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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The 25th Annual BB&T Jamboree started late, but it turned out to be a wild and woolly night with a lot of scoring at Legion Stadium.

Watch John Rendleman and Trot Nixon recap all the action on the season opener of the 5th Quarter.

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  • Shane Upchurch

    Ahh I love this time of year. Im so excited for high school Football and I’m glad you guys are back on with the 5th Quarter. Although our kids have gone on to college, we still support the teams they used to play for. Nice job Friday night on the first show! What was up with John and Trot floating around though? They were moving but the set didnt budge! I kinda liked it when they were sitting with the helments and throwing the ball. Trot looked more comfortable Looks too much like a video game now Just my 2cents. Nice job as always wway


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