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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A new grocery store’s grand opening generated plenty of interest today.

Customers crowded into the new Carolina Farmin’ on Market Street. The traffic was so heavy at one point in the middle of the day, police had to help handle it.

Customers say location has a lot to do with the interest, as does the store’s offering of local products.

“I think just the idea that a lot of things of local and other than the farmers market, which are on Wednesday and Saturday, and I think it’s another great resource for using the local products in the area,” customer Reydell Bailey.

Carolina Farmin’ at 2101 Market Street is celebrating its grand opening all weekend long.

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15 Comments on "Carolina Farmin’ grand opening draws crowds"

2015 years 9 months ago

The store was a joke. Prices were way to high. The store was dirty with rude management. I spoke with a manager named Mark Enfield. He was very rude and only wanted to run away and not help me find my groceries. I thought this store was a good idea, untill i got home with the product. The quality was poor nothing like a fresh farmers market. It looks like someone ran out of money and bought cheap product and tried to resale at triple there value. If i want fresh produce i can buy alot cheaper at Eagle Island. This store will not last long. You can tell the management failed to present the public with a new concept, sorry but it didnt work. Prices to high, poor quality, lacking variety. Store needs to invest in managemeant, this crew obviously is ignorant to the grocery game. Not even the food stamp customers will buy your high price groceries. I can get double the amount of groceries from Walmart, why buy from Carolina Farmin. There is nothing they can do for me to ever go back. Mark Enfild you will need to work on your customer service skillls, I cant believe they hired such a lazy manager to represent there new store. To the owner , this manager will cost you many customers.

Guest Ron Taylor
2015 years 9 months ago

Ya’ll right! Small local farmers can’t compete with large off shore corporate farms. They use 25 cent an hour labor with the field being a bathroom. We live in AMERICA, the land of rules and regulation. Don’t you feel good riding around in your foreign car going to see a loved one eaten up with cancer because they ate the food with DDT on it. Go ahead, buy the cheap stuff!

Mystery Shopper
2015 years 9 months ago

I was intrigued by the addition of a food store downtown. When I visited on Tuesday, i carried a list of items i would purchase at Harris Teeter and Food Lion. Too my surprise, Carolina Farmin’ was higher priced than the other two stores on 97 of 100 items.

If the objective was to provide a competitive alternative for folks who live downtown—you have failed miserably. I won’t be going again.

2015 years 9 months ago

Why would you think a independent food store could sell items for less than a large food chain? That wasn’t their objective, it’s to sell “local” farm fresh items.

2015 years 9 months ago

produce that’s at least two weeks old before it gets to the store…go ahead and shop at Food Lion. If you want fresh…Carolina Farmin’ is the place to go. Ask Food Lion and Harris-Teeter how much local produce they purchase.

Das Weibstück
2015 years 9 months ago

We went to this store Sunday looking for reasonably priced local produce in one location. We failed to find any. The cheapest things were Watermelons for 2$ each, everything else was the same or more than other stores. The bread from a local bakery was 5$ a loaf, a very small mini pound-cake was $9 ! I had to do a double take on that price.

They had nice looking meats and hormone/cruelty free chicken which was nice. All in all there were very few things that were comparable in price to any other grocer or vegetable stand.

This is summer and there are a ton of local veggies now, what happens in the winter?

Won’t be returning any time soon.

2015 years 9 months ago

They must intend to cater to upper middle class and wealthy customers. Those of us who have moderate incomes cannot afford to shop there!! What a pity, we have been waiting for years for a grocery store in our neighborhood and not all of us live in Forest Hills with 6 figure incomes. Shame on you Carolina Farmin!!!!

2015 years 9 months ago

That’s exactly right…it is local goods, and since less transportation costs are involved, it seems it would be less expensive.

2015 years 9 months ago

I’m sure the 100 items the person was compairing prices on was not local items.

2015 years 9 months ago

You’re right. Lower cost to transport inventory must mean the prices should be lower. That is, until you look at the dozens of other factors that influence cost. Size of the suppliers they purchase from, quality of the goods purchased, competition from other stores to purchase from the same suppliers, and taxes are just a few.

2015 years 9 months ago

Your gas tank lately?
Lower cost to transport LOCAL inventory means the prices should indeed be lower, UNLESS,of course the “farmers” and “businesses” want the profit margins to be thru the roof from day one, to set the precident, right?

Hey, I’m a Right Wing Capitalist, so I say, “if you can get the hippies to buy the so called “fresh” stuff, go for it.”

However, I read a lot of bonifide critiques/comments of non-fresh disappointments, which were predictable…

My friend was talking about the cost of gasoline vs.local growers being able to deliver the goods locally at a fair market price, and I concur with him/her!

An “A” for effort does not cut it. People are not wishy-washy, they won’t give it another go around to be ripped off and treated poorly by employees. I noted the same lousy employee attitudes along the Castle St. strip lately….never to return.

It’s the economy and it sucks, so we need cost effective purchases, not gouging (sp).

Perhaps the people who came up with this ‘innovative idea’ to open a fresh, locally harvested market, have REALLY JUST been studying Lovey’s and the cottage indu$try developed for the “fre$h”, “organic”, no carcinogin generation.

Hey man, like I said, I’m a Capitalist, and say “More Power to this Market”, and wish them well, but even the die-hards that I know ain’t loving $5 ‘stale’ bread, even at a $5.00 steal!!!! ..Step right up….buy all the stale bread for $5.oo here, but go to Good Shepherd Homeless Shelter and get it for FREE, all you want! And, on their maiden voyage no less. da!

Maybe the Thanksgiving Bird, skinny with no meat on the carcass before it is even ‘deepfried’, but ORGANIC will make Tiny Tim happy?

I’d love a heaping helping of Ripmeoff gelato for desert.

2015 years 9 months ago

The store claims “local produce” and very little is local or fresh. They charge more for the same product you can get in many stores for less money……they don’t appear to be what they claim.

Guest zento
2015 years 9 months ago

There’s no absolute proof the produce sold a Carolina Farmin’ is local!!!

2015 years 9 months ago

my wife and i visited the new store today and we impressed and disappointed at the same time , while the produce looked good we ventured into the gelato (icecream) section sinc we were in the gelato business in the 80’s in carolina beach , i got two single servings of gelato,, the window says local ice cream the girl scooping it said it was made in raleigh ?? then i went to pay for it $7.65 for what would be two scoops of ice cream that my friends is ridiculous .my other comments just from a business standpoint are ,, local great harvest is good but why pay $2.00 more than it is at great harvest?? and in the deli the menu boards need to be moved closer to the customer we are talking about 12 feet away so the words are meaningless to senior eyes maybe yours too,, and the trash can in the dining room should be on the way out not at the cash register , which caused people to just leave their mess on the tables, just my observation,, i liked the live crabs for $1.00 and the meat looked fantastic as did blackburn brothers fish, sadly as all businesses in wilmington do the first month you can’t get near it ,, 3-6 months later wilmingtonians have moved on and you could bowl in the place without endangering anyone ,, sad but true
i wish them well and applaud them for placing a store in that area of town that has needed a grocery store there ever since parkers grocery store left that exact location in the i think 1970’s. give them a try they deserve an a for trying

2015 years 9 months ago

They have some great items but there are a few problems, some serious, that they need to work out:

1) Some of the employees have issues. One woman kept cutting me off as I went around the store. One guy sent me to a manager who was actually another shopper. The same guy manned the front table and was hostile when I presented my coupon and asked if there were any keychains left.

2) The focaccia from La Gemma is incredibly stale.

3) The local grape tomatoes were old, so I could only use about 1/4 of my pint. The ones on the outside looked good.

4) not enough room in the aisles for people with carts.

5) parking.

6) not as much local produce as I’d thought there would be – not even local greens.

The store is a great idea. I hope they get it together.


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