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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The mother of a Wilmington teen missing for two weeks has come to town looking for help finding him.

Al’Quon Flowers, 18, went missing July 18, and family and friends say they still have no idea where he is or if he is even alive.

Keesha Haywood lives in Georgia but came to Wilmington to help look for her missing son. Family and friends handed out fliers at 10th and Rankin Streets, where they say Flowers spent a lot of his time.

Flowers’s cell phone was last used in Navassa.

Haywood says the family believes opposing gang members kidnapped Flowers because of past events his family was involved with. She asks for any information that could help find her son.

“We just want him to come back home safe and alive sooner than later,” she said. “I mean we don’t care. You can drop him off in a field or wherever. We don’t have to know who you are. Just bring him back alive.”

Flowers is about 5’7″ tall and weighs 145 pounds. He also has three tattoos: one on his chest and two more on his hands.

If you have any information about Flowers, call Wilmington Police at (910) 343-3600 or the CUE Center for Missing Persons at (910) 232-1687.

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  • smh

    As a matter of fact he was living with his father…. but the role his parents play have nothing to do with u. And who are u to question why he doesnt live with his mom?Did you travel back from Georgia with the mom and can account for what day and time she got here? And its been a week…. not the two u refer to…. u seem to know it all huh?

  • Guest2012

    ‘Nuff said.

    Rough Drug Area.

    Most 18 year old males are still living in the same state as their mothers unless attending a UNIVERSITY or in gainful/legal employment. Was this “kid” on HIS OWN at 18 YEARS old??????? Who was the connecting link here in Wilmington?

    Perhaps he was living in Wilmington with his FATHER, who, one would think would be serving as a Proper MALE ROLE MODEL as an UPSTANDING Citizen?
    Oh NO FATHER FIGURE Again, you say.

  • if you don’t know what u r talking about then shut the hell up. Alquon lived with his grandmother and his dad has always been in his life. He’s a great role model who has always taken care of his kids. Children can still make mistakes no matter how good his parents are.
    Alquon wasnt a bad kid but he might have done some things that some ppl will think is wrong. And you dont know anything about bad neighborhoods. Landfall is the biggest drug distributor in the county but you wont see that on tv. So next time you feel the need to comment on something make sure you know all the facts you racist pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • love me

    well to set da record straight he was staying with his father and he is a great role model instead of tryin to down a person maybe u should try to help and comfort his mother and family with postive things not negative things

  • Your An Idiot

    What is the point of posting this? You have no life, you have to go around posting this stupid foolishness. If you have no sympathy for his family than quit reading the posts about him. What is your problem? Your an evil individual. Maybe someone should come take one of your family members and than lets see what your reaction would be. Go to work, why don’t you look after your own children instead of sitting on a computer doing nothing with your life.

  • FACT

    When this young man was originally reported missing it was done by his father who lives in Southeastern NC; if memory serves me correct Wilmington(NC). He was last seen or heard from in Brunswick County or his cell phone pinged in Northeastern Brunswick County. The parents may have decided that a male child would be better served by living with his father. How can you say whether or not the father is decent or indecent representative for the son, since YOU DON’T KNOW THEM. Keep your stupid comment to yourself and get the facts correct before you post!!

  • faye

    See NAVASSA you need not go there cause you probably part of the family who got him so please keep all comments to yourself as much drugs that are delt over there you are in no place to talk no mother figure or father figures in that area so be careful cause yall time is coming remember GOD hear and see everything!!!!!

  • Das Weibstück

    Takes 5-7 hours to get here from Ga. I would have been here 2 weeks ago, but then again my son wouldn’t have been kidnapped by gang members holding a grudge against others in my gang family.

  • faye

    First of all the mother and father raised the child with manners,respect and decipline but unfortunatly when a child get up doesnt mean that they will go the route you want them to go see if you are a child of god you will understand that we all are human and humans tend to make mistakes and do certain things that shouldnt be done regaurdless if the parent did there part or not and one thing I no he wasnt raised or his other siblings wasnt raised to be in gangs peer pressure has a lot to do with whats going on in teens minds today and it trips me out when people judge someone knowing that they are not GOD so who are you to open your mouth and speak about anything I serve one man and its not you so think before you speak cause if you have any kids you probably raised them one way but who’s to say they wont get up and do drugs,prostitute,rob or still so think before you speak.


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