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NEW HANOVER/BRUNSWICK COUNTIES (WWAY) — The North Carolina Highway Patrol issued 564 charges this weekend during various checkpoints around the Cape Fear.

Troopers set up checkpoints on Oleander Drive near Bradley Creek Friday, and on US-17 near the North Carolina South Carolina border Saturday.

Officers arrested 108 people for driving while impaired. They issued 84 speeding tickets, and cited 40 folks for not wearing their seat belt. About 200 people got tickets for driver license and vehicle registration violations.

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  • Concerned Citizen

    Just wanted to thank the members of the Highway Patrol for protecting our streets and keeping us safe. It was about time to see some positive media attention toward the Highway Patrol. Keep arresting these drunk driver’s on our streets. When are these people going to get the picture? Don’t Drink and Drive…..bottom line!

  • Guest421

    I just think it is scary as cat scat that they found 108 DWIs in 3 days or less in the area. Imagine how many others got away.

  • guessme

    meanwhile…how many drug deals, robberies, stabbings, shootings, assaults, etc. were solved/prevented? but hey, those tickets will bring in a lot of revenue for the state. kudos.

  • Brian

    It’s not the state troopers’ job to handle drug deals, violent crimes, etc. Their job is to handle motor vehicle violations. Your comment is irrelevant and demonstrates your ignorance.

  • Challengetheworld

    It was mainly a State Highway Patrol initative. If you would read your States General Assembly you would understand they were doing their dedicated duties, protecting the highways and roads of North Carolina.

    The Police and Sheriff’s departments, respectively, generally handle this type of enforcement.

    Maybe next time just take a cab or don’t drink and drive :)

  • GuestLee

    So, you want them to pick which laws to enforce more than others? They have to enforce them all, even with the few deputies they have.

    These checkpoints help keep drunks off the streets and save lives too. Some of those stabbings, shootings, assaults, etc., that you mentioned are probably committed by some of those same drunks. They’re doing the best they can with the manpower that they have.

  • Guest3293

    Sounds like “guessme” is upset over the fact the 108 drunk drivers were taken off the road on a given night. Obviously, you have never had a loved one injured or killed because of a drunk driver. Yes, drunk drivers can kill the same as drugs, knives, guns, or assaulting someone. If the state troopers doing their job is all you have to complain about, try getting a second job so that we will have more taxes to give them a raise. Keep up the good work North Carolina state troopers!!!!

  • sailboat2323

    then why do the Sheriff Deputies run radar on state roads, thought they were supposed to deal with drug deals and violent crime as you have stated. REVENUE one word says it all.

  • Jonathan

    I wonder out of the total DWI’s how many blew zero’s and still got charged? lol!


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