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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A week with police is a treat to 25 students in Wilmington this week. Wilmington Police officers donated their time to rising sixth graders for a week of fun activities at Cop Camp.

“I have a chance, instead of sitting home all summer, to hang out with people I know, meet new people, meet new friends,” camper Luke Dewyea said.

Today students not only learned how to make some delicious fondue, but they also learned to build and test some pretty cool cars.

“We’re making solar carts and solar ovens,” camper Pedro Duran said. “And here I have a solar cart that I’ve been working on and we’re going to take it outside and see if it rolls.”

The officers hope that the students leave with them as mentors and a more positive impression of police officers.

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5 Comments on "Cop Camp a chance for kids to bond with officers"

2015 years 9 months ago

into thinking “the police are your friends” Hey little Johnny got any dirt on your Mommy and Daddy that we can use? You can tell us we are your friends. Indocternation at an early age. Kinda like the Hitler youth camps.

2015 years 9 months ago

…would think along the lines of your post! We’ve all read your posts where you cry the “man is out to get you…” and where you show your complete disdain for any law enforcement. I’d bet a nice sum that you have a criminal record a mile long! Just how much dirt does your little Johnny have on you? Shall I give him the number for 911? Anything I can do to hepp a brothah out! (I went to a cop camp too…)

It’s amazing when you have a good thing going on that helps keep the kids off the streets, away from drugs and thugs, to actually work on things with their hands and spark an interest rather than putting stuff up their nose, some meth-blown cowboy like you rides in on a sick horse with no money and a saddle bag full of crap to try and ruin it all.

2015 years 9 months ago

Never been arrested or have NO criminal record at all, actually I have 2 government clearances that were investigated by the FBI and 1 ticket in my 59 years of living…you went to cop camp now I understand completely..

I grew up in Wilmington and had a number of my friends in school go on to be in the Wilmington PD. When I lived over by Greenfield Lake many years ago one of the men I was best friends with was on the Drug squad, I can not name the times he would call me to come on over and smoke some weed(and no I have never smoked weed). Now this guy was busting people and turning around and doing the same thing he busted people for. He was not the only cop doing this I knew. I have heard them laughing about how they lied in court and got their BUST to stick. This is just part of the reason. You can Google the state crime lab reports and see where the cops, and DA’s had the crime lab fake evidence to get convictions on innocent people, there was a man a few weeks ago released from prison I think he served 17 years and was one of the victims of the crime lab fiasco.It was proven by DNA and other means that the crime lab had made the results up on him and this is only the tip of the iceburg of what they have discovered.
One other reason is their arrogant elitest attitude against the public they are supposed to serve. I witnessed a car hit a tractor trailer on the right fender on the interstate in Arizona a few years back and the car just kept going, the driver in the tractor trailer had to pull over and take care of his damage at a rest area right at the state line. I was in a tractor trailer and stopped at the scale house and gave the weighmaster there my contact info so I could be a witness to it. Well 10 miles down the road I was pulled over by a Arizona trooper and handcuffed and told I was being arrested for hit and run by a 20 year veteran of Arizona Highway Patrol. I was talked to like a dog and treated worse than that. The trooper said I have been on the force 20 years and I know you are lying. Long story short another trooper came by and told him I was a witness to the accident NOT the cause of it(which I had been trying to tell this idiot). He wouldn’t even take the time to call the scale house to verify it. The scale master misunderstood what was going on about the accident and had alerted Arizona highway Patrol to look out for my Peterbilt going west. When he found out he was wrong there was never one word of apology from the a**hole. The other trooper told him to get in his car and leave before I got his butt in a sling. This is just some of the reasons why I have NO respect for these thugs and will continue to post on them as much as I can.
To clear things up with you I have NEVER been arrested or charged with any crime, have clearances to go to any military base or airport in this country or any port in this country..have been through 2 FBI background checks in the last year.

2015 years 9 months ago

Interesting story, 2323. Your anecdote is a proof text for the adage that no good deed goes unpunished.

2015 years 9 months ago

From your story, I understand why you feel the way you do about cops.

However, there are bad people in every profession, even truck driving. Your limited experience with a few bad cops doesn’t mean they’re ALL bad. I had a bad experience with a truck driver once too, but that doesn’t mean all truck drivers are bad.

For every bad cop out there, I can bet you that there are hundreds of good ones who risk their lives on a daily basis because they care. There are many who are killed every year just trying to make things better.

I know this post won’t change your mind about cops because your distaste for them has become entrenched in your thinking. But I hope you will at least consider the fact that not ALL cops are bad.


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