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ELIZABETHTOWN, NC (WWAY) — There are new details surrounding a weekend shooting outside of a club in Bladen County. The shooting happened early Saturday morning at Club World Wide in Elizabethtown, and sent one woman to the hospital.

“The police are called from time to time normally involving a fight or crowd control or something of that nature, but this is the first shooting incident we’ve had at that club,” Elizabethtown Police Chief Robert Kinlaw said.

Club World Wide is used for receptions and other special occasions during the week, but on weekends it is a totally different scene. At 12:45 a.m. Saturday police responded to a call about a shooting outside the club off of Swan Road.

“A group of women, several women, and two individuals were engaged in an argument, and one of the women got in a vehicle to leave, and as she was leaving shots were fired and the victim was struck once,” Kinlaw said.

The woman shot was 20-year-old Jasmine McLaughlin of Elizabethtown. She was airlifted from Bladen County Hospital to New Hanover Regional Medical Center. She is listed is in good condition.

As we were leaving the Elizabethtown Police Department Monday, the owner and manager of Club World Wide Boris Powell was outside. He did not want to tell his side of the story, and tried to push away our camera.

Residents who live close to the club say this is not the first incident that’s happened there.

“It’s after 12 sometimes you’re hearing the loud music, and I know one time they parked over there all up in the neighbor’s yard,” neighbor Ellen Bullard.

Another neighbor who did not want to give their name or show their face on camera said, “I am not surprised that there was a shooting Friday night at all. Since I’ve been here since January we’ve had several problems with club members.”

Other neighbors told us the club has not been an issue until now. Regardless the shooting is still under investigation.

“We have a very low tolerance for problems or issues in any club,” Kinlaw said. “We’ve had issues in the past and we are aggressive to address them. I just hope this is not the beginning of a long-term problem.”

Police said they are unsure if McLaughlin was the intended target. So far no one has been arrested.

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3 Comments on "ONLY ON 3: Investigation continues into shooting at Bladen club"

Guest Vanessa N
2015 years 8 months ago

I have been to this establishment several times and has even had my daughter a graduation party there. The management was very professional. I attended an oldies night where there was a live band and there was no drama whatsoever! A shooting happened at McDonalds, whose fault was that! Does McDonalds sell alcohol? A shooting at the Tory Hole park, was there alcohol! It appears to me this could have happened almost anywhere!

2015 years 8 months ago

Yes, there have been shootings at McDonalds and Tory Hole. I would be willing to bet that the individuals involved got thoroughly juiced up on their favorite drug before the various murders. And where do you think the got juiced up? At one of those private clubs!! There are just too many in this county, most seem to be in rural areas that are not zoned for that type of activity. The Sheriff needs to shut them down with any excuse.

2015 years 8 months ago

thugs being thugs


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