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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Another day and yet another court date for a young man with ties to former state Sen. R.C. Soles.

Allen “Frog” Strickland was schedule for court today in Columbus County for a driving while license revoked charge. It’s one of several charges the teen has racked up in the past two years.

The courthouse has been a common place for the former legal client of Soles, but on this morning Strickland was not around. Instead his attorney, Craig Wright, asked the judge to delay the case for yet another delay in Strickland’s legal issues.

We stopped by Strickland’s home, but he was not there. We wanted to ask him not only about his driving charge, but also a trespassing and vandalism charge at Soles’s home this weekend.

Another stop we made Tuesday was at the home of the former senator. No one answered at the gate. The only thing visible from the front, a maintenance worker.

Tabor City Police say Sunday Soles called an officer directly to report Strickland. Tuesday we asked Tabor City Police Chief Donald Dowless if he knew why Soles keeps calling officers directly and not 911. Chief Dowless explained that in a small town like Tabor City, everyone has everyone else’s contact info. He said the former state senator is not the only one in town who calls officers directly when needed.

In fact, when we asked for a list of cell phone numbers for his officers, Dowless gave them to us.

Today’s hearing is not the only one this month for Strickland. The teen is on the court calendar August 26 for two charges: breaking and entering, and damaging property.

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  • Guestywesty

    Frog has no sense of gratitude; that’s for sure. And speaking of sense, he’s definitely lacking in the common sense department also.

    R.C. blundered bigtime by giving these young miscreants gifts of money, cars, etc. After all, R.C. should know the criminal mind. He’s represented that mind in court for years.

    How long is this tawdry travesty going to run? Will some enterprising person in Tabor City form a tour company to show the public R.C.’s law office, his house, Frog’s trailer, Frog’s Mercedes,his four-wheeler, and the other young men’s houses, cars, status symbols, etc.

    There’s a curious public out here who would pay to see the main points of interest in this lurid landscape of scandalous shenanigans.

    R.C. and His Boys would also make a terrific documentary. Are you paing attention, all of you desperate, out-of-work Wilmington filmmakers?

  • Guestfellini

    A lot of us filmmakers are working right now thankfully! BUT, I do wish someone would make a documentary/expose of the saga of R.C. and his boys! Great idea! Now, who’s got some cash to fund it?

  • Challengetheworld

    I live in a town much smaller than Tabor City. However, we use this new tecnology called 911. Apparently, SOLES calls specific officers because they will be apathetic to his situation.

    SOLES, you are a joke. You are worse than a joke. You are a disgrace to all that have represented our state and to all attorneys in North Carolina. Furthermore, I hope your years of torture and maniuplation on young people will come out.

    You can pay off your little flings, but you can’t pay off the truth. It will come back to bite you.

  • Big Johnson

    Hey. Please pass out the cell phone numbers so we can all call the crooked police officers at Tabor City. Quit harrassing FROG.

  • Guestwebe


  • misspriss

    This reminds me of the cautionary tale, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” about a homosexual man who had affairs with young, teenaged boys. He like Soles, also gave one in particular money, cars, clothes, etc.

    However, it’s a cautionary tale because the young man was eventually murdered by his lover. True story though.

    Is this nonsense in Tabor City going to be allowed to continue until it results in the death of one of the actors in this passion play?

  • Das Weibstück

    Call Johnny Knoxville, he could do this story justice.

  • Du

    I have 42 cents…that should be close to what it’s worth.

  • CuriousGuest

    Something that has bothered me for some time about this story is … where does all the money come from? I know several young, bright, aggressive attorneys in the Raleigh area who have to bust butt to make a decent living. How could RC have so much that he can afford a 6 (?) bedroom house in Myrtle Beach, a condo there too, his huge house, other real estate holdings, plus give away land & cars & put thousands in jailhouse accounts & give tens of thousands in cash away? Over a period of years – most likely decades?

    He was a legislator for years – that sure doesn’t pay well. And like many people his family owned a lot of land – but still. Was he that good of an attorney?


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