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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A horse camp owner now says she’ll refund money to two families after she moved her camp. This is an update to a story you saw ONLY ON 3.

After our story aired last night, Shady Paddocks Horse Camp owner Sharon Rooks called to let us know she will pay refunds to the families. The families signed up for horse camp, but after Rooks moved the camp from Wilmington to Burgaw, the children could no longer attend.

Rooks says she never meant to cause any trouble and just wanted the kids to come ride at her camp. She says in addition to the refund, the kids are invited to come out to a free day of camp.

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  • Guest242424

    Great job WWAY!!! Way to help that family recover the money that they should have gotten back in the first place!!

  • Guest461

    Make things right for your paying customers, within a reasonable means of course. For a while there I thought they were related to the Cowboy Clothing store owner in Castle Hayne that was so rude and nasty to that little autistic girl and her service dog.

    You still don’t see many cars in his parking lot!

  • M. Guest

    It’s amazing what people will do when they are put in a corner. Good for the families for exposing this woman. Refund and free day aside, parents would be well-served to check out the background of any instructor or equestrian camp they book. There are some “Shady” people in the horse community. Buyer beware.

  • GuestT

    Businesses who no longer are “customer oriented” need to pay attention. If the people will stop supporting them they will not be able to remain in business and if you treat customers like this you should just say “bye bye”!

    And as far as the offering a free day of riding now at this point?!?! What a joke! The owner of Shady is just trying to recover from this bad business she started. As the parent of these children, do you think they would seriously take their child and put them on a 2 ton animal knowing that the owner treated them like they so rudely? I wouldn’t !

  • GuestLee

    Glad to see the Mom got her refund. But…

    My only question is, why would the parent want to take her child to the free day of horse camp when the whole purpose of getting the refund in the first place was because she didn’t want to drive that long distance?

  • Trish Salvant

    For the record, Sharon Rooks HAS NOT returned my money or my phone calls. I guess I’m not surprised.

  • Sharon Rooks

    I refunded the money to Pat and Trish as soon as I could, but no one bothered to report that. I am saddened by the mean and apparently jealous people that live in this area that I grew up in. I have never heard so many lies told. Amazing what people will do when they can hide their identity. I have always been in support of our horse community for everyone involved and always will. All the comments that were written about me are untrue. I wish you all well-maybe you all wouldn’t be so quick to judge me if you knew the truth of what happened. I would not tell or embarrass anyone about why I had to suddenly move my horses to a safer place. So just so everyone knows-I had to make a last minute call to keep kids and horses safe. And that’s all I can say. No one was burnt but me.


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