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After Daniel Whitfield lost his job, his family began to run low on food and let the water bill go for a couple months. He owed more than $ 800 to the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority when his water was cut off.

“I caught up half way,” Whitfield said. “They came and put the meter back in, and then when we decided we couldn’t catch up on this amount the Cape Fear guys kept coming out here taking the meter, putting it back in, back and forth, back and forth, so I said just turn that account into collections, and we’ll open up another account.”

Whitfield says his water was shut on and off at least ten times, and each time someone from the
CFPUA came out he was charged $ 50.

When he began receiving unemployment benefits, he tried to clear his debt. “I tried to pay the bill, and they wouldn’t take the money,” Whitfield explained. “The manager in the billing department said he will not take payment from me. I said, ‘this is the time I’ve been waiting on. I’ve got my unemployment, and I’m ready to pay you. We need water in this house’.”

Whitfield says CFPUA also said it would not take the money because he was being investigated for allegedly tampering with the water meter by turning the water back on himself. Whitfield says he had the water legally through a different account in his girlfriend’s name.

Regardless he faces a possible arrest for something he believes is just a giant misunderstanding. Right now his only worry is not having water.

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  • Guest54

    Wow I just ran across this story as I am in search of a way to contact my local water company in Idaho in an emergency situation. I am extremely irrate, I have called a ton of times to make a payment over the phone and it is literally for a $28.00 bill, after leaving several messages and finally demanding that they call me back I have yet to recieve a callback so I can pay. They shut my water off yesterday and I am shooting through the roof with anger, for 28!! I called more than the usual yesterday of course as I wanted my water back on immediately. I call every month and make a payment, the idiots need to get an automated system obviously, I was paying online but they had issues with finding the payment as the system never updated, I would wait hours and sometimes days until they were able to locate it online to have my bill show paid in full. So the lazy A ladies tell me to call it in so we can ensure. Pffff, needless to say I just got out of the emergency room with my daughter….she is in need of water at this moment so I ran over to Walgreens and picked up a liter. Heres the issue-she has vomiting diarahea and wants to sit in a warm bath, I want to get her taken care of then have some water to clean up the mess but can’t because these bs water companies are stingy lazy craps! Money money money but they cant get off there butts to collect it until they shut it off and charge you a 1000 fees then they want now now now, but what happened when we needed water now now now and to make a payment now now now! Im sorry Daniel, I feel your pain and sometimes making sure our kids have neccessities and to keep them alive deters decisions that hafta be made even though you may not want it. If they don’t get my water on soon now that I gave in to there online system once again, I will not set another minute smelling puke and unable to use my water that I paid for, that wrench will come out my pocket and Ill take it to the box with the courts! This momma has had it, poor class like myself, STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN, quit letting the big ones scare you! America start focusing on what needs to be done for our country so people do not act out to survive and stop paying the foreigns bills until we get us right! What a Joke! I do not see a recent post on Daniel, Does anyone have an update?

  • Guest25

    the sad part about it is, he does have a daughter…but i dont believe he would go out there and turn the meter back on.

  • GuestLee

    I’m glad to hear you were pro-active in pawning your personal items and seeking assistance from multiple organizations. I give you credit for putting yourself out there and trying.

    If you are a full time, on-line student, you’re racking up high bills and/or student loans. I did that myself until recently. Being a full time student is a great deterrent to getting a full time job. You might want to consider postponing school until you can get yourself out of this financial situtation, find a job (full or 2 part time), pay off your bills, and then go back to school when finances are better. You may also want to consider consolidating any credit cards you have. I have a friend who recently did that, and she cut $200 per month off of her monthly expenses. That would go a long way toward your water bill (two months = $400).

    As far as finding a job, you don’t have to tell employers that you are epileptic and, if they ask about medical issues during your interview, you can sue their pants off. I know because my brother is also epileptic. So, being epileptic shouldn’t keep you from getting ANY job. The biggest thing that will keep you from a job now is putting your name out there in the media that you tried to steal water from the water company. Hiring organizations frown on that kind of thing.

    With the money you received from the various pawns, unemployment, food stamps, and help from various organizations, I’m surprised that you still chose to steal. You stated that you won’t “take from the homeless”, but you’ll steal from an organization. Stealing is stealing, no matter who you steal from. You obviously haven’t learned anything from this experience yet, or you wouldn’t still be trying to justify tampering with the water meter. Until you can actually learn from this experience, I’m afraid history is doomed to repeat itself.

  • Daniel Whitfield

    I have pawned my firearms, two computers, thousands of dollars worth of automotive tools, got DSS to $300.00 of the light bill, (dss only helps out one time per fiscal year, in the amt. of no more than $300.00, Thank you), applied for payday loans, disability, food stamps, patient assistance programs….more than other people know about!
    CFPUA refused to offer payment plans, which is why I tried to pay full amount on benefit back pay from unemployment, they still refused!!
    Local churches get there funding from members, whom are not all entirely rich, besides, there are others w/o a shelter…im not taking from the homeless! I’m a full time online student also, epileptic, discriminated by multiple employers and company’s, so im not here to battle, but if you dont know what you are talking about, you know what to do…thank you.

  • GuestLee

    There are several organizations he could have contacted for help in paying his water bill. CFPUA also has a payment plan available.

    (1) First Call For Help 910-397-0497 or 910-397-2945
    (2) Salvation Army
    (3) Dept. of Social Services
    (4) Local churches
    (5) American Red Cross

    These are just a few organizations that I could think of right off the top of my head. I’m sure there are many others that he could find on the internet (I know he has a computer because he responded earlier online). If all else fails, he could pawn some items or go to Labor Ready for part time work (you get paid the same day).

    There’s no need to steal. That only makes things worse. There are plenty of organizations out there to help him out.

  • virgogirl

    The guy lost his job. He had no income. What’s he supposed to do? Deal drugs to pay the water bill? Why don’t they have some sort of hardship fund to help people out in bad times. If he couldn’t pay the water bill, how the heck is he supposed to pay the $50 fee’s over and over. This just snow balled the situation. Give the guy a break. I hope he doesn’t have kids in the house. How quickly our lives change at the loss of a job. Very sad for all the people in the same situation. Good luck getting back on your feet!

  • Guesthatecfpua

    They are the worst crooks around. They are a money hungry group of folks who have no compassion, nor are their customer service skills worth any merit. They send bills when they want to with no rhyme or reason. They are horrible. Hang in there, man, I’m sure you’ll find alot of folks around here who will rally with you. Their really making a bad name for themselves… Crooks

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