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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The “For Sale” sign is up, and a price has been set. The piece of downtown Wilmington up for grabs: Orton’s Pool Hall and Longstreet’s Irish Pub.

The owners of the bars are also the owners of the popular restaurant Fat Tony’s. They decided to let their bars go, so they can focus on their restaurants. Investors can grab them both for $99,000.

Co-owner Eric Rylander says he loves the pool hall and pub, but wants to focus on the restaurant.

“Running a bar is a lot different than running a restaurant,” Rylander said. “We can focus our energy and marketing efforts on the restaurant operations a lot easier than we can to do both.”

Whoever buys the businesses would get everything included: the pool tables, the coolers and all the equipment it takes to run both. The only thing the buyer would have to do is apply for an alcohol permit. Recently that’s has not been an easy thing to do downtown. The Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission now looks for input from the city in regards to who gets a permit. The police department must also give its thoughts along with the city manager’s office.

“To my knowledge there wouldn’t be any difficulty if the place stays open,” Rylander said. “Ownership’s transferred to someone else.”

Rylander would like to sell the pool hall and pub to someone who will continue to operate and invest in the businesses. He hopes the right buyer will come along soon.

Rylander says he understands if an alcohol permit would become an issue it would be hard to sell the businesses.

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  • Guest 8767

    ABC permits should not be an issue at this location. Current policy allows for a private club to be closed for up to one year and still be able to obtain abc permit. This location has no known problems and should be signed off with no problem. Yet one does not know with the City Of Wilmington. Just ask a few of the current permit holders downtown about their lovely experience with the city.

  • Guest461

    We don’t need to ask the city anything. All one has to do is open up a local news website or newspaper to find out the “lovely experience” that goes on during the weekend nights. Fighting, assaults, public urination, gay sex in the bar bathrooms and alleys, property damage and rape. If that doesn’t do it for you, just walk around on a Sunday morning to hopscotch around the puke puddles and try to avoid inhaling the urine fumes.

    For these reasons, my intelligent one, is why the City of Wilmington AND the ABC are scruitinizing the ABC permits so closely. It wouldn’t bother me a bit to see the cluster of dumpy bars eliminated from downtown. They are eyesores, they stink, create trouble EVERY weekend and simply do not fit in with a city that is trying to grow with a decent reputation.

    Going out to have a few cocktails with dinner is one thing. Going out to get totally smashed and make an a$$ out of yourself and others is another.


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