Ricky Meeks joins crowded City Council field as municipal filing ends

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Submitted: Fri, 07/15/2011 - 5:46pm
Updated: Mon, 07/18/2011 - 12:46pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Ricky Meeks is trying for a fifth time to win a seat on Wilmington City Council. According to the New Hanover County Board of Elections website, Meeks filed his paperwork today, the last day to enter most municipal elections in North Carolina.

Meeks joins a crowded field that includes incumbents Laura Padgett and Ronald Sparks and former City Council member Margaret Haynes. Frank Christopher Meares, Joshua Fulton, Matt Hinson, Napier Fuller and Neil Anderson have also filed to put their name on this fall’s ballot. Incumbent Kristi Campos is not running for reelection.

In the Wilmington mayoral race, incumbent Bill Saffo is challenged by business owner Justin LaNasa. The two faced off in the last two elections, as well.

See the links below for the list of candidates in each county:

Bladen County
Brunswick County (Filing for Navassa and Southport elections runs July 25-August 12)
Columbus County
New Hanover County
Pender County


  • Me Myself and I says:

    Heard him sounding real sharp on the radio. I don’t know why he dosen’t work, and claims to be “disabled”. As far as I know, he has never worked a day in his life, and lives large off the taxpayers. He always seems to want to put on a show, when there’s a crowd.I know several truly disabled people who, unlike him, have to work hard everyday.
    He’s not nearly as dumb as he wants you to think he is.

  • Guest757 says:

    The way that the city council has sold us out.. I will be voting for Ricky this year… He can’t do any worse than the so called people in office now..
    Ricky has my vote and plenty of other votes too.. The people in Wilmington are tired…

  • GuestLee says:

    I see your point; but, here again, he couldn’t do much worse than the bozos already in there.

    There are lots of people on disability who can’t work a 40 hour a week job, but they’re out shopping almost every day at the mall.

    There are many levels of disability. You can’t go by looks; there are a lot of people who don’t look disabled, but they are. Being disabled doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to live as normal a life as possible; and if you can do that AND serve your community at the same time, so much the better.

  • FREEWILL says:

    You already elected one mentally challenge person to city council who cant be on time, beats up his girlfriend, withheld information that he was receiving unemployment, got arrested, hit a motorist and barely had insurance and ran up the tax payers bill with a frivolous claim that his records were leaked and yet you all want to turn around and elect ANOTHER mentally challenge person in office?? Why I live in Wilmington, I will never know..

  • Jim Ferguson says:

    throwing out another cowardly comment about someone he knows nothing about. While Ricky is not the rocket scientist that I am sure you are, he does have a passion for the well being of this city and truly cares about his fellow man. And that even includes jerks like YOU. You are so freaking ignorant that you don’t even know why you live in Wilmington. I can promise you Ricky does, and I hope his first recommendation is to buy your sorry tail a one way ticket out of here. You are a worthless human being!

  • GuestLee says:

    Ricky, this is your year! Go for it!

  • Frank and Beans says:

    because you feel at home with the mentally challenged people you condemn because, at heart, you know you’re one of them. The elected official whom you referenced is a county commissioner, not a city councilman. Not as smart as you think you are, are you?

  • Gramps1935 says:

    Truth Teller
    Truer words have never been spoken.

  • GuestHmmm says:

    for about 15 years now. I too have asked why he is living on disability but is fully capable of moving around as he pleases to attend numerous events and meeting but can’t work. If he is unable to hold down a job with Dysthymia, wouldn’t that be a red flag to having him on city council with poor concentration? He’s a really nice guy but nice doesn’t qualify someone to make important decisions that could effect an entire city.

  • GuestLee says:

    If you can’t understand the difference between Ricky Meeks and Brian Burger, you’re a little mentally challenged yourself…and why you live in Wilmington, we will never know either.

  • Gramps1935 says:

    I bet nobody’s ever seen Ricky, and GuestLee, in the same room at the same time.

  • GuestLee says:

    Ricky has Dysthymia, which is a chronic type of depression in which a person’s moods are regularly low. The main symptom of dysthymia is a low, dark, or sad mood on most days for at least 2 years. In addition, two or more of the following symptoms will be present almost all of the time that the person has dysthymia:

    •Feelings of hopelessness
    •Too little or too much sleep
    •Low energy or fatigue
    •Low self-esteem
    •Poor appetite or overeating
    •Poor concentration

    The exact cause of Dysthymia is unknown, but it tends to run in families. Ricky’s mother had schizophrenia and passed away at 46. Ricky was raised in Nesbit Courts (a housing project) for a while and then went to foster care, where he was cruelly abused.

    You obviously know nothing about Ricky. He has overcome a lot of negativity in his life, but he keeps going.

  • WilmingtonTruthTeller says:

    He’s too disabled to work. But he’s not too disabled to walk around town all day, show up at meetings, and sounding highly intelligent on the radio. I’ve known him for several years. He’s not nearly as dumb, or innocent, as he pretends to be.

  • Guest3333 says:

    There is no one in this entire town that cares more about the success of its citizens, the success of its sporting teams, and everything else that happens here.

    Ricky makes it to more social events, political events, sporting events than any of the current politicians…for no pay, has no car and manages to seemingly always be in two places at the same time.

    He would ALWAYS be on time to every meeting, listen diigently, and I personally believe would actually make decisions with the ENTIRE communities best interest in mind and not be swayed by special interest or his own personal agenda!!!

  • Gramps1935 says:

    I guess two elements of “Dsythymia” are not…..
    1) Being able-bodied enough to walk around town all day.
    2) Sounding more polished then a lawyer, on the radio, when you forgot to play dumb.

    Nobody had a rougher childhood then me. It was many years of hard work, that developed and blessed me.

    We had a term for it 50 years ago. It was called “being lazy” and “expecting a free ride on the backs of other people”.

    What would have happened to our country, if half its great soldiers in WWII came down with Dsythymia ?

  • Wilmington Truth Teller says:

    He is very intelligent, clever, and resourceful. Which proves my point. There is no reason, he can’t work, like the rest of us.

  • GuestLee says:

    Oh, I see, it’s all about you. You really shouldn’t judge people unless you’ve walked in their shoes.

    I doubt you know much about Ricky personally, nor do you want to. If he’s so “lazy”, he could stay home playing video games all day chugging down Budweiser and eating potato chips. Instead, he’s walking all over Wilmington, introducing himself and meeting tons of people, willing to serve in whatever capacity he can to help the community he lives in. If he sounds more polished than a lawyer, it’s because he’s not stupid; he just has Dsythymia, which affects your moods, emotions, depression, etc.

    “What would have happened to our country, if half its great soldiers in WWII came down with Dsythymia ?” We’re fortunate they didn’t, because Dsythymia isn’t all that common. However, a lot of our returning soldiers now have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

    Maybe you should go spend a day with Ricky to find out what he really does. But I doubt you could keep up with him.

  • GuestLee says:

    Thank you! I’m so flattered, Grampa!!!

  • Donka says:

    This is a man than truely supports his community as a leader not a follower.People are jealous of his superior intelligence!

  • brendle99 says:

    Go Ricky, we need you in there.

  • Wade griffis says:

    Ricky can’t do any worse than the bozos we have in there now. Maybe this is the year for Ricky.

  • Challengetheworld says:

    Ricky has more of a level head than most politicans in North Carolina if not the entire country. He has not political agenda and he is a true representative of Wilmington. Every year he makes a strong effort and I don’t believe people take him seriously. However, if you want to compare him to Commissioner Berger, well, I think history speaks for itself.

    Go Ricky, Go. You’ve got my vote.

    PS: If you don’t know Ricky and judge him, get to know him. I hope he finally gets it this year.

  • country boy says:

    Ricky Meeks, Gotta get him on board to get a little level headiness in the council. Known of him for 15 plus years, a fine gentleman!!! GO RICKY, GO!

  • taxpayeriam says:

    We need new people in Wilmington and New Hanover government that will work for all taxpayers not the idiots downtown and CFPUA, they need to change things so the people have the vote on increase for public utilities and any buildings or projects the city or county wants like parks,parking deck ect.The town or county does not need to be in business of owning a project like the convention center that has cost the taxpayers and will be in the red for years to come.We could us the hotel tax money for better things like keeping the roads fixed and utility cost down.They still have not said how much money was use to upgrade to upgrade the sewer and water system to the convention center.They could have sold that property to a private investor and be collection tax money on it rather than spending tax money.

  • frustrated says:

    How does this tax and spend idiot keep getting elected to city council? If they voted to cut off all taxpayer funded trips to exotic locations for so called “conferences” I bet she would lose interest and go away. Its my money and I dont want Laura Padgett anywhere near it. Next to her, Meeks looks like a great choice.

  • Guest7777777777 says:

    Well he has my vote! Honest and no hidden agendas.

  • guesty says:

    Ricky can’t do any worse then the clowns currently on the board. If I’m thinking of the correct person, Matt Hinson is a former WPD lieutenant with honesty and isn’t bought by developers. I’ll take Justin over Saffo any day. If the same clowns keep getting elected, don’t be surprised when they pull the same stunts. Some of their greatest hit include:
    Convention center, CFPUA, Forced annexation, Private parties for Navy commissioning ceremonies, Ron Sparks and his negligence and breech of contract, Laura Padgett thinks unspent travel money should go to her.

  • Guestcaddy says:

    Go Ricky …hope you win!!!!!!!

  • GuestLee says:

    I live in the county, but if I could vote in city elections, he would certainly have my vote. If you keep electing the same people every year, nothing will ever change. City voters, please shake things up!

  • It'sJustMe says:

    For years, it was a punchline or an ironic statement to joke about voting for Ricky. He has proven himself as a dedicated man who cares about the city of Wilmington. He would put more passion and dedication into this job than any of the other persons on the ballot. For heaven’s sake people, at least stop voting in people with strong development ties.

  • Charles Walters says:

    I remember Ricky from years ago, and he never has a bad thing to say about anyone. He really cares about Wilmington and what goes on in his hometown. Now a message for those who think he can be bought if he is elected. Save your money because it can not be done. What you see is what you get, caring and honesty. Something that left politics long ago, and that needs to come back.

  • Guest2020 says:

    When I lived in Wilmington I voted for Ricky every time. I would vote for him again if I could. Good luck, Ricky and God bless.

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