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NEW YORK (AP) — McDonald’s Corp. says it is adding apple slices to every Happy Meal, part of the chain’s larger push to paint itself as a healthy place to eat.

The world’s largest burger chain is also pledging to reduce sugars, saturated fats and calories, and it says it will launch a new mobile phone app focused on nutrition information.

The McDonald’s USA president will go on a “listening tour” in August to ask parents and nutrition experts how else the burger restaurant can support healthy lifestyle choices.

McDonald’s has gained market share in the recession by introducing healthier foods like smoothies and oatmeal. It says the new directives are a response to what customers want, and are not related to impending regulations that will monitor how restaurants market food to children.

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1 Comment on "McDonald’s: Apple slices in every Happy Meal"

2015 years 10 months ago

it’s FAST FOOD!! meant to be eaten in MODERATION. duh, if you eat fast food several times a week you’ll develop health problems. it isn’t supposed to be healthy for God’s sake go cook a meal at home more often like people are supposed to do and stop trying to make a guilty pleasure taste like a cardboard box. Sure adding apples isn’t anything to get up in arms about but who knows what else they will start cutting back on. Parents should feed their children responsibly if childhood obesity is a concern. Fast food isn’t responsible. Growing up my folks took my lil bro and i out Saturday as a treat and that was it. fast food was pretty rare for us because our parents knew it wasn’t healthy/well-balanced.


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