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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A two-year-old video of an interview with Allen “Frog” Strickland by investigators looking into a fire at his house has some damning accusations against former state Sen. R.C. Soles.

The video shows Strickland talking to Tabor City Police about the fire, but the conversation quickly turns to his relationship with Soles.

Watch the raw video (Warning: this video includes explicit language some viewers may find offensive)

The video was not used in court for Strickland’s arson trials, but does have a few confessions that could put Strickland into hot water.

“He’s been giving me plenty of money, you’re damn right,” Strickland said when a police officer asked him July 30, 2009, about money the teen received from Soles. “It’s on public record. It was on public record when he started giving it to me when he run me over with his car and broke my leg and carried me to the hospital and he signed the release form his self. That’s when all the money started coming in, when he ran me over, to keep my mouth shut.”

Strickland told Tabor City Police that Soles paid him $800 to keep quiet. He says that to Soles this payment was “pocket change” and he later received more than $20,000 in one payment.

Strickland said when investigators asked about how his leg was broken, he lied and contradicted a story they heard from one of Strickland’s friends.

“Jason went up there. That’s how I know,” Strickland said, though it’s unclear in the video who Jason is. “Jason went up there and told the truth, because Jason went to Raleigh and the feds come down the next day and said ‘Frog, R.C. run you over?’ And I was on my crutches still, and I said, ‘No. R.C.ain’t run me over.’ I said I fell off Grandma’s porch. It’s on public record, though, that Jason all witnessed it. They knew I was lying when they come down and ask me that. R.C. Had paid me the night before, so I kept my mouth shut.”

Strickland said he threatened to tell a federal grand jury in Raleigh everything he knew about Soles just days before his house fire. He says he thinks soles, who purchased the home for the teen, was involved in the fire.

Strickland also credits WWAY for proof of Soles’s guilt.

“But, if you would have watched the news last night, R.C. looks guilty as he could be,” Soles said to police. “Did you see it? They got him on the phone. They just talked to him an hour before that talking about the state budget for a full hour. It was an hour or so before they called him back about me, talking about the state budget. Said they hung up. They decided they’d call back and ask him about my house, so they called back and asked about my house, and he was talking just fine in the beginning, and then he was like, ‘hello? Hello? I can’t hear you.'”

The conversation we had with Soles about the budget and paying for Strickland’s call actually happened in one nine-minute phone call, but Soles did suddenly claim he could no longer hear our reporter when asked about the house.

We attempted to speak with Strickland today about the video, but he told us he had no comments and to talk to his attorney. When we called his attorney Craig Wright, he also said no comment.

We have attempted to contact Soles, but he has not returned our calls.

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  • frogfanclub

    Well I do have to give Frog credit where credit is due. Whenever I go out of town and people ask me where am I from, and I say Tabor City, they no longer reply, oh you are from “Razor City”, now they say , Oh you live where “FROG”‘s from. Frog has almost erased our “infamous” nickname. With that being said I think Frog ought to be the Grand Marshal of the Yam parade.

  • Tabor City never has realized they are growing sweet potatoes and not Yams, so I always figured the people there weren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. I simply cannot hear word one about this ever-present “news” without thinking of “Family Guy’s” Mr. Herbert. Yeah–Frog for Grand Marshal!

  • GuestTC

    RC is a sick individual. Everybody knows what RC has these boys do for him, cause they brag to certain people around town about how easy it is to get money for simple sexual acts. Payroll of 7000 a week. Gets thousands a month. Once got 20,00!

    Now word around Tabor is he has told people he has close to a million dollars saved! Never worked a day in his life. Wait I wouldn’t have done what he done to get that money, and sure wouldn’t be jealous about how he got it!

    This was forgotten about since 2009 and they happened to remember during the middle of his first court case?

    I wonder if any of the Tabor City Police have been paid?

  • Guestfuyouib

    If????? IF????????????

    “If” isn’t the right question……… “How Much” is.

  • frogfanclub

    Guest85 you are absolutely right about us Tabor citizens and yams, but u have to admit that Frog has also got us millions of dollars worth of advertisement for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GuestTC

    This is not advertisement! It is an embarrassment! Advertisement is marketing something to sale. What has Tabor City benefited from this? Are there tourists filling the streets? Comments like this show the true ignorance of some people! Wake up! People think us citizens from Tabor City are a bunch of hicks (because of this embarrassment), and the support of low lofe scum like RC and his boys. They are being entertained from this drama, not buying our products!

    The only thing Tabor City needs to get rid off is RC and all those boy’s feeding the drug habits of people, (a lot which comes from RC’s Money).

  • SurfCityTom

    just remember, if the Senator is ever charged and facing trial, none of these lying weasels will be credible witnesses.

    The Senator will have the very best of legal defense.

    And his lawyers will make mince meat of these less than honest persons.

    So laugh away. Perhaps this latest is another brick in the Senator’s wall of defense.

  • Keeping an Eye on Situations

    SurfcityTom, you probably don’t want Soles to be indicted and found guilty because while he was in the senate, he and the gang of three provide a lot of influence to give your part of the state extra attention. He should be charged and tried for his illegal activity. Maybe some day he will. If not, he faces a Higher Judge than would ever be on this Earth.

    All secrets will be made known one day. Patience is a virture and vengence doesn’t belong to us, but being held accountable for one’s actions is required of us all.

  • ohmy

    Question: Is it legal for a minor to be questioned by police about arson without a guardian present. Was Frog’s rights read to him before questioning? This whole deal smells awfully fishy to me.

  • guesty

    At his age a parent or guardian does not have to be present.

  • Grand Ole Party

    So shower once in awhile.

  • SurfCityTom

    the laughing hyenas who think the Senator is going to be brought before the Bar of Justice in shackles and cuffs will never see it happen.

    His accusors are their own worst enemies and apparently would not know the truth if it walked up to them and slapped them.

    As to a far greater judgement, I have often said that may be his court of judgement. But remember, he need merely repent and confess he is a sinner at the last minute and he will receive forgiveness and redemption.

  • Not without his attorney present! You can’t get RC to admit to anything not even to God. He’s going to burn before he turns.

  • Now, now! there’s no use in name calling. We are not idiots in TC. It may have taken time but we got it. It’s not a matter of brain power now it’s a matter of justice. We caught him dead to rights and he does not like it a bit. Guess what? We don’t like it either! How dare you judge us because of RC’s behavior! I’m sure if we dig deep enough we can find a few skeletons in every ones closet.

  • Doris

    The T.C. cops would deliver these boys to R.C.s house house like they were a Sunday buffet. Money talks.


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