Dep. Zeller remembers his K9 partner Viper

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Submitted: Tue, 07/19/2011 - 3:59am
Updated: Wed, 07/20/2011 - 12:54am

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office is grieving after losing a dedicated K-9 this weekend during a drug investigation.

According to the Sheriff’s Office the Drug Enforcement Unit was investigating in the Ash area around 7:30 p.m. Saturday when K-9 Viper, a Belgian Malinous, and his handler Dep. Jared Zeller were called out to help search for a large amount of cocaine.

When they found the drugs, Viper bit through the plastic wrap and the tape surrounding the two-pound package of cocaine, which led to a severe reaction from ingesting it. Viper was taken to to a veterinary hospital in Southport, where he was pronounced dead.

Zeller says he and Viper were more than just partners.

“They come home with us,” said Zeller. “They interact with us. He was a member of my family.

He says Viper’s final act of service was a testament to how much the canines do for the community.

“They can find that lost child that’s in the woods that we couldn’t find,” said Zeller. “They can smell the odor of narcotics inside a car or inside a home.”

He and Viper would train for six hours every week to keep them as sharp as possible. They were hardly ever separated during their time together and he says things just won’t be the same.

“I think the hardest thing is going to be when I go back to work, not putting him in the car, not having him ride around with me,” said Zeller. “It’s going to be tough.”

There will be a memorial service in Viper’s honor Tuesday morning at 11 a.m. at the Sheriff’s Office in Bolivia.


  • Guest12 says:

    Very well said JaneQpublic servant…

  • unknown says:

    Really???? Are you on something? Cars are people too??? Viper deserves to be honored and to make a joke of the situation shows how incredibly ignorant some people really are. Just answering……

  • SBlas says:

    If you knew anything about K-9 dogs and their handlers you wouldnt be so ignorant as to post this. Before the uneducated speak they should know what they are talking about. Dogs trained in Brunswick County are trained to a certain standard, every time. This dog, and this handler, who put thier lives on the line every day so that ignorant fools like you can sleep in peace every night, were doing what they were trained to do. The dog accidentally punctured the package and ingested the substance. And the handler was right there to care for him. If there is any idiot in this instance, it is clearly you. Those dogs and their handlers defend your safety and you should be ashamed to relish the freedom they provide. How dare you, you ignorant fool!

  • SBlas says:

    I personally know how K-9s are trained since I live with one you idiot. It was 100 acres of land and the dog was off lead. He didn’t “let” him eat the drugs….you really are an idiot. I have an idea….why don’t you go out there and sniff for drugs as I am sure no one would miss you!

  • sailboat2323 says:

    big deal. I am so impressed. Do you sleep in the dog house with him, lift his leg when he has to go? You talk like one of the jackbooted thugs patroling our streets.

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  • Nancy says:

    So sorry for your loss,,,God has big plans for you.every thing happens for a reason and you did your part. Thank you for a job well done. you will be missed. Thank you,,,,,,,,,Viper

  • Andrew says:

    Thoughts and prayers to Viper and Zeller. I know howntough it is to go to work and leave a partner behind. although my partner just retired and I still have him with me, it was a tough adjustment. We all deal with this in one form or another and it never gets easier, just must honor their memory forgiving the ultimate sacrifice.

  • Guest111 says:

    I think you are Commonsense. .. with a new name on the posts.

  • Guest111 says:

    First question: What kind of chemical did Viper get in to? Was it something the drug dealers put out to do this to the dogs? Second question: Are these thug cretins going to be charged with murder of a police officer?

  • Kiki McAdam says:

    I like your thinking, Guest111! I’m sure Viper was doing what he loved doing, but this still makes my heart hurt…for the loss of a brave officer and for those who remain behind missing him.

  • Move then says:

    Hats off to all the good people out there that understand this is not a dog but a loyal servent of the people. Emphasis on loyal. If we had more humans like this four legged officer his would be a better country. If you don’t like the story or your worried about your tax dollars you don’t have to comment. This story was obviously not
    meant for you. Go blame someone who deserves it for wasting your dollars. Better yet shut the hell up and realize we don’t care about your opinion. We care about a fallen officer of the law. And yes I hope they use my money to put these drug dealers away for killing an officer of the law. If you don’t like it move. We want miss you are your few tax dollars at all!

  • marcia says:

    I agree. It’s ignorant people that don’t understand the duties of a k9 officer. All officers put their lives on the line everyday to try and make our communities a better place and for someone to dishonor those who have died in the line of duty is perverse. Things happen and the same could happen to you.
    Thank you k9 viper you are a hero to us!

  • JaneQpublicServant says:

    The bickering going on here is rather ridiculous, if you ask me. This is a public forum for people share their opinion. And although I don’t agree with a couple of the ones being posted, I still respect the fact that they have the right to have them. Have we come so far from the basic principles of humanity that we must resort to name calling and arguing? K9 Officer Viper, was a great asset to the BCSO and to those that loved him, he was a charished companion and friend. Unfortunately, he made the ultimate sacrifice this weekend trying to help those in need and keep this county safe from the criminal element. Does he deserve a memorial? In my opinion, yes, he does. Not everyone can understand this, and that is fine. However, at least show some respect to those that are in mourning and reach deep down and find your compassion and empathy and try to refrain from your disrespectful reproach. Let those that wish to remember Officer Viper have their memorial and stop trying to demean their grief. My heartfelt sympathy goes to the BCSO, Deputy Zeller and his family, and all those whose lives may have been touched by Officer Viper.

  • Andy says:

    I don’t live in NC but I can assure you all that Viper served his community and this nation.

    Was he a dog? Yes
    Was he a Police officer? Yes

    Disagree over things all you guys want, and name call and make fun of each other all you want. This dog died while trying to make this community a safer place to live.

    We should all respect that.

    Thank you Viper, you are loved and missed.

  • tom march says:

    “Exposed”…What’s that mean?? Maybe they need to give this barney fife a stuffed animal if he was dumb enough to let his dog get into contact with the drug. He’s supposed to detect, dummy, not taste.

  • GuestLee says:

    My understanding is that Viper’s teeth accidentally punctured a bag of cocaine.

    Knowing the so-called “justice system”, the perps will probably get off with community service.

  • Guest911 says:

    I am only concerned that the animal died for no reason. Police love playing there game and forgert life is REAL, not a game. Any officer not able to control his animal should be charged the same as an indivdual for the death of his dog. He should also NOT be allowed to own ANY animals until he is deemed fit by the courts. When I first heard this story I thought the dog was killed in the line of duty protecting the public. Instead it died from stupidity because the officer let it eat a bag of cocaine. He was laughing and joking with his buiddies as the dog tore the bag and spread the drugs all over the floor. Yeah buddy, funny right? Can anyone say ‘idiot’? Stupidity is not a crinme, but it should be!!!

  • ILM says:

    The dog OD? WOW that must have been good stuff!

    Do they have memorials when the cops crash their cars too? Just asking……

  • Guest123 says:

    that some people shouldn’t take the time to write mindless, worthless comments! Really? The officer LET the dog eat a bag of cocaine? Use some sense. The dog’s teeth punctured the bag as he was returning it to his handler to drop at his feet as he was TRAINED to do. If stupidity was a crime, you would be one of the first ones charged!

  • Guest6858 says:

    Hey Joe, the canines that went into the twin towers on and after 9/11…were they just dogs? The canines that find missing children and drugs that could kill one of your children…are they just dogs? You have no class.

  • sailboat2323 says:

    that was a great post. We are living in a socialist police state to a point and will get worse and worse because of these badge hags that worship them. Wait until the day they have no more freedom and they will be the ones crying, help me.
    Just because you hang a badge around a dogs neck does not nake him an officer. Set him in a car by himself and walk away and see how much crime he can bust up, answer NONE.
    Now as far as me posting on here about bad cops sorry you goobers have no defense against it. They are rampant and you will not admit it because as one poster put it you ARE badge whores. Did you read where the NCSHP officer tazered a man to death or the one that hit and killed a man walking in Elizabeth City just yesterday? For every bad guy you can post I can find one bad cop to post right along with it, wanna try, go ahead.Like Clint Eastwood said MAKE MY DAY….

  • GuestLee says:

    You (Frick) and Captn Billy (Fraak) deserve each other. You were both made from the same mold. Tell me, can you have a decent thought without building off of someone else’s post?

    You know, thinking is what a great many people think they are doing when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.

    By the way, in case you missed it, I’m not a cop. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions…it makes you look like an a** when the truth comes out. But then again, if the shoe fits….

  • Sherice says:

    Thank you! I totally agree.

  • Sherice says:

    Viper was hard working, playful, loyal, and loving. I doubt you have all those virtues. So shut-up!

  • GuestLee says:

    Oh is that right? How many drug labs have YOU broken up lately? How many missing people have YOU discovered? How many lives have YOU saved?

    My point is that K-9 Viper was an invaluable member of the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office. He served and protected the citizens of Brunswick County, as well as his own handler and fellow deputies. He died in the performance of his duties and may have even saved a few deputies that day because of his own sacrifice. I’m sure he was “just a dog” to you. But he was much more to those who knew and served with him. His memory deserves to be treated with respect. This “dog” served more, gave more, protected more than most civilians living in Brunswick County, or any other county for that matter.

  • Joe says:

    Yes Mr. Truth, I do realize this and that’s actually crazy to do so, but we seem to value animal life over human life these days.

    Have a great day.

  • Wade griffis says:

    It is really unfortunate that this country is populated by so many idiots.

    Since we are- I would like to nominate “Joe” for the “Idiot of the month” award.

    Maybe next time he wanders into the forest and gets lost, there will not be a trained dog to rescue him.

  • GuestLee says:

    After reading your posts, I can see why.

  • Captn Billy says:

    Your attitude toward citizens is typical. To state that a dog is more worthy than most citizens is typical of your socialist police order where you all, including faeces eating dog, are brothers. You do not realize it but you sound just like workers in a Cuban cigar factory.

    The cow that was sent to the slaughter house and fed 1000 people did more for humanity than Viper ever did.

    The police have shot thousands of dogs belonging to citizens who were just doing their duty of protecting their owners. many instances of the cops smashing in the door and shooting the family dog. Just like they did to Blaze, Peyton Strickland’s dog.

  • janeqpublicservant says:

    Joe, I have been reading and following your posts. I am not going to call you names nor am I going to tell you that your opinion is wrong, however, I would like to pose a question. Did you stop to think that just because you think Officer Viper is “just a dog”, he wasn’t so much more to so many more? Why must you get on here and post such hateful things. I’m sure everyone has an opinion and I have read several on here, however, I do believe opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one and they usually stink! You said in this comment that we value animal life over human life, did it occur to you that maybe it’s because of the insensitive, disrespectful nature in which we as humans treat one another? Deputy Zeller and his family, as well as the BCSO are in mourning right now for the loss of one of their own. It is not my place nor is it your place to pass judgement or try to scrutinize how they handle the grieving process. Why must you try to demean them by posting such hateful things? Just saying…..

  • GuestLee says:

    I’m not a cop. I’m just a citizen who admires them for putting their lives on the line everyday.

    You, on the other hand, sound like a snot-nozed wanna be college student, who can’t quite cut it, and who figures if he can’t convince them, confuse them. From your post, it sounds like Mommy and Daddy wasted their hard earned money.

  • Guest0265 says:

    Maybe someone will think that, if something should happen to you, and or, possibly someone in your family, and they needed the dog to help find someone of your family. He was just a dog, how could he help them, and hopefully lot’s of people, I would hope, would ask the same question about you? Those dogs are family, and protect the officer they are with, at all expense, and will not question why. How many people do you know that would do this?

  • truth says:

    People actually get punished more for hurting a police animal (dog or horse) than a police officer.

  • max says:

    this brave dog deserve a medal.

  • Joe says:

    Are you serious? It was a dog that obviously didn’t have the proper training if he went head first into a supply of meth. They are supposed to alert, not eat it right?

  • Joe says:

    I’m sorry if this sounds a little insensitive but I can’t believe they’re going to have an actual memorial. Are the taxpayers footing this horrible waste of time when the officers could be out doing something more useful?

  • Joseph says:

    No, I don’t think we do, so why don’t you be specific.

  • GuestLee says:

    Duh…let’s see now. You’re writing (asinine) responses to these posts, so you’re obviously breathing and not dead. Although you could be brain dead. You’re some kind of doctor in neurology, right? I would think you could recognize the difference.

    But now that I think about it, you’re right. Foolish vs. brain dead….it’s a tough choice. I apologize for the confusion.

  • Guest012 says:

    First all I’m a Mrs. not a Mr. Secondly, I don’t use my name because if you haven’t noticed there are to many sick people in this materialistic world. And third I have no problem with your opinions or others I have a problem with you bashing other peoples opinions which anyone that’s read every page of this news letter can see. Every opinion is relevant but to be clear, the things you say make you seem rude which with you using your name a person that actually does disrespect your opinion will not send their family to you as a doctor. For respect for doctors and their jobs, I just think you should either not post your name for professional purposes or not do as you’ve been doing. I think you are trying to defend yourself and make a statement that your opinion is better than everyone else. But we are all equals, so until we can all act as ‘adults’ which our kids consider us to be, I think we shall drop this discussion.
    Have a blessed day.

  • GuestLee says:

    “The foolish and the dead never change their opinions.”
    — James Russell Lowell (1819-1891) American poet, critic and editor.

    I think we know which one is a good fit for you.

  • OtherGuest says:

    Specifically, what did this dog accomplish?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    ….because he was JUST a dog, allow me to say that this dog accomplished more, and gave more to his community than the two of you will likely accomplish in your entire worthless lives.

  • 8c41 says:

    First off these partners of the handler are not put out in front, it is a team effort, the handler helps protect the dog and the dog helps the handler, the dogs are more loyal than most people in this country, I trust my partner more than alot of people, as for the remark of using the dog to locate people or bombs is a contradiction to your comment, people shoot and stab and if your not aware bombs explode, narcotic detection is alot safer than your suggestion, deputy from one handler to another be strong and proud of your partner and my thoughts are with you and your family

  • Guest735 says:

    These dogs don’t have a choice to go in or not, they are trained to play a game to find their toy, a treat or to please their handler. Thats one reason I hate the circus and believe its a form of animal abuse.

    If these handlers care so much for these animals, why do they send them into situations were they could be shot or stabbed and all the dog has is it’s teeth to protect themselves? Meanwhile the cop hides behind something with his gun drawn? They sit in cages in a car waiting for the next game….

    I think sniffer dogs are useful in tracking people and sniffing out bombs, but this “war on drugs” thing is hypocritical when the state is in the liquor buisness and makes more money on tobacco than the manufacturers…

  • Guest13 says:

    I beg to differ..These dogs LOVE going to work, which I am sure is more than I can say for you. These dogs work very hard everyday. I’m sure they would love to show you a demonstration, or better yet why don’t you talk to someone that had a missing family member and because of these well trained dogs was able to locate that person, or the drugs and weapons that have been located in childrens rooms that without the dogs being able to sniff it out wouldn’t have been located, or a house gets broken into and the suspects run and hides in the woods and because of these dogs sense of smell they are able to be captured. I hope that one day you get the pleasure of needing one of these amazing dogs. You obviously have no idea how bad the drug problem is in this nation and this county. Or maybe you do and you just don’t want to get caught.

  • GuestLee says:

    These dogs don’t have a choice because they are there to protect and serve. Their handlers send them into situations where they could be shot or stabbed to keep officers and the public safe.

    This “war on drugs thing” may be hypocritical, but it’s still the law. If it isn’t enforced, that leaves the door open for a meth lab to move next door to you and explode in your face, or your child’s face. It might move in there anyway, but these K9’s wage a war against it everyday.

    You seem to care about animals, so you should show a little respect for the sacrifice that K9 Viper made.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    …and I agree that our War on Drugs is a total failure, but police can’t choose which laws they enforce. These dogs are highly trained tools for law enforcement, spoiled rotten, and live a very enjoyable, comfortable life as a member of the handler’s family.

    Yes, they face risks and we occasionally lose one, but that’s part and parcel of simply being in law enforcement: You have to deal with the worst elements in society and sometimes men, women, and dogs don’t make it home from their shift.

    I’m sure Viper had a life that most dogs would envy. He got to spend every day playing and working with the person he loved while most dogs doze or simply watch the world go by until we get home from work and manage to pay them some attention.

    My sincerest hope is that the two maggots who caused Viper’s death spend many, MANY years in prison being used as the playtoys of a very large man named Bubba, and beaten up regulary by some psychotic heavyweight boxer who ran afoul of the law.

  • guesty says:

    He found a kilo of cocaine in a field.

  • guest 2323 says:

    and where he signed just one of them and I will concede he was an officer.

  • guesty says:

    So if a cop doesn’t have a record of arrests made, by your logic he/she isn’t an officer. I know plenty of reserve/auxiliary officers that don’t arrest people because they would have to take off from their full time job to go to court. Many times reserve/auxiliary officers are extra bodies in time of need. Some even work without receiving pay.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    ..he got two maggots busted and took a large quantity of cocaine off the street.

    He has also done far more. BSCO can provide his complete “arrest record,” and I’m sure they’d gladly provide it.

  • Guest123 says:

    that wasn’t there. The question is, are you serious or just an idiot?? Where did you come up with your comment about the K-9 eating anything? The question Joe, is your head so far up your a$$, that you have no idea what you are talking about?

  • Sherice says:

    Duh!! Dogs sniff. The chemicals were going inside the dog long before he got to the actual stash.

  • Guest1 says:

    For you information the bag broke open by accident. You are such a @ss!!!! So this comment goes out to you and all the other low lifes that are going to post up that are probely pissed cause they found your drugs!!!!!!

  • Joe says:

    Actually good NC buddy, I don’t do drugs and I am a well educated Surgical Technologist in Wilmington,NC but like I said it was just a dog. Get your heart off of your sleeve, as you are probably a big time badge whore and how do you know the bad burst by accident? People will call me an @ss or whatever they little pathetic hearts like because they have nothing else worthy to actually say. Have a very nice life Mr Guest1. :)

  • Joe says:

    Hello Mr. Guest123

    I apologize and I misspoke as I meant to say ingest or inhale the drugs. Is that better Good Buddy?

  • sailboat2323 says:

    Why do you assume everyone who does not agree with you is a drug user, you think your view is the only one? Maybe the bag busted when the cops were trying too get their share before they turned them in, ever think of that?

  • GuestLee says:

    You’re pretty insensitive to be in the health field. And to be so “well educated”, you sure have a lot of grammar errors.

    What’s behind the “NC buddy”? You’re probably from up north, right?

  • Sandi says:

    I hope I never come into contact with you as a Surgical Technologist! You’re well educated but use terms like “badge whore”?

  • Guest1 says:

    Surgical Technologist in small terms fecal examiner. Good one with the bagde whore such big words from the all high and mighty..

  • Guest5197 says:

    when it’s your child that goes missing, your loved ones that are in trouble, you are the one beatten and robbed, make damn good and sure you turn the k9 away, let the officers with two legs or four, that you do not need their help. self righteous jerk….

  • Just me says:

    My take is that this dog was trained for a job and died performing it. It was a public service job so we the public should appreciate the contribution (animal or human) that it made. I think the memorial is more for the people who were close knit with the dog so the friends and family can help them with the grief. I know from war experience that you form a very strong bond (typically life long) in a very short time when you face life threatening circumstances together. Just like the first chimp in space this animal served man in a special role so give it it’s just due.

  • Joe says:

    People get killed everyday and your thoughts and prayers go out to a dog, get real. I don’t care if it was a police dog, it was still just a dog. All this talk of giving people the same punishment for hurting police dogs just the same as an actual police officer is just ridiculous.

  • SnWMnP9 says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Zeller and the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office.

  • Sherice says:

    You are insensitive and rude. That K-9 has problem done more good for the public in his short life than you ever will.

  • nana says:

    Are you serious???? This was an officer!!!!! He put his life on the line EVERYDAY!!! He deserves a memorial service!

  • Guest1313 says:

    Yeah, I 100% believe that the taxpayers should foot the bill. Everybody who keeps saying “it’s just a dog” don’t realize what he did. His whole life was dedicated to serving the citizens by always being on call, being trained 7 days a week (including holidays and weekends), & saving lives. If it were a deputy/officer who was shot in the line of duty you wouldn’t be saying “well it was just somebody doing their job.” Viper was just as much a law enforcement officer as anybody else.

  • GuestLee says:

    “Are the taxpayers footing this horrible waste of time when the officers could be out doing something more useful?”

    Are you serious? If the officers were “out doing something more useful”, they were doing it with Viper right in the middle of it. From tracking drugs to searching for lost kids/elderly, to protecting life and property. Viper did it all; and he did it all for a dog biscuit and some love and respect. What have you done lately?

    “Life is hard; it’s harder if you’re stupid.” – John Wayne

  • GuestLee says:

    I’ll gladly help foot the bill for a decent tribute to Viper. I would much rather my tax dollars go there than to line some polician’s pockets or pay for another baseball field.

    Viper deserves a heartfelt tribute for all he has done for the citizens of Brunswick and surrounding counties.

  • Joe says:


    He put his life on the line huh? Look he was an animal doing what he was trained to do. The bad thing about it is that he didn’t even get a chance to say no, he was taken and made into a drug dog. Now on the other hand human officers make a choice to become officers and know full well what the risks are, so as far as I’m concerned it ridiculous to waste time and money on a memorial for a dog. Truth be told, they probably didn’t even need him to go in because the neighbors said they smelled a foul odor and when the police arrived they still would have found it. :) Have a great day!!!

  • sailboat2323 says:

    Yes he was a valuable TOOL for the Sheriff Dept BUT he was a dog. It was a shame he died BUT a memorial is just too silly. I’d be surprised they don’t have a 21 gun salute,a horse drawn hearse, bagpipes, declare it a state holiday, a fly over by the helicopter and anything else they can think of. If he was a cop where is his completion of a BLET course, his record of handgun time on the range or any other things relevant to be coming a sworn officer. He was a DOG used as a TOOL to aid the officers. My dog can sniff out doughnuts does that make him a cop in disguise?

  • Ann says:

    What is so hard to understand? The dog was an active officer and people have the nerve to question having a memorial service for him? You best better believe though if a dog was needed to track down a thief or rapist or to find a missing person, citizens would think a little more of it. Come on! Even if you can’t seem to sympathize on the dogs part, do it for the handler. They spend countless hours off-duty training their dogs so that this county can be a safer place. Not only did the handler lose his best friend and companion, he lost his partner! By the way, it doesn’t cost much to bury an animal and it cost nothing for officers to stand outside for a memorial. If it’s anything like funerals for the families of the deputies, the ones that come in to help with it are OFF-DUTY! You probably won’t lose one cent over it. I’m glad we could educate you on the role of an ACTIVE K-9 OFFICER!

  • guesty says:

    The dog was an officer, you sailboat2323 are the tool. I’m guessing you attempted to make it through BLET but washed out. Don’t worry buttercup, we’ll still respond when you call for help.

  • GuestLee says:

    You just can’t fix stupid.

  • GuestLee says:

    The more you open your mouth, the more ridiculous you sound.

  • Guestarooni says:


  • Guest99x says:

    Hey “Sailboat”, I have an idea. Why don’t you hook up with Frucci and set a course for Lisbon from Bermuda where his boat is under repair. Do it soon, so neither of you loads miss the worst of the hurricane season.

  • Guest13 says:

    Actually these dogs are certified by the state. They have trials every year and get graded on their performance and have to be certified in order to be used in the field. So the answer to your question is no, YOUR dog is not a “cop in disguise”. Maybe you won’t have to be “sniffed out” one day.

  • sailboat2323 says:

    If a cop is killed in the line of duty it’s sad BUT they chose to do one made them. STILL JUST A DOG.

  • sailboat2323 says:

    Actually I’m in the Keys right now, don’t you wish you could afford to be here now.

  • sailboat2323 says:

    with the crooks they will probably steal less and be treated better. I depend on the cops for nothing, they are always there after the fact, can never think of one time one has ever made it to an emergency call to prevent crime. Good for writing tickets and such but that’s about all. They are good for arresting nondrunk women like Wyrick did though.

  • Joseph says:

    You are so right Mr Grand Ole Party, as I don’t have much use for them. I don’t post that much on leo issues but I thought this one was very asinine. I never aspired to be an officer of the law although they have a job to do as well. No, I must inform you that none of them stole my wife or gave me a ticket but it’t obvious that you love them to death and that’s alright. What you can’t tell me is what to think or say and I would never own a sailboat.

    Have a great day Mr. Grand Ole Party. (smiling while I type that).

  • guest111 says:


  • Grand Ole Party says:

    Your hatered for cops is very evident. We get it, now please shut up buttercup. You look for ANY LEO story so you can post. I assume you didn’t cut in rookie school? One of them took your wife? Gave you a ticket? Okay okay, really we understand. You don’t like them. Got it. Now please take that sailboat of yours and sail away and don’t come back. Go to a magical land where no LEO’s work. Have fun. Don’t bother writting.

  • Guest123456789 says:

    Your vacation must not be as exciting as you think since your stuck to a computer commenting on something you obviously know nothing about. Continue your “sailboat ride” with your “buddy”….

  • Guest2011 says:

    Maybe you should just stay in the keys with your doughnut dog and do the rest of a favor. You apparently have never bonded with a dog enough to care about what happens when they pass away. Those of us who have know that the animal is a part of our family. This isn’t going to be some carriage affair you dip stick. More than likely it will be other off duty officers and K9s supporting a colleague. I feel sorry for people like you who are so numb to some of the simplest things in life that can bring people together over a common bond.

  • guesty says:

    Keep with the criminals you endear. The main job of the police is to respond to calls for service. If there are no calls (never) the focus shifts to prevention.

  • k-9 guest says:

    Your post really makes me sick!! I can’t believe you would be so cold as to write something like this. Viper deserves a memorial service for his years of service to protect this county that we live in or at least I live in. WHen you have a k-9 partner they are more than just a dog. They are your best friend. They are at your side to protect and serve. Deputy Zeller lost his friend and partner. Viper done an amazing job taking ILLEGAL drugs off our street. What if it was your family that he saved from getting these drugs. I bet it would be a different story then. Nothing never makes sense to us until it hits us or our family. Have a little respect for this Deputy obviously its hard for you to do, but try. He doesn’t need critical comments right now. He needs our support to get thru this difficult time.

  • Joseph says:

    Hey Ann,

    You didn’t educate me on anything but to think you did shows you have very high self-efficacy and that’s good. Get over it.

  • Joseph says:

    Why is that buddy, because I say what other people are afraid to say and you don’t like that. I’m sorry if my opinion offends you but it’s just that , my opinion. If you think it’ s invalid, then there’s nothing for you to worry about.

  • Joseph says:


    Why would you think that just because someone doesn’t worship “LEOS”” as you call them that they are BLET washouts like that’s some kind of great job to have anyway. Yes, it’s job security but really they are just glorified security officers.

  • johnqpublicservant says:

    Yes, you are right, your comment is insensitive and ignorant. OFFICER VIPER was not just a dog, he was an OFFICER, a public servant who put his life on the line everyday to protect and serve the citizens of this county. Unfortunately, he paid the ultimate price to do that thankless job. You are obviously not a citizen who appreciates the benefits of living in this county being protected by the public servants who willingly go out every day, putting their own safety at risk to make sure that others are safe. If it is your tax dollars you are worried about, don’t you think there are more pressing issues of abuse of tax dollars in this county to complain about? Like the county commissioner who cost hundreds of dollars to the tax payer, not just once but twice now for false accusations. Or how about the taxes wasted on the typical welfare recipient who has never worked a day in their life, yet gets paid more to sit at home and have more kids? Really, do you really have nothing better to do with your time than to write offensive, insensitive and ignorant posts?

  • johnqpublicservant says:

    It’s not a choice it’s a calling. Only the most courageous, honorable, selfless are willing to go out and risk their lives to help others. You obviously are not one of this character and would not understand the meaning of sacrifice if it jumped up and bit you in the butt! Without our officers and I do mean all officers, both human and K9, this world would be a whole lot different. Who would you have to call when you needed help? Some food for thought there.

  • janeqpublicservant says:

    Wow……I’m rather astonished by your complete lack of compassion and understanding. When has a cop ever been able to tell that a crime was going to happen prior to it taking place? Are you trying to say that cops are unworthy of respect just because they aren’t clarvoyant? Wow……again still astonished by the fact that you seem so willing to belittle those that grieve for this fine Officer, and yes I did say OFFICER, because contrary to your belief, Viper was an officer of the law. Did you ever stop to think that maybe your hateful, hurtful words spoken from you misguided sense of righteousness are precisely why this world need police officers? Since we as humans seem to forget what compassion and empathy mean, crime rate soars. Where is your sense of humanity? Why must you come on this media forum and spout your negativity and disrespect those that are mourning? BTW, no I can’t afford to be in the Keys right now, I am a public servant in a thankless, underpaid job. And yes, I chose this profession because I have a sense of humanity. I chose to try and help others knowing that I would never be rich in doing so. I urge you to take a step back and try to walk a mile in anothers shoes before you start spouting your trash.

  • Southern Belle says:

    To sailboat2323. I think John Wayne’s quote, Life is hard, it’s harder if your stupid was meant for you.

  • guesty says:

    Joseph, I never said for anybody to worship LEO’s. You should respect LEO’s for doing a job that not just anybody can do. LEO’s are not perfect, there are some bad apples in the barrel, just like in all other professions. Other than firefighters and military, I don’t know of any other job where a complete stranger is willing to help another person in their time of need, up to and including the giving of his/her life.

    You are correct about it not being a “great job” since the pay stinks, the public watches every move waiting for a slip up to pounce on. The hours suck, the “customers” like to fight, shoot, cut, spit on, barf on, pee in the cars or just plain attempt to hurt officers. It is a calling and either you have it or you don’t.

  • OtherGuest says:

    He’s just a dog living in the moment…he never knew what hit him, and he sure didn’t have any noble intent. We should all take a lesson.

  • Guest123456 says:

    It was a wonderful service. There was a 21 gun salute, bagpipes and a flag presentation…As a member of the law enforcement family — you need a service for some type of closure to the death of a officer, dog or human. I think this was a wonderful idea for them to have the service.

  • GuestLee says:

    First off, I’m definitely not your buddy, so please don’t refer to me as such.

    Secondly, you are definitely entitled to your opinion. It’s the way your express it that bothers everyone.

  • rob surf city says:

    An extension of the deputy’s mission in the line of duty has, tragically, been extinguished . It is sad for all. Salute.

  • Nc southport says:

    First off, my condolences to the Zeller family for losing a partner and for BCSO for losing a valuable asset/officer. To the whining commentators on here whom are taxpayers, you want your ten cents back? Seriously? Do you not think we pay taxes too out are we magically exempt. Let new have your address and I will send you a buck to shut you up. Moving on, K-9’s and their handlers are given rigorous training to ensure their detect what they are looking for, also bite work. Duh, it’s certification needed for court. So unless you know much what happened on scene, and you won’t because not everything is ever in the news, keep it respectful people. The dog worked for chew toys, food, and the enjoyment of finding what his handler sent him after. A K9 can track scents, items, and people alot faster than a human officer could last I checked which makes them a great partner, not a tool (which is inanimate). Saves you taxpayers money so they can get to your barking dog noise complaints. Thanks!

  • grateful says:

    that dog worked every day of his life to protect and serve the citizens of Brunswick County. Did you ever stop to think that if you were in distress and needed assistance from this officer and his K9 (or any officer for that fact) that that dog would have given his life for you too? These officers go out on the streets everyday putting their lives on the line for you. But until you need them yourself you do not realize how important they are. Stop being so close-minded and selfish and realize that there are other people besides yourself in this world. This dog took a very large amount of drugs off the streets that will not end up in anyone else’s hands. Drugs are a large root of many violent crimes. The next time you’re sitting home alone just remember that you may not be as safe as you think. At anytime anyone could decide that they are going to break into your house and rob you so they can get more drugs. Things like this happen and they happen to ignorant people like you. I hope you change your way of thinking and realize that this dog was more than a dog and you should be proud that your tax money is paying to honor a hero! Ignorance gets you nowhere fast bud.

  • Guest012 says:

    That all lives should be considered important and valued human and animal; And as to the ‘surgical technologist’ on here I have one question, do you have children, husband, family that surrounds you? Do you have a degree as a surgical tech, or actually work as one; because you seem to have way to much time to bash other people back and forth. There are better ways to enjoy your time than putting people down. Have a great day.

  • Joseph C Holland Jr. says:

    Hey Mr. Guest012

    I’m not hiding out behind a guest name and yes I have a wife of 17 years and 3 wonderful children as well. I do have my degree in that field and specialize in neuro-surgery but what does that have to do with anything. I posted a few of my thoughts and so did other people, so what now? It’s my opinion and there’s nothing anyone on here can say that will change that. Have a great day as well.

  • Guest735 says:

    You don’t know me or what I may or may not love. I’m not a drug dealer or user. Your reading comprehention is in question, I said dogs are useful at certain jobs. How do you know these dogs LOVE to go to “work”? How do you know they aren’t just happy to get out of their cage to play, run and jump? I have two dogs that I love and would never intentionally put them in harms way.

    “I’m sure they would love to show you a demonstration” There ya go, you want someone you don’t even know to be bitten by one of these dogs. Do they LOVE biting people too? Do they get paid, pay taxes, draw a pension….

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