Wilmington Housing Authority approves $66,000 for grills and picnic tables at public housing

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Submitted: Wed, 07/27/2011 - 3:21am
Updated: Wed, 07/27/2011 - 1:25pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington Housing Authority approved spending $66,000 on community amenities including barbecue grills for public housing units, but are also allowing residents to own their own grills.

Housing Authority CEO, Michael Krause says with the community grills, people will be less inclined to purchase personal grills, therefore cutting down on the fire risk.

Only one of five commissioners voted against the plan. A newspaper quoted commissioner Bo Dean saying, “If we’re not banning personal grills then I don’t see where this is a good investment of public dollars.”

Krause told WWAY that the money is not that much considering all the housing authority is getting. He says the $66,000 will also go toward new picnic tables, benches and dog waste sanitation stations.

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26 Comments on "Wilmington Housing Authority approves $66,000 for grills and picnic tables at public housing"

2015 years 8 months ago

Email your comments to Mr. Krause. Here’s his email address:


2015 years 8 months ago

Just another news “flash” that allows other counties to see just how poorly New Hanover County uses the hard working folks’ tax dollars.

Picnic tables….grills….dog waste station….NONE of which are real NEEDS…sounds like WANTS to me.

Das Weibstück
2015 years 8 months ago

As long as the sponges keep getting better living conditions they will never want to leave. GREAT IDEA !! not.

2015 years 8 months ago

Why are we spending these funds for this. The poor can go to the same parks that all the rest of us go to to find a grill and picnic table. I am so fed-up with our tax dollars going to people that just don’t care and work the system against us. Every welfare and unemployment recipient should put in at least 25-30 hours per week working for the city/county to recieve a check. That way they would still have time to look for another private sector job. And that welfare/foodstamp/ check should equate to less than minimum wage. If they had to work for the money they would be more motivated to find a “real job” that pays more, instead of sitting knowing they make more collecting than working at minimum wage. They have no instentive to get off their butts! By working for foodstamps/welfare checks/ unemployment checks they could be learning valuable skills…how to landscape/ forestry, lay asphalt, repair sewers,install irrigation, paint, pour cement, weld, work on AC units, lay brick, electrical training, build, collect trash, wash sidewalks and sweep streets.I am sure there are some former teachers on the “dole” that could head up a day care service for these “workers”. Imagine how stunningly beautiful and clean our city would be if all welfare recipients where required to put in that time and how much our city would save in payrol making our city/county fiscally sound. In addition by keeping the welfare pay below minimum wage all these people would probably actually look for a better paying “job” that was easier. It would also keep them busy and help with self worth and pride keeping them away from drug running and gangland business. It is time we empower people out of poverty instilling in them pride of workmanship and work ethic. What we are doing now is continuing to create generation after generation of unmotivated sloths that know nothing other than entitlements and usery. The greatness of our country was built on the idea that if you worked hard you could succeed in America. We are becoming known around the world as the country where if you play the game right you can do nothing and get all you need from the govt./working America. Did you know only 58% of the people elegible to work in this country are currently working? 58%! We are incentivizing more and more to not work. LETS STOP THE MADNESS.

2015 years 8 months ago

No-one will say it for what it is…
Score one for the FSA, (FREE S**t ARMY).

The Artical doesn’t mention “which” Housing project that will be recieving the benifits of OUR TAX Dollars, this nice new equipment, that; in reality is a “WANT”, not a “NEED”.
Though, I can venture a pretty good GUESS.
New Brooklyn Homes?

Are these the same “Brand New” Project(s), the one(s) that recieved or came equipped with State-of-the-Art, Stainless Steel appliances?
The same project(s) that ended up costing US; the TAXPAYERS,at the cost of 6,850,000.00 Dollars, or 142,000.00 per unit?
Link-> http://www.starnewsonline.com/article/20110523/ARTICLES/110529883?tc=ar

Now, We, The TAXPAYERS are going to pay a ADDITIONAL 66,000.00 for BBQ grills, picnic tables & pooper scoopers?

It can be said fairly then, WE the TAXPAYERS are on the hook for supporting the *FSA* with the following Benifits.
1. Free/ Subidized housing
2. AFDC/TANF checks monthly
3. Food Stamps
4. Subidized Utilities
5. Subidized Child Care, (for those that qualify).
6. Free Medical/Dental Care, in other words, *Medicade*
A: now coming, BBQ Grills & picnic tables and pooper scoopers!
B: NEXT on the List of *FSA*, “WANTS”, A NEW CAR from .GOV Motors? (General Motors)+ free gasoline?

Doesn’t all this just want you to quit paying taxes, apply for all this “FREE S**t” and become what’s known as a “Leach***k”?
One thing Wilmington Housing Authority got right is this, is the name.

***Robert Taylor *”ESTATES”* Indeed.

a backstory is in order here. A Few years back. WHA decided to try to do something good for the Creekwood Residents. In places around the Project areas, the built with OUR TAX DOLLARS, Raised Garden beds surrounded/covered by steel framed greenhouses in a attempt to encourage the Residents to grow their own veggies.
Being a avid Gardener Myself, I was IMPRESSED with the raised garden boxes with greenhouses on them, I WISH, I could have one MYSELF!
Everyone, just venture a guess, how long those lasted?
6 months? 1 year?
i’ll tell you, it wasn’t even 1 Winter before they were destroyed, torn apart and the steel frames taken for and sold as scrap metal…
How long before the new picnic tables/grills being installed, et al are destroyed?
I’ll take the “under”..
In additon, If the people that are recieving all these “benifits” are “POOR”, WHY, WHY? Do they even NEED Pooper Scoopers for pets!?How can they afford shots/vet bills/food etc, etc for a DOG! If they are so POOR to recieve Housing?!How can “THEY” afford or Support a DOG! Answer Me this!