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HILLSBOROUGH, NC (AP) — The former mistress of John Edwards wants a North Carolina judge to issue a contempt order against a former Edwards campaign aide in a case involving a purported sex tape.

Lawyers for Rielle Hunter filed a motion Wednesday in Orange County Superior Court asking for a contempt of court finding against Andrew and Cheri Young and their lawyer.

Hunter’s motion claims the Youngs have shared information with federal prosecutors in a separate criminal case involving Edwards. Her lawyers say that violates protective orders in the civil case.

Hunter is suing the Youngs for the return of various items, including what’s purported to be a sex tape featuring Edwards.

Young has said he helped cover up Edwards’ affair during the 2008 presidential campaign and worked to keep Hunter in hiding.

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  • Guest28451

    Is she kidding?? Trying to get a contempt citation because they talked to the feds. Uhh Hello Earth calling Ms Hunter. If they failed to talk to the feds when they knew about the tape or what not its called OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE and its a Felony!!! Dang she must be upset her BF (Edwards) is in trouble with the feds over trying to pay her off to be quiet and ruining her little hush money scheme. I mean the reasoning behind the filing as stated is beyond humorous and I cant seriously believe her lawyer would file the claim himself hes a lawyer he knows what the law is and no judge in their right mind is going to find them in contempt especially when it involves them NOT committing a crime which is essentially what Ms Hunter is upset. Shes upset that they didnt obstruct justice and commit a crime, could it be Ms Hunter is afraid the Feds are coming after her next for exortion?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Prostitution would be more accurate.

    They need to get this all settled before Edwards does what everyone knows is coming once he realizes what he’s done with his life.


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