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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The suspect in a shooting near the UNCW campus last month says he was actually a victim.

Reginald Gagnier says he doesn’t remember shooting David Carroll, but he says Carroll is the reason why he can’t remember and the reason the shooting happened at all.

“I was sleeping in the car on the way to work, and I woke up to him sexually assaulting me, rubbing on my crotch,” Gagnier said.

Gagnier, 18, worked for and lived in an apartment owned by Carroll. Now Gagnier is in the New Hanover County Jail charged with shooting the 42-year-old in the shoulder July 29 at the Seahawk Square Apartments near the UNCW campus.

Last week Gagnier’s family told us there were personal problems between the two men that led to the shooting. Wednesday Gagnier said it was the molestation and other issues.

“Honestly I don’t think I would have shot him if he didn’t feed me valiums Friday and brought me to the bar and had me drinking on top of it,” Gagnier said.

Wednesday Carroll was in New Hanover County Small Claims Court to evict Gagnier from his apartment. When we tried to talk to him about Gagnier’s claims, Carroll said he had no comment.

Gagnier says he only remembers bits and pieces about the afternoon of the shooting, but he believes he was backed into a corner.

“I remember him coming to the apartment after he dropped me off and told me he had to talk to me,” Gagnier said. “So I went down and sat in his car, and he accused me of stealing some money. After that I don’t remember nothing else. I remember waking up in the woods.”

Gagnier is charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill or inflict serious injury. His next court date is scheduled for August 18. Carroll told us he might share his side of the story after that hearing.

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  • Guest

    Once again TV 3 jumped the gun and provided an unsubstantial story. In other words, a story with a big headline and little substance. What happened to good,fact based journalism?

  • Military

    I served over twenty-two years in the Military and as a Veteran; I am offended that these types of offensives take place in our society. More offensive is the little action taken to remove these offenders from our neighborhoods/streets. What has me more concerned are the number of children that keep their mouths shut due to threats of violent actions towards them or their families? How many children each year are drugged and abused then taken advantage? How many of these events never are exposed to the public due to legal implications that protect the predator. Please look at the public offenders list in you area and educate your children. This is not just a child issue, it affects many young adults of all ages and it is happening more and more with young adults. Often it is someone close to the family or a friend. Please tell me that all the lives lost for our freedom is not to give freedom to those that violate our laws and freedoms and pervert our society and children. I am glad that WWAY channel 3 and Clifford Piron are finally exposing the truth; I have talked with the family and felt so poorly that only one side of the story had been told in the beginning. We all know that something led up to such an action. I saw David in court, and yes, I understand how a young man like Reggie was threatened by David’s size, violent approach and aggressive nature. If he was drugged and not able to think clearly during the events that led to the firing of the gun, he may not have been able to make a clear decision. Now learning was not registered and belonged to the sexual offender have me concerned. The gun was taken from David as an attempt to avoid David’s previous threat, that if he ever tells anyone David would kill him! Please never judge people by first impressions, but understand the conditions of the event.

    We often say what happened to the good old days when our children could play safely outside. We have changed our laws so much that the true threat is protected by gobbly gop!

  • Guest concerned parent

    Did you know David was buying the kid gifts and promised him a motorcycle in addition to alcohol and pills. Sounds like a predator to me. If this was your daughter or son, wouldn’t you see him as a predator?
    I have kids and I do. Let’s just hope that if there are more kids out there that David Carroll has done this too, they now will come forward and hold him accountable and prevent him from putting others and their families through such pain and hardship.

  • Guest

    Sounds like you have already tried and convicted David Carroll. What do we need a court for?

  • Das Weibstück

    I’m sure regular posters here have noticed the illiteracy of family/friends who pop in to post in defense of the accused. Its not race based obviously.

    Socioeconomics was mentioned. I tend to disagree with that, there are a lot of poor people who turn out decent, law abiding children.

  • guest concerned parent

    Do you know how many kids are doped up, given alcohol, and then snatched to never be seen again?
    There are over 10,000,000 children 18 and younger that go missing every year.
    Over 5,000 to never be seen again.
    Over 5,000 boys and girls are raped or taken advantage of every year, and these are just the ones that have reported it. How many more of our children go thru this and are afraid to take action or tell?

    Did you know it was David’s gun; Reggie just managed to get it away from him to defend himself. What if Reggie would not have got the gun and David would have driven away and done something to him?
    We could be dealing with a missing 18 year old. He may have been buried in the woods somewhere, or dumped in a canal or river. Who knows? Did you know Reggie told 8 people prior to the events and they did nothing to help him? Do you know there has been 1 warrant issued for David for supplying another child with alcohol. Who knows how many more kids he has done this too?

    From what I understand the boy is not saying he didn’t take the drugs. It was what he didn’t know, David was putting zanax in his beer and buying him shots that day at a bar. It was when the boy passed out David began fondling him again and when confronted threatened him if he told anyone.

    What was the motive to giving an 18 year old alcohol and zanies?

    For those of you that say “He isn’t a kid”, how many “non-kids” are you supplying with alcohol and pills?

    There is a reason they don’t sell alcohol to minors, they are not mature enough to make competent decisions.

    There are reasons Doctors and Pharmacist spend so many years being educated, David isn’t a medical provider, nor does he have a license to prescribe pills for others and could have killed the kid not knowing his medical background. How would people be reacting if the kid had an allergic reaction and died? What are the long term effects of the overdosing David did to the kid. I would think the family will have Lawyers chomping at the bit to for the damages that have been imposed on these children.

  • guesty

    Nice try with the “It isn’t my fault I shot him, he touched my winky.” excuse. Too bad for you that crap really doesn’t fly. If he had really touched you, there were actions of recourse that don’t involve shooting. Maybe when you go to prison somebody else will touch your winky.

  • GuestLee

    I’ll bet when all this is over, it will come down to the teen owing the landlord for drugs. I don’t believe the teen doesn’t remember anything (how convenient), and I don’t believe the winky story either.

  • Guest

    it was never said it was not his falt he shot him he got what he deserved NO he sould have got a lot more people need to put there self in his shoes and there are some sick people in this world and when you get your LITTLE (winky )touched what you going to do ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? let him keep playing well some people think thats a little sick but you i guess

  • Jah

    People who have no idea what their talking about just shut up

  • joshua gagnier

    i love you bro everythings gonna come out and this was a good start at it keep your head up high he’ll get what he got coming to him. Maybe next time he’ll think twice before touching a little boy

  • Das Weibstück

    Little boy? He is 18 and has a gun. Yeah he’s a innocent little boy (((sarcasm))).

    Throw the molestation defense on the table.

  • priscilla gagnier

    We all know what David Carroll did son. It is all gonna come out in court. You have your witnesses that know David was giving you sanazs and buying you beer. Keep your head up son, this will all come out in court. We all love you and stand behind you.

  • GuestLee

    Will Rogers said, “Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip.”

    According to the news report, your son is 18 years old, hanging out in bars with a 42 year old who is his boss and his landlord, drinking, and taking valium. He seems to have willingly done these things, since your son doesn’t say he was forced. The landlord also accuses your son of stealing.

    You don’t wake up one morning a bad person. It happens by a thousand tiny surrenders of self-respect to self-interest.

    You’re not his friend, you’re his mother. You seem to want to ruin your son with praise, rather than save him with criticism. You’re not doing him a favor. Love him, yes, but be woman enough to tell him when he’s wrong to help him get back on the right path. Hopefully, it’s not too late already.

  • sherry

    Hang in there Reg! Your family has your back! I love you cuz!!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Proof positive that it’s not racial, simply socio-economic.

  • Guest

    So while this guy was in a blacked out rampage armed with a gun, who at UNCW dropped thd ball? I mean VA Tech had a report of someone who possibly had a gun and they actually protected there studendents, faculty, and guest. WWAY please stay on them and find out the story. It seems UNCW always puts stuff on the back burner until we forget.

  • Guestwebe


  • Guestwebe again

    how many people were killed at va tech? how many at uncw?

  • Diana Ingraham

    Media paves the way for thugs like this to violate and harm a victim and then have that criminal place all the blame for their crimes on those whom they perpetuate their evilness.
    For those of us who know David Carroll, we know him to be a good, honest, hardworking man. These ridiculous accusations will be proven ,in court, to be just what they are an excuse and a smoke screen, designed to take the emphasis off the crime and the victim.

  • Guest

    and how well do you know david well i know some priest and i would have nev thought they would do stuff like they did so how well do we know poeple????????????????????

  • Guest

    divid is a sick ******* ***** ***** ****** and should have got more then he did and i thought i know someone and guess what you NEVER know anyone like you think you do he already robbed the grave so now hes going for the younge ones

  • Guestyep

    “He fed me Valiums” BULL. What.. are you 2 years old where people feed you stuff and you just eat it w/o question? What a crock, you are a druggie. Trying to pass blame on anyone you can now, think you are a tough guy carrying a gun? Trash. You dont live in a vacuum Reg, ppl know you and how you live your life.

  • Guest

    to start with it was davids gun and wake up people big boys are sick

  • Guest

    With David knowing Reggies background he still coarsed him out of a good home, promised him an apartment an he would take 15 out of his pay for rent everyday, a moped, a phone, an alcohol everyday after work. No 42 year old man spends money like that on an 18 year old boy just for friendship. David had it all planned out. And as for the gun, it was Davids gun that he kept concealed in a bank bag!

  • SurfCityTom

    perhaps he should relocate to Tabor City. A prominent attorney resides there who may be able to help.

  • Guest

    some sick people just dont get it but if it was ther son it would be a differant store right

  • Guest

    you know you can beleve what you want but you dont no the whole story like why is david trying to hide the whole store hes alread told 3 different stores and the 18 year old as said the same thing right from the start that tells me theres a neddle in the hay stack some where think about whats david tring to hide when it was brout out in court he did not denie it at all why??????????????????? the truth will come out anthe truth is in the middle some where

  • GuestLee

    No, it wouldn’t be any different if it was my son. I would be just as hard on him as I am here. But it’s not him, because my son knows better than to get into a mess like this.

    Norman Vincent Peale once said, “The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.”

    Think about it.

  • Guest

    when this is all over people are going to drop there heads in SHAME for making reggie gilty befor the trile so wake up if it looks like a duck well most the time it is a duck whack whack

  • Guest

    hell owe him for the bullet he got shoot with but he said he dont want the rent money now dont you find that a little funnnyyyyyyyyyyyy lol i do

  • GuestLee

    That’s funny…..I was just thinking the same thing about Reggie.
    Quack Quack.

  • GuestLee

    What story are you talking about that Reggie has told consistently? Do you mean the one where he said David accused him of stealing some money and “After that I don’t remember nothing else. I remember waking up in the woods”?

    Reggie’s story doesn’t jive. One minute he’s saying he woke up in David’s car being molested, and the next minute he doesn’t remember anything before waking up in the woods. Which is it?

    You’re obviously siding with Reggie, probably because he’s a family member or close friend. You’re not helping him by making excuses for his behavior. It stunts his character, and character, not circumstances, makes the man. If you care about Reggie, help him to step up and build his character. Help him be a man.

  • Guest

    YES Throw it on the table like it was at court and david had NOTHING to say so yes please lets put it on the table and get the wrong one out of jail because thats where david needs to be and WILL be when the truth comes out

  • guest

    He’s an 18 year old that took the other guys gun an shot him with it because he was bein sexually assaulted. This boy went to 8 people all week begging for help including one waitress from the restraunt an everyone stuck there nose up at him!

  • GuestLee

    He’s an 18 year old GROWN MAN. He went to 8 different people when he should have gone to the Police…or even moved back home with Mama, if things were that bad. If he was “begging for help”, why did he go out drinking and drugging with this guy?

  • priscilla gagnier

    My son knows he did wrong but it is what led up to all of this. until you have walked in my shoes, clean your own doorstep first

  • GuestLee

    “Robbed the grave”? What does that mean? Are you accusing him of digging up graves, or did you mean “robbed the cradle”? It’s kind of hard to understand what you mean since you never use punctuation and you misspell a lot of your words.

  • guesty

    You should shut up.


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