THE RANT: The GOP in New Hanover Co. is apparently VERY friendly and fun

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Submitted: Tue, 07/26/2011 - 5:53pm
Updated: Tue, 07/26/2011 - 7:50pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — When are people going to learn that social media can bite you in the butt?

Meet Kristy Daniels. According to the New Hanover County GOP website, she’s the group’s PR/Communications chair.

She and her group sent a letter to state lawmakers this week voicing their unhappiness about the new Congressional maps being drawn by fellow Republicans.

Her Facebook page says she also owns Ultimate Yacht Service at Wrightsville Beach and used to be a financial analyst at PPD up until May of this year.

Take a closer look at Daniels’s Facebook page, and you’ll see what she does when she lets her hair down, like doing shots, kissing another woman, “riding” another woman named Ashle, and letting another woman stick her face in her chest.

No doubt, those are fun to look at. But after cases like Weinergate, is this the person Republicans and the Republican Party in New Hanover County want to be their direct link to the public? It’s understandable to post party pictures on Facebook and other sites, but do boob-shots and credibility ever go hand-in-hand?


  • Guest99x says:

    Nah, I didn’t bother to look up the obnoxious behavior of this youthful female…. “PoliticalCandy”… what was her tagline? Eat Me?

  • Guest99x says:

    I’m proud of my daughter too. She’s heading off to college next month after four years of highshcool with nothing less than straight A’s in every term.

    My girl knows that being photographed engaging in lesbian sex acts is not a right of passage nor the right thing to do.

  • guest111 says:

    . . .they just don’t have the lifestyle that makes the news. Thank goodness!!

  • really? says:

    Really! You guys creeped on some girls Facebook to find photos of her. Where’s Chris Hanson when you need him?

  • Guest Apu says:

    If you call these pictures pornography, then you obviously have no idea what constitutes porn. If these were in a movie, the film might garner a PG-13 rating. Not even R rated, and miles away from X rated. Get a life.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    Wonder exactly what type of service she provides on those yachts? Its fine to have fun but posting photos like this online for the world too see is pretty stupid.

  • getalife says:

    If you look at her fb page, and find these photos on there, those photos are dated from 2005! the photos after those show her getting married and kids in the photos (not sure if they are hers) she is young and i’m sure had her party days, those are tagged photos, not ones she put on there, she prolley didnt even know they were on there.

  • Dave says:

    This girl could run for President and she would have my vote!

  • PraiseTheLawd!!! says:

    Seriously! This chick is hot, knows how to have a good time and is socially aware! If I were a billionaire, she’d be on my payroll!!

  • Just another Guest again says:

    Seriously? You’ve completely let us down with this lame attempt at “journalism”. You’ve done nothing but go downhill for so long that there is no where to go from here. You’re already at the bottom of the barrel. I don’t even care about this article, you’re just pathetic. What idiot approves these articles? You seriously need to look at that person as I don’t believe that I’m the only one walking away today.

    I have nothing but disgust for your site, and I’m deleting my bookmark as soon as I hit “post comment”.

    What a waste.

  • rob surf city says:

    A young and foolish republican spokeswoman now going down in flames. So many regretful postings on Facebook by the apparently impaired immature individuals who don’t think of the possible consequences. Just curious? but she appears to be a blonde!

  • Guest1313 says:

    From the famous words of a democrat….”I did not inhale” & “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” 5 year old pictures aren’t news Scott, get a life

  • Office Fan says:

    WWAY, let me guess. There wasn’t enough news on R.C. Soles or Froggy Strickland so you decided to go out and find someone whose career you wanted to destroy? What exactly is the point of this article? I guarantee half of your station staff have pasts just like this.

    Why did you choose to publish something like this? The only thing you have accomplished is to jeopardize her job and future career prospects. Shame on you for becoming the Wilmington Inquirer, WWAY!

  • repercussions says:

    WWAY, here you go again reporting SMUT. What truly is wrong with having fun in college?? So Ms. Daniels consumes alcohol???? STOP THE PRESSES, THIS SHOULD BE THE LEAD STORY!!!!!! Maybe you should check on some of your own employees pending charges and their facebook pages. Some with signs saying “I’m Drunk”….some where they look like they’re 1 drink away from blacking out and are surrounded by half naked men. But that’s ok, I guess it’s ok bc it’s the opposite sex.

  • weegirl27 says:

    The person you wrote this ridiculous story about is a friend of mine. Once again as others have stated these pictures were taken five years ago while in college. She knows more about politics than you will ever know. I’m sure if someone were to dig into your past they would find similar photos. Find something better to report on that really matters, other than her college years.

  • Guest99x says:

    Well, that ain’t too unpleasing to the eye! Those photos look like they were taken at a grand ole party indeed…

  • Guest7969 says:

    I can show you THOUSANDS of accounts that have this same sort of thing with girls…girls are VERY open with this sort of stuff it seems…doesn’t bother me at all, their choice…course it IS a double standard…if a girl tells you she experimented in college..your like…REALLY..gib me da details babA…if a guy says I experimented…well..your just gay!

  • Worried says:

    In what way is this journalism? As an entire Op-Ed that discusses the topic of credibility. The author really when out of his/her way to bring into question their own credibility in the techniques used to write it.

    Finally, from me to WWAY’s legal counsel, the recognized definition of defamation is: “Any intentional false communication, either written or spoken, that harms a person’s reputation; decreases the respect, regard, or confidence in which a person is held; or induces disparaging, hostile, or disagreeable opinions or feelings against a person.” I sincerely hope a producer at WWAY reads this and considers the position this employee has put your station in.

  • Nicole says:

    Seriously? There is a war going on in the world and tons of political news to catch up on and WWAY decides to write about THIS?! Who cares!!! I wish Wilmington would have a decent news channel because this is crap.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    With these types of photos people can and will draw conclusions. Hence WHY WE DON’T PUBLISH THEM ON FACEBOOK. Looks like I am not the ONE who needs to grow up here. You can view my online photos and you will not see any that in any way make me look like a drunken hoochie mamma.

  • Guest1962 says:

    Are you really serious? Grow up!

  • Youknowwhoiam says:

    @ getalife…how about get a brain. No, better yet you aren’t allowed too because you’re to stupid. She was posting and adding everyday to her FB account. She’s the new “PR” person for the NHC GOP…and because you need help, that means Public Relations, which would mean that she would be responsible for “knowing” everything on the County GOP website and more. Kinda funny, you must be the past PR person, because the NHC GOP website’s last video at the end of the election had the Chairman videoing himself and thanking people for being involved in the primary.

    One last shot before I go though. You seemed to do so much research on her FB page, that it appears you missed this former “party” girls contact info link…!/PoliticalCandy…really, please oh wise one “get a life”, tell all of us your wisdom and what would “PoliticalCandy means…please, oh please do for two reasons. One, so you can show your stupidity again, and two, so I can rail you again.

  • Disgusted says:

    I can’t believe you have fallen to this level of journalism. WWAY used to be the only station I would watch locally for news and I have slowly been switching to the “other” station. Consider the switch complete. Not only have you reported completely unimportmant news here, but it is obvious that it was only to harm the life and career of a women who is of a differnet political party than you support. Maybe also to harm that party that she represents. This political bais from the news is sad and disgust me.

    Goodbye WWAY, I will get my local news from WECT from now on.

  • Guestzento says:

    After reading some of these comments, some readers are blaming WWAY for something Kristy Daniels posted on her own facebook page and my question is why….why not blame the person that posted the pictures in the first place, it was just a re-post by WWAY.

  • BWCEMT5286 says:

    Ok so wway you have reached a new low. I mean really, first posting about the local “celebrity” crackhead teen piece of work for a mother. And to make it worse, you update us on her pathetic life every time she farts the wrong way. Now you are attacking this girl because she has a past. The girl was in college!! Hello, unless all of the journalists at wway, wect and star news were all recruited from amish country, EVERYONE KNOWS THEY ALSO HAVE A PAST! I’m sure all of you went to college of some sort for journalism, and I’m sure that there are pictures of some of our local reporters and media staff floating around that could make things really interesting. Everyone wants to look at this girl like she did something wrong by going to college and being young. Anyone who is attacking her better be a saint, and I mean never drank a beer, never smoked a cigarette, or never been to a bar/party/any social gathering with adults, because if you can’t say you did NONE of those things, then you are a hypocrite. Furthermore, SO WHAT IF SHE WAS KISSING ANOTHER GIRL, that’s her business, not yours or anyone elses to critique. If i remember correctly we had a president who had an affair WHILE IN OFFICE with his intern, it became public, HE LIED ABOUT IT, and yet people still looked up to him as a political official, they respected his decisions. I mean come on people, why must you make every public officials private life your business. We all have a past, you need to look at the present and what she is pushing for in the future, not what she did when she was in college. This girl could really clean up the mess that the local and possibly global politics have turned in to. I would vote for her, SHE LIVED HER LIFE, SHE KNOWS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT, Its prude people like the ones who seek out these stories that need to crawl back under the rock they have lived under their entire lives and leave the rest of society alone. Who needs a trash mag when you have WWAY, they report on everything that doesn’t matter.

  • John T says:

    I want the name of the person responsible for this so we can gather around the computer screen and view the good times of thier past. Ooops. I guess that won’t happen- ambush and hatred is the name of the game from the Democrat that generated this garbage jornalisum

  • Guestzento says:

    There’s something wrong here….whether this happened 5 years ago or 15 years ago, there’s something wrong. When a woman or man engage in these types of acts with a person of the same sex there’s something wrong! I don’t see how anyone can defend this as “just a playful act”, this woman was an adult and was fully aware of what she was doing.

  • Guest1962 says:

    YOU BET! At 26, she has a 4 yr college degree, owns her own business, and holds a position within the New Hanover County Republican Party. The only thing these pictures do, is show a young lady having fun with friends–5 years ago. You trying to make more of this than what it is just shows what a small closed-minded individual you are! Her family is very proud of her!!!!!

  • fellow YR says:

    This isn’t porn or lesbianism. This is a young single woman having fun. This isn’t different from what 95% of the single people her age have on their FB page. Should she have been more discrete now that she is a GOP officer? Sure, but this is goofing off, don’t read too much into it. People her age might think she’s just someone who has a playful social life.

  • guest123456789 says:

    Anyone who knows her would agree, she would take a shot at you the first chance she got. It’s about time someone exploited her for her immaturity and lack of professionalism.

  • guest111 says:

    My daughter also graduated with honors and has a 4 year degree, is married, has two beautiful children, a three story home, two dogs and makes a 6 figure salary. If these were pictures of her I would hold my head in shame that I didn’t teach her better. Do you honestly think this is appropriate behavior?? I mean, honestly???

  • GuestLee says:

    Your post explains why your daughter is the way she is. You should BOTH hang your heads in shame.

    This is not just having fun with friends. This is immoral, pornographic, and disgusting behavior. At 21, she should have known better. As her mother, it was your responsibility to teach her right from wrong. You failed miserably.

  • Appalled says:

    How else do you explain placing the inflammatory remarks about this person “kissing another woman, riding another woman…and letting another woman stick her face in her chest”?!?! Now, one may argue that WWAY-TV3’s reporter was simply making a statement, but I can’t see how any reasonable person can conclude that the comment was meant in any other fashion than to be inflammatory. I’m appalled at the obvious suggestion that two women kissing is such a terrible thing. Someone/s at WWAY need sensitivity training. I’m assuming this woman is not a homosexual, but if she is I hope she comes knocking on WWAY-TV3’s doors soon accompanied by her lawyer and a lawsuit! You’ll deserve it and I hope all homosexuals boycott your station from this point forward.

  • GuestLee says:

    It’s so refreshing to hear about a mother who teachs her daughter moral values. You can certainly hold your head high, and your daughter should be very proud of her mother, too. It sounds like you did a great job! If only we had more young ladies like your daughter…

  • GuestLee says:

    IF her career is destroyed, which I doubt because of the lack of a moral compass in America today, then WWAY didn’t destroy it – – she did that herself. The media wouldn’t be able to print anything or post any disgusting pictures of her if she had any moral character. She brought it on herself. She will be laughed at and ridiculed for years over this pornographic display of herself. She’ll be luck if it ONLY costs her a career.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    …it approaches paranoid Schizophrenia.

    BTW, she can’t sue based upon YOUR wild-assed assumptions!

  • notproudofthisdaughter says:

    Did anyone notice her FB contact?

  • Guest1234 says:

    She has a life. What’s the big deal?

  • Guest Apu says:

    If this is the new face of the Republican party, you can count on there being a “R” by my name from here on out! Gives new meaning to political “party.”

  • guest111 says:

    This sort of thing makes me just give up on politics and our society. I hope her parents are proud of her. She has so very much to learn about life.

  • Brad Jones says:

    I bet you had a lot to learn about life in your early 20’s as well!!! I bet you partied a bit in your day, if not, shame on YOU!

    Personally, I didn’t know Republican’s had this much fun, After seeing this I’m considering switching from “I” to “R”!!!

  • Challengetheworld says:

    I think the GOP needs more of this. Shows that it’s members are actually human and not people that say one thing and do another. Just because she likes to have a good time and occasionally has a girlfriend? Perhaps posting this on facebook wasn’t the best idea in the whole world but I don’t quite think this is the same as the Weiner incident. I’m not sure if she is married or not, if she is, well then he is one lucky guy OR girl!

    What is funny is that at the next NH County GOP meeting, she and another guy will be commenting on “using twitter” [according to the website they posted above]. Maybe she should speak more about facebook because I’m sure this will certainly get her a lot of attention. Its going to be real funny when her party tries to shun her from the spotlight or it’s membership.

    You are always welcome in the Democratic party if they kick you out. We seriously don’t care what you do for fun. If not, and they choose to accept you its showing that the GOP is finally taking a progressive step in the right direction.

  • Guest1235 says:

    You left out the most important part…where and when are those meetings? Thanks WWAY! (Scott…did you take those pictures?)

  • justin says:

    What is this, TMZ? How is this possibly newsworthy? I think it’s time to go look for my local news elsewhere….I’m unimpressed with your inability to distinguish news from tabloid fodder.

  • Glenn Quagmire says:

    Being a Republican and a conservative doesn’t mean one doesn’t enjoy life. Nothing is more wonderful than two beautiful young women engaging in a little Katy Perry style bar stool make out sessions. I’m not a Republican but after viewing those photos, I think I’ve found my new political party. I’ve visited the White House during four administrations and I can report that, without question, Republican administrations have far better looking women on the grounds. These ladies kissing and bumpin’ and grindin’ each makes me respect them more. The staff of WWAY can revere their, “hot” Democratic icons such as Rosie O’Donnell and Rachel Maddow – I’ll support this Daniels chick and definitely want her as the direct link to my new party. When can she run for President? Giggity Giggity.

  • JenniR says:

    Hope she and her girlfriend can get married in NC soon!!!!

  • Guest1118 says:

    Umm, TMZ, I mean WWAY, the tabloid voice of SE NC, what the heck is your point? So if you’re under 30 and were a little wild during college you’re not allowed to grow up, settle down, and be politically active? Have you vetted all your 18 year old “news reporters” who can’t tell the difference between “lie” and “lay” and “you’re” and “your”? He who is without sin, and all that…

  • Guest84 says:

    I am appalled that you would post photos like this. It is outrageous to believe that someone sits around and bakes cookies every day ensuring that her every move is perfect because a camera could be around. This is the 21st century – where people have fun.

    Social media allows us to share photos we have when we’re having fun. Though people post them publicly, they are for friends and family. Ms. Daniels obviously was having fun in these photos.

    And, by the way, what’s wrong with posting a picture of kissing someone of the same sex? This is extremely homophobic and WWAY has NO right to post that in a demeaning manner. You are a pathetic excuse of a reporter and I hope you lose your job for this.

    Finally, where is your attack toward liberals? Isn’t this supposed to be politically neutral?

  • Guest270 says:

    I’m not sure who’s out finding stories like this but it looks like something out of a tabloid magazine. I don’t really care what someone does in their private time as long as its not illegal and/or harming other people. I also thought that the media was supposed to be politically neutral much as Guest84 was. I’m not a Republican but some of the comments in the article are just a bit biased.

    Lately the nature of the reporting has been a bit disappointing. While some of the things that have been brought to light are necessary a bit more tact or reserve in reporting them might go a long way with your audience. Especially the ones I see posting on here.

  • Guest99x says:

    HOMOPHOBIC??? Are you kidding? How is it homophobic to show a compromising picture of a drunk chick burying her face between the breasts of another drunk chick? What is going to make you gay agenda supporters happy? Do all us normal people need to collectively apologize to you for being straight?

  • Guest5555555555555555555555555 says:

    Now this is what I call a real political party. Does she and her girlfriend show up to this? Count me in on the next one.

  • Bubba says:

    I am really sorry that they did not invite me to their party.

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