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TOPSAIL ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — Less than a month after a girl was bitten by a shark at Topsail Beach, a YouTube video posted yesterday shows a man reeling in what the person who posted the video claims to be a 200-pound black tip shark off Topsail Island.

The man in the video wrestles with his catch for several minutes as he tries to reel it in and gets advice from the crew of the boat.

8:30 Shark finally comes to surface away from boat
9:20 Shark is visible under surface of water next to boat
11:13 A crew member hooks the shark through its mouth
12:14 Video ends as fisherman tries to take a picture with the shark on the hook

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  • Guestshark

    that shark is not a blacktip, it is a Sandbar Shark, a requiem shark. The tall dorsal is a giveaway, and the coloration.

  • OtherGuest

    Now it’s news that there is a shark in the ocean?

  • Truth Seeker

    Sound the horns!!! News Flash!! Man catches shark in ocean!!

    People, gather your family and get out of town! There are sharks in the ocean!!

    WWAY.. seriously? What is going on here? Are you trying to sabotage the livelihood of Topsail Beach? Sharks live in the ocean. Not just at Topsail Beach… but at every beach. How many sharks are caught every single weekend around here???

    This is not journalism. You guys are going down hill fast. Get over this story already!

  • Guest8099

    The whole shark bite issue drives me insane. Ok somone got bit..HELLO you are in the sharks house. Im from the area and I respect the ocean. When I get stung by jellyfish I dont want to sue the town, I just get out of the water. There are sharks, whales, turtles, jellyfish, crabs and all kinds of creatures in the ocean. RESPECT it…and I agree theres plenty other to talk about than a video of someone catching aa shark.

  • LOL

    Def not a black tip got to be a sand bar shark


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