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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Let the bidding begin! Call it a new trend in grocery shopping. Kurt and Missy Hefner travel the state auctioning off discount products to folks looking for a good deal.

“We’ll be selling, beef, pork, poultry, and seafood. Some are cut fresh, some frozen. We’ll have dried goods, canned goods, some damaged packages, some slightly out of date and it’s a really really fun time. A lot of people are here for the entertainment,” Kurt said.

The trend is so hot it’s bagged the attention of a major TV network, which has asked to be unnamed at this point. Cameras were rolling Thursday night as they put together a pilot.

When talking about how the event got discovered by the network, Kurt said, “It was a news feed that someone picked up and by chance called us and we were very fortunate that they did and we hope it will continue.”

While some may have been out looking for their 15 seconds of fame, one faithful shopper says she’s only here for the bargains.

“I come every month they have them, every time the doors are open, I’m here. They can look forward to seeing me and it means so much to me. I’ve been in withdrawal because they missed a month,” Priscilla Harts said.

TV deal or not, the bargains will go on.

Missy Hefner said, “Everyone needs food and you can save money here for sure.”

“Maybe finally I’ll be discovered!” Harts said.

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  • Chef Richard

    Just what we do not need, more stupidity on TV. What we actually need is reasonable grocery pricing, not all the gimmicks, coupons, rebates and crap.

  • USMC

    How right you are. I hate all these supermarkets where you have to have a card to “save”. When actually from what I have seen, with the card you pay the regular price and without the card you are way overcharged. Everybody that comes in to shop should be able to buy for the same price without having to give away so much personal information for marketing purposes. We shop where no cards are issued.

  • GuestLee

    This is about as stupid as the commercials I’ve seen recently for TLC’s new reality show on beard growing contestants.

  • SurfCityTom

    since perishables, including frozn meats, have a shelf life, does anyone from the Board of Health inspect to certify they are okay to sell? For that matter, how do they test to ensure frozen items have not defrosted and refrozen?

  • anne

    Totally agree. If supermarkets really wanted the business, they would eliminate the cards and give everyone the same price. It is a form of rip off if you think about it.

    Now to the other story, we do not need another reality show, which aren’t reality shows anyone. Reality is what we live day to day with no one but God watching. Reality shows on tv are not real – how can they be when they are being filmed and many of the characters are just working it for the camera?

    Seems kind of boring to watch groceries being auctioned off – but what do I know? I don’t watch realilty shows of any kind anyway.

  • Guest42

    The supermakets make money by selling the names of their ‘card holders’. All profit there


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