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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Fans were left disappointed when the Keith Sweat concert was canceled last month at UNCW. On top of not being able to see the show, some ticket holders still haven’t seen a dime of their money returned.

The concert, which featured Keith Sweat, Dru Hill and KC and JoJo was scheduled for June, ut it was canceled, leaving ticket holders like Theresa Washington with $224 worth of tickets.

“We bought three tickets, but you know, there were surcharges and taxes, and we were doing the VIP thing, the whole 9 yards” Washington said. “I wanted the whole experience.”

The promoter, Roberts Entertainment Group, e-mailed her a refund letter. Washington says she sent the refund letter back with a copy of the ticket stubs. After she hadn’t received her money after about a week, she called the company. She says she never got an answer, even after calling about three or four times.

Finally, Roberts Entertainment called Washington back and promised her a refund. That was nearly three weeks ago, but she has yet to see her money.

“I’m just really disappointed,” Washington said. “It really ruins your trust in people sometimes when stuff like that happens. Who do you trust?”

WWAY spoke with Tyrone Roberts of Roberts Entertainment Group. He told us there are a couple of reasons for the refund delays.

“We’re a small company, and we have like one person working in the refund department,” Roberts said. “We had our system crash. Somehow we got a virus in our system, our computer down for a week. We had to sort out, there were some people that had tickets, that had bought tickets from ticket outlets that the company never received the funds for, so we had to do the process to weed those people out.”

Roberts said that so far, his company has shelled out a couple thousand dollars in refunds.

As for Washington’s money, Roberts says he will personally make sure they take care of Theresa. He says he understands how it would feel if it was his money.

WWAY will keep you updated and let you know when Washington receives her refund.

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