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WILMINGTON, NC (EMAIL TO WWAY NEWSROOM) — I am begging you for your help in spreading Juno’s story and asking people to look in the wooded areas around them and in their own yards. Juno was taken to the Emergency Vet in Wilmington on Saturday night and escaped from there a few hours later, just after midnight. She was last seen headed eastbound on Oleander Road near K38 Baja Grill toward Wrightsville Beach. By now she may be far from Oleander.

Juno was rescued from a very bad life of abuse and neglect 8 months ago, and was given a new life here in Eastern North Carolina in Jacksonville. She had successful surgery to remove breast cancer on July 6th, then got sick this weekend and brought to the Emergency Vet’s in Wilmington for treatment. Before she could receive treatment, she escaped and bolted away out of fear. She is very sick and is most likely hiding in wooded areas.

Juno is a very timid Cane Corso who is fiercely loyal to her people and dog siblings, and bursts with joy when she sees them. I don’t have human children, instead I have Juno. We need ANY leads so we can try and create a scent trail to lead her to a safe place. Please, we need to find her, dead or alive for our own peace of mind.

If people can’t remember our phone numbers, they can call the Wilmington Animal Control at 910-798-7500 or the Wilmington Police at 910-452-6120.

My deepest thanks,
Julia Wood

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  • Guest542

    I pray that she is found. Very sad.

  • Shelly Maycock

    Please help find JUNO: Go to the following site for information!

    See http://www.lostcanecorsojuno.blogspot.com/

  • rocketdog

    Since receiving the canine version of an Amber Alert I have driven this route home each day. It is a very wooded area near Bradley
    Creek. I hope people living there are also keeping a look out for her.
    The yards are big, the roads are busy. My prayers are for her safe return soon!

  • Guest2011

    Juno was found this morning, however, she was not found alive. Please keep her owners in your thoughts and prayers as this is a very difficult time. Julia has asked me to give thanks to everyone who has spread the word about Juno’s escape and helped with the search. Thank you WWAY for helping spread the word! It is very much appreciated!

  • Guest3573

    I am very sad that Juno did not make it. It has been terribly hot which was not good. Juno is in a better place now, and very happy. RIP Juno, and God bless your owners and everyone who looked for her. Just remember, Juno is happy, so now you can sleep knowing that she is ok and couldn’t be in a better place.

  • Friend of pets

    After year’s of not being loved you were almost thru it Juno……..so close and so loved i’m sure.
    Now you have no more pain, no reason to be afraid and your heart that is filled with love will be returned without conditions and tear’s.
    Run and play and make friends and know you are free, really free..


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