am sure that they looked into her fiance and his where abouts. They might not be telling us anything, because it can cause problems with their investigation.

  • blue to the core

    How about letting the PD perform the investigation? Gee…check the fiance’s schedule…I bet nobody has thought of that…you are BRILLIANT! MAYBE, JUST MAYBE THE CHIEF IS GIVING HIS DETECTIVES TIME TO INVESTIGATE AND PUT TOGETHER A CASE. We just watched Casey Anthony walk. It is much better to take time if possible and build a rock solid case. Remember, our DA’s office is not very likely to go to trial on anything unless it is a slam dunk.

  • sailboat2323


  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    I sincerely believe that if a police officer ran into a burning home to rescue a baby, you’d accuse him of stealing a cupcake on his way through the kitchen.

    Every single story involving police, there you are bad-mouthing them: The troopers, the Wilmington PD, even that poor dog that died searching for drugs.

    Why don’t you come clean and tell us what some mean ol’ policeman did to poor wittle Sailboat to cause this life-long psychological scarring? Did one of them yell at you a long time ago? Did your first true love leave you for a man in blue? Did you dream of being a police officer when you were a child, only to fail to meet the requirements? Do they intrude on your “business ventures?”

    I have never seen anyone as bitterly “anti-cop” as you without some reason they feel is valid rolling around inside their head. Sane people simply accept the sometimes inconvenient trade-offs of having laws on the books and police on the street to enforce them.

    There has to be some reason, so why not share it with us?

  • sailboat2323

    I grew up in Wilmington and had a number of my friends in school go on to be in the Wilmington PD. When I lived over by Greenfield Lake many years ago one of the men I was best friends with was on the Drug squad, I can not name the times he would call me to come on over and smoke some weed(and no I have never smoked weed). Now this guy was busting people and turning around and doing the same thing he busted people for. He was not the only cop doing this I knew. I have heard them laughing about how they lied in court and got their BUST to stick. This is just part of the reason. You can Google the state crime lab reports and see where the cops, and DA’s had the crime lab fake evidence to get convictions on innocent people, there was a man a few weeks ago released from prison I think he served 17 years and was one of the victims of the crime lab fiasco.It was proven by DNA and other means that the crime lab had made the results up on him and this is only the tip of the iceburg of what they have discovered.
    One other reason is their arrogant elitest attitude against the public they are supposed to serve. I witnessed a car hit a tractor trailer on the right fender on the interstate in Arizona a few years back and the car just kept going, the driver in the tractor trailer had to pull over and take care of his damage at a rest area right at the state line. I was in a tractor trailer and stopped at the scale house and gave the weighmaster there my contact info so I could be a witness to it. Well 10 miles down the road I was pulled over by a Arizona trooper and handcuffed and told I was being arrested for hit and run by a 20 year veteran of Arizona Highway Patrol. I was talked to like a dog and treated worse than that. The trooper said I have been on the force 20 years and I know you are lying. Long story short another trooper came by and told him I was a witness to the accident NOT the cause of it(which I had been trying to tell this idiot). He wouldn’t even take the time to call the scale house to verify it. The scale master misunderstood what was going on about the accident and had alerted Arizona highway Patrol to look out for my Peterbilt going west. When he found out he was wrong there was never one word of apology from the a**hole. The other trooper told him to get in his car and leave before I got his butt in a sling. This is just some of the reasons why I have NO respect for these thugs and will continue to post on them as much as I can.
    To clear things up with you I have NEVER been arrested or charged with any crime, have clearances to go to any military base or airport in this country or any port in this country..have been through 2 FBI background checks in the last year.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …ONE cop who smoked dope and ONE trooper who pulled you because he was given erroneous information? Those TWO guys are the reason you hate cops? Everything else is based on stories you’ve read or heard?

    Uh…..okay. Thanks for sharing the roots of your predjudice….

  • guest2323

    there was more than 1 cop smoking the dope and read where they laugh about lying to get convictions(ones I personally knew) and the ones that used the state crime labs to send innocent people to jail. I actually have a brother in law that retired from the New Hanover Sheriff dept and the stories I have been told would even piss you off, but I doubt you would even belive him. My step brother still works there as a matter of fact and is a Capt with them. Lots of what I hear is first hand from them.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    I could probably tell YOU stories that would amaze you and make you hate police even more, but never lose site of the fact that law enforcement officers are all that stand between the greatest majority of civilians and “the forces of evil.” There may be too many bullies and an occasional total ***hole, but like any “army” assembled since the dawn of civilization, they’re what you have. Collectively, as a group, the good far outweighs the bad and they serve an incredibly important function in society.

    There are very few cases of **TRULY** innocent men being sent to prison by officers creating evidence or embellishing details. About 99.99% of inmates should be there, if not for the crime they were accused of committing, than for the one before that they should still be serving time for. That’s why I don’t particularly rejoice when DNA frees a guy from death row when the guy went to death row with a twelve page record of prior felonies. “Round up the usual suspects” is far more than a humorous line from Casablanca. You’d be amazed at the same people pulling the same crap, time, after time, after time.

    So more than pro-cop, I’m anti-scumbag. I support law enforcement’s efforts to remove criminals from our society.

  • GuestLee

    Well said, Common. His immature, childish rants have been read over and over and over again….to the point where they don’t have the same effect anymore, except in his own mind.

  • evanstar

    Wow what started out as a cry for help in a horrible situation has turned into bashing those peoplewho are trying to find the truth. You need to STOP and remember this is for Carol and the hopes they find the person who did this! Carol was an amazing women and she should be remembered as such and treated with respect. Now grow up and get your priorities straight. RIP Carol we love and miss you!

  • Jonztown

    As a resident of pine valley i cannot believe we have heard nothing else on this! I dont feel safe just cause the head cop assures me i should be. At least update us that you have leads you are following and suspects. Or admit it wasnt a murder but an accident that was labeled incorrectly a murder. Anything other than this incompetent silence!


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