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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Senator Richard Burr was our guest today at WWAY and we invited you to ask the Senator questions. Not surprisingly many questions centered on Washington’s inability to get our economy working and the subsequent national credit down grade.

Senator Burr said it all comes down to our national debt. “Make no mistake about it we’ve got a long term debt in this country that far exceeds any other country in the world. We run an annual deficit of 1.5 trillion dollars. You have to understand how severe that is and that no country can over come that. That’s the challenge for us.”

The Senator said we must reform Medicare and he will introduce a new Medicare reform package next month.

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  1. anna

    im just wondering what is going on about the marines and theyre familys that have been effected with this problem especially the familys that have already had to expreince the death of a love one or miscarriages, or long term health problems. what is washington doing to help them out?

  2. Guest98

    You are getting better with your comedy,this post is one of your funniest yet. I’m sure you read his books and I’m damn sure you didn’t buy them.

  3. Guest461

    There’s nothing at all comical about his post, it is as truthful as it gets. When the facts are laid out in black and white, literally reach out and slap you in the face, you attempt to demoralize rational thinking as “comedy”. I suppose we all have our ways of dealing with failure. Ignorance and denial usually top the list.

    So tell me, why would anyone waste precious time on reading a book written by a man that can’t do the job he was voted in for, much less paying hard earned money to purchase it? Most of us already have plenty of fire starter material from accumulating local newspapers. Some of you SHOULD have even more after stripping the Obama stickers off of your bumpers.

    Do you STILL display yours?

  4. Guest

    I would like to know when the Republicans will work WITH the President. Also, who is mentoring the newbies in the House? This country needs some leadership, not a morality lesson. We the people are free to worship as WE see fit, not the Republican Party’s agenda.
    Are there any statesmen in Washington?

  5. Guest: Guest2

    Get off your high horse! Like it or not, Republicans are Americans and citizens too. Your attitude is, if you disagree with the Democrat agenda, you’re not a part of “we the people”. Republican’s are exercising the same freedoms that you proclaim- the right to have a difference of opinion.

    As for who is mentoring the “newbies” in Washington and leadership, we have gotten exactly what we elected! We have a president with no experience in running anything. He is clueless on how to turn the economy around. He is only interested in giving away freebies to anyone who will vote for him…free health care….free education…free cell phones..etc. He has appointed his czars to go around our Congress on so many issues much of which they are getting blamed for.

    I don’t want Republicans to go blindly along with following the President into destroying this country. I hope a Democrat will run against him in 2012! We the people do not all agree with the democrat agenda!

  6. Guest7969

    You do know that in the last election Republicans were elected to OPPOSE what the President and the Democrats were doing…right? How can you work with someone who wants to do MORE of what partly got us where we are today….Obama OWNS the present state of the economy…his policies have FAILED and he is LOST as to what do do next….

  7. Commonsensenotcommontoday

    ….with a man who is determined to destroy the free-enterprise system of economics that built this country? His plan is quite obvious. It’s in his books, it’s in his speeches, and it’s resident in far too many people who voted for him. He hates success, he hates wealth, he hates individual responsibility and self-reliance. He is some sort of twisted hybrid of Marxism and Fascism that seeks to foster individual government dependence while controlling every aspect of industry and finance.

    Oh, as far as “monitoring the newbies?” I’d say that role falls to their constituents, who voted them into office. This is the United States of America, this isn’t 1938 Germany, where every politician must toe Der Fuhrer’s line.

  8. Guest123

    Of all the companies the Senator could visit, why in the world is he visiting Chemtex? While the landfall address looks impressive, they are an engineering firm that has little effect on the economy here in NC. They employee very few local people and most of their work is done over seas. Just a very odd place for the Senator to spend his time.

  9. Guest461

    Chemtex moved here from NYC in the year 2000. They rent the “Landfall” bulding they occupy and rent the furniture that is in it. Their size has diminished to less than a fourth of what it began as in 2000. Largely due to failed engineering projects, some of which had them removed from the worksite. They have treated their employees horribly with last minute firings, salary reductions and the conversion of employees to contractors, etc. Chemtex has several labor board violations and multiple IRS investigations that brought charges due to their treatment of contractors and wage/tax manipulation. Chemtex steals from this area, they don’t contribute anything productive to it. They couldn’t afford the NYC rent and moved here. They have attempted to move all operations from Wilmington to Philadelphia. Guess what, they couldn’t afford the rent there either. They are still here, barely making it, but the wallpaper is still up.

    Chemtex is nothing more than a facade, more like a money-laundering front for their “international partners”. Rented high-end office space, rented accomodations and a bunch of stiff-collared, blowhards walking around in full business attire pretending to be somebody. They contribute nothing to this county, nothing to this state and employ very few local people.

    It appears as thought the Senator fell for the facade as well…but, in reality, what else would we expect?

  10. Robo

    Burr is off the mark. It’s not the debt, it is the continued spending of our federal government with reduced revenue related to the high unemployment in the country. He has very little to say about these important subjects. We need jobs and his comments do little to increase confidence in our elected officials.

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