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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — As leaders in Raleigh finish up their legislative session and the folks in Washington wrangle about the debt ceiling, jobs seem to be disappearing in southeastern North Carolina.

The newest numbers just released by the Employment Security Commission show the unemployment rate jumped in each of the five counties in our area from May to June. Unemployment in Bladen, Columbus and Pender Counties all increase by 1.1 points in June. Columbus is in the worst shape at 13 percent unemployment, following by Bladen at 12.5 percent and Pender at 11.0 percent.

New Hanover County saw the rate increase from 9.2 percent in May to 10.1 percent in June. Brunswick County saw the least increase up 0.4 to 10.4 percent. Brunswick is also the only of our five counties to see an unemployment rate lower than one year earlier.

  June 2011 May 2011 June 2010 OTM Change OTY Change
Bladen 12.5 11.4 12.0 +1.1 +0.5
Brunswick 10.4 10.0 10.6 +0.4 -0.2
Columbus 13.0 11.9 12.4 +1.1 +0.6
New Hanover 10.1 9.2 9.8 +0.9 +0.3
Pender 11.9 10.8 10.6 +1.1 +1.3

Overall unemployment increased in 91 of North Carolina’s 100 counties with 46 counties at or below the state unemployment rate of 10.4 percent, including Brunswick and New Hanover.

"What we are seeing in most metropolitan areas across North Carolina is a loss in government employment," ESC Chairman Lynn R. Holmes said in a statement. "This is partially attributed to changes in local and state education at the end of the school year."


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  • The Convention Center was going to create 100’s of jobs when it opened. And how many people work there now?

  • Richard Moore

    Since the “Taxpayer” did not pay anything to create the Convention Center, any jobs that have been created, and local vendors that provide services there, are a free benefit to the “Taxpayer”. I hope the “Taxpayer” is not trying to make a negative out of something that is clearly a positive just because that is what “Taxpayers” do.

  • boatdrinks

    Saffo is waiting on the pay-out for the SkyWay, then he’ll jet outta here.

  • Guest461

    We have to keep in mind that these numbers do not reflect those that have stopped looking for work, those whose unemployment bene’s have expired or those that were never eligble for UC in the fist place, such as contractors and the self employed. We can probably at least DOUBLE the figures that are provided if not more!

    Things are very tough in this country these days!

  • Challengetheworld

    The convention center was a pipe dream from the beginning. Its clearly operating deeply in the red because it’s employees are City Workers. I know first hand from working for the city for seven years they are very poorly run; spend money foolishly and need to clean house with those in charge. Maybe we can sell that stupid center to private industry AND actually market and create some real jobs.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    You obviously feel that people who pay inflated room occupancy TAXES somehow don’t qualify as taxpayers.

    That’s as nonsensical as the supporters of free cellular phones for TANF recipients claiming that taxpayers don’t pay for them, since the money is collected from telecommunications companies.

    Buy a clue! If you are a guest staying in a hotel room or a large corporation paying millions, you ARE a taxpayer!

    However, you miss Taxpayer’s key point – Mayor Saffo promised hundreds of jobs that (gasp!) didn’t materialize….and never will. His post wasn’t about the funding – it was about the paucity of integrity around city hall.

  • Guestax

    …owned by the city and therefore, no property taxes are collected? If so, who picks up the slack for it being taken off the tax roles?

    Politicians use “creative” accounting and “lawyer speak” to convience the commoners and sheeple that they are justified in whatever they do or say. They have become rulers instead of public servants…

  • Guest99x

    The taxpayers didn’t pay anything to create the convention center??? What? Who do you think is paying the interest on the bonds that funded the construction? Are the earnings from the convention center being used to pay down the debt?

  • Guestphillyguy

    Jobs here have never been an easy task. You can’t just shoot out resumes ya gotta network. The convention center will pay for itself over time. We need to redevelop that side of downtown with more skyscrapers, condo’s, retail and a baseball stadium for a minor league team.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Possibly when Charon is ice-skating on the River Styx.

    BTW, we have a perfectly fine stadium within a few miles of downtown. Let’s not get too extravagant when we’re flat broke.

    (Why am I the only Northern transplant in this county who doesn’t want to destroy it by duplicating the hell we left?)

  • The Recession is Over. Anyone in politics or the media will tell you that. So why doesn’t anyone believe it?

  • Guest5555555555555555555555555

    Did anyone think whats going to happen after Monday or depending how they spend the last remaining borrowed cash? How long will banks keep going when the federal government locks up from default? Will it be a cash world?

  • Guestindeed

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