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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Brunswick County’s “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans has been flying under the radar, but today, she is back in the news. Evans tested positive on a drug test last week, violating her probation, which means she could be back in hot water and in the spotlight.

After Jenelle went to rehab last month, many people, including her lawyer, thought she had her act together. But a probation violation report tells a completely different story.

“I hadn’t heard from her in quite some time,” said Jenelle’s attorney, Dustin Sullivan. “No news is usually good news and I thought that was where we were at until today.”

Sullivan says he was surprised to learn his client may have violated her probation. In the probation violation report obtained by WWAY, it says that the MTV personality violated her probation in four ways.

The first violation says that Jenelle tested positive for THC, a substance found in marijuana, and admitted to using the drug. The positive results came up at a scheduled monthly drug screening that Jenelle was ordered to take part in after she was charged with possessing drug paraphernalia earlier this year.

The report also says that Jenelle owes the state of North Carolina more than $300 in payments for her probation officer and supervision.

The last violation says that Jenelle has not followed through with her obligation to continue her rehabilitation by taking part in aftercare stated in her rehab discharge plan.

Sullivan says if his client did test positive for marijuana, she could face 45 days in jail. He says he’s worried that may throw off what she told him she had planned for her future.

“My concern right now is that she is enrolled in school and she will be enrolled in school in the fall,” Sullivan said. “I would hate to disrupt that, but if it’s jail time then we’ll figure something out.”

Jenelle is due back in court Friday for charges stemming from a fight video that went viral online earlier this year. Sullivan says he believes the case will be continued.

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  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    She needs to be sent to the slammer right now for probation violation and civil contempt.

    Let’s not start treating her like Lindsay Lohan…

  • SurfCityTom

    Common. Let her start her 45 days today & she could be out in time to start school. And perhaps with a new attitude.

  • The Affiliation

    You are right there Jerry Garcia it is “just pot” and there are a lot worse things someone could be doing, but regardless of what you say smoking weed and drinking can cause the same effect on driving. The issue here is not that she smoked pot anyway. The fact of the matter is why is our nation, our culture, and our people so infatuated with people like this immature brat and shows that glorify her actions? Our country has been being raped from the inside out for the last 50 years by false profit politicians. This girl can’t even be responsible and take care of here child. She should be sterilized so that she cannot continue to make unwanted children and then mooch off of the tax payers money. Things are bad in this country and getting worse by the hour. The Resistance has begun. Which side of history do you want to be on?

    911 Truth Now

    -The Affiliation

  • 420allday

    Id be worried if she was doing something harmful but its friggin Pot man.. Ppl who smoke pot arent getting into cars and killing people like DWIers so leave the girl alone she needs some ganja to chill out who cares..

  • Guest757

    First smoking pot is ILLEGAL… bottom line she knows she broke probation. and what plant do you live on by your quote “ppl who smoke pot aren’t getting into cars and killing people like DWIers”.
    people that smoke pot do drive and kill people it happens everyday.
    Pot also kills brain cells and by listening to her speak she needs every last cell she has

    she needs to go to jail…and serve out all her time.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Stop fooling yourself. I’m in favor of legalizing drugs, but even I know that driving while high is just as dangerous as driving while drunk.

  • QuietOne

    Regardless of whether or not you think pot should be legal, doesn’t it concern you that this girl is willing to lose everything for her weed? She was told to not get high. Pretty simple rule, huh? Obviously not. She couldn’t do it. That’s what makes this sad. She could have a good normal productive life if she could just follow a few simple rules.

  • Challengetheworld

    No your right, who cares about her at all! Mr. News Director…please, have some more integrity. This makes your website look like TMZ.

  • blunt

    Calm down, smoke a blunt

  • Katy

    Who cares? Why is this stuff on the news anyways?? Do we really need to be informed of what a loser this girl is…stop giving people who make dumb choices attention!!!

  • The Affiliation

    So in your eyes since God created the plant from which Cocaine is made it is perfectly healthy to snort it up? You legalization people disgust me not because I care so much about your stupid weed smoking habits, but because it shows how much you actually care about whats going on in the world. We are in the middle of World War 3, our own country attacked us on 911, the economy is headed to the likes of the third world, and the only political activism you could get behind is legalization of some pant that smells terrible and makes you sound like an idiot! PS pot culture is at best the most ignorant and worthless waste of time. If you want to smoke go ahead, but please burn your “Got Pot? t-shirt.

  • Guest420

    Sounds like to me, SOMEONE took to many DARE claases in their school. God created the plant. If it is SO BAD, I am sure OUR father would NOT had never created it… Just jealous no one turned you on to any, you dont have the money to buy it or you dont have, someone that could trust you, enough to sale it to you…

  • Guest611

    God also created rattlesnakes, arsenic, the ebola virus, and osama bin laden. Doesn’t mean they’re harmless. I’m all for the legalization of pot but stupid arguments like that don’t help anything.

  • Guest CommonTater

    “sale” it to you?

    Yea I see it has had no effect on the thought process!! You are reason enough to keep it illegal sounds like.


  • Support

    Her attorney had every charge against this girl dismissed except for the one she is on probation for. Come to think about it, I do not recall this girl ever being charged with underage drinking. I wish I had one who could pull that off back in my younger days. Being bright would be understatement but if you have ” seen” a few lately than I guess you have your own problems to contend with.

  • anne

    Let’s see – an underage teen gets pregnant, she is given a reality show and gets paid to show off her stupidity. She is a victim of circumstances and can’t help it. She gets caught at the beach drinking – underage again and is stupid enough to let someone film her. She gets involved in a fight with someone else and again lets someone film her. Poor thing – we shouldn’t do anything with her because she has too many around her making bad choices for her. Too many making excuses for her. She needs to pull up her big girl panties and get real! For those who produce the show she is on – what morons. For those of you who watch it, you might want to flip the channel. Why give credence to such nonsense!

    Let me cry a little – boohoo! Okay I am done now. Put her where she needs to be and get her some help. I bet if you asked her she probably loves to watch Lindsay Lohan. Maybe that is whom she is trying to emulate. The girl needs some help and needs it fast. I feel sorry for her child. What a mother!!!

    Oh, while I am at it, her lawyer didn’t come across to well either. Doesn’t sound like the brightest attorney I have seen

  • JenelleisanIdiot

    If you are stupid enough to let people take pictures of you with illegal substances and while you’re using (check TMZ for the pictures of Janelle, smoking pot, behind the wheel of a car no doubt) then you deserve what you get.

    Idiot. Understatement of the year.

  • The Affiliation

    There is no I. We are a group of many. We pay taxes even though our income tax is unconstitutional, so yes we do have a say when people like this girl take advantage of the system. We are not Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green Party, or any other offshoot of a system that no longer serves the people. We believe that our forefathers would be ashamed of the state of the union and we intend to restore our republic to the standards of 1776. History is being written at the moment. Which side do you want to be on?

    -The Affiliation

  • IamAjerk

    limited resources. We can’t continue to pay useless people to spawn. The results of doing so are usually regularly found in the Police Blotter. But in this woman’s case, she’s pretty hot and the nation needs hot people.

  • God? Is that you?

  • Guest1234

    is this the same girl who is now filming in Wilmington that got a job at a local tanning salon, which the salon is owned by someone busted for selling weed?

  • Guest111111111

    I personally think that isn’t news. Come on, are you going to start reporting on EVERY person in the viewing area that violates probation? Or smokes pot? Or has a baby as a teenager?? No. So why her??? I would like to see more REAL news stories on here. There was an armed robbery at Able Insurance the other day, I found out because it was on WECT. And, b/c I have a friend who works there. But that doesn’t count. I used to count on you as my local news source, not my local gossip source, but between this, the RC Soles stories, and just plain crap, I really may have to change my local news viewing habits!

  • Jerry Marks

    I am shocked by the Brunswick County court system and their reaction (or lack there of) to all of Jenelle’s illegal activity! The proof is all there yet, nothing happens. Jenelle consistently gets away with crime after crime because the Brunswick County is afraid of the negative publicity they may receive for acting! She is making fools of them all.

    Here’s a shocker…by allowing all this illegal activity you are condoning that very activity. The law officials in Brunswick County are basically saying, “If you want to smoke pot, break and enter, have fist fights and not care about your baby…then move here!”

    Perhaps the lawmakers in Brunswick County need to check in to the “Son of Sam” law which states that it is AGAINST THE LAW to profit from a crime! That’s right, if Jenelle is engaged in illegal activity, is caught and makes even MORE money by selling her story to MTV she has broken the law. How long will she be allowed to profit from her crimes???

    If anything, the judge should have forced her to set up a trust for her baby so that she can’t squander all of her money away before he is of age. What will he have in the end? What will be left for him other than ridicule when his friends find out his mom was Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom!

    Something to think about for sure.


  • people need to quit bein so obsessed w this poor girl……she has her own life and dealing w her issues and yet she is putting up w people in town and wilmington talking badly abt her…so what?? just because shes famous….who cares? she is just like one of us….shes allowed to make mistakes but she doesnt need people startin crap on her and doesnt need all that attention she is trying to move on with her life and deal w her issues…..keep ur head up jenelle!!!! this too shall pass……so people…please leave her alone and back off!! quit chasing her all the time tryin to take pics of her just cuz she on tv and shes from our town our state….who cares???? I SMOKE too SO?!?!?!?!? it shud be legal! its better than drinking alochol cuz alochol affects ur thinking and ur sight too and affects ur driving ur walking and ur talking….smoking doesnt!!


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