African American festival showcases area’s heritage and culture

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Submitted: Mon, 08/15/2011 - 3:01am
Updated: Mon, 08/15/2011 - 1:09pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It was a weekend of gospel singing, jazz music and eclectic exhibits.The third annual Southeastern North Carolina African American heritage festival was held in Wilmington.

The festival started Saturday morning. On Sunday, a “battle of the choirs” competition was held between gospel choirs in the surrounding areas.

Live entertainment, good food and vendors were available both days to showcase the rich African American culture in our area.

“We want to do an event like this every year to just preserve the African American heritage and bring dollars into the African American community as well as the Wilmington community,” said Bernice Johnson, a festival organizer.

Johnson says more than 1,000 people came out to the festival.


  • Dee102 says:

    Ummmmm…who started the alienation? If all people were simply called Americans, your first question would be what race is he or she. No one complains about you celebrating your culture…so why do you care when others do?

  • Sickofit says:

    I know a “white” girl that was born in Africa. She moved here and became a U.S. citizen but can’t be recognized as African-American because she has white/light skin.

    Obama jumps on the African-American bandwagon but is half white. Blacks want to be recognized as something they are not.

    An often-overlooked facet of slavery’s ugly historical stain is that black Africans sold other black Africans into slavery. The people who bought the slaves didn’t go into Africa to get them, the major kingdoms profited by capturing people from small tribes and selling them off to the highest bidder. Put that in you African-American history pipe.

  • Guest Mike says:

    I hope you say the same thing when they have Italian-American or Irish American- Polish Amercian festivals through out our nation!

    Never get hung up on how many attend… it is the idea that folks wish to take the time to have fellowship with individuals who may have some similar history/culture/or habits, they are not planning to take over your community!

  • Guest7969 says:

    We don’t have, or we have VERY FEW…African Americans in this area…DEFINITELY not a community full. As long as Americans continue to alienate themselves from the collective as something over and above what they are…they will continue to be treated as different…PERIOD. If you weren’t BORN in Africa and move to this country…your a FAKE for calling yourself an African American…YOUR AN AMERICAN…nothing more, nothing less.

  • Guest77 says:

    So is that why your “sickofit”, because Black Africans sold other Black Africans into slavery? Part of your name fits you well.

  • Sickofit says:

    I’m an American, PERIOD. I’m sick of people claiming to be African American when they are not. Yes I’m POed that the blacks sold their own into slavery and then blame it all on the “White Man”.

    Today, white college bound students with flawless GPAs are getting rejection letters from their dream school to meet the required race quota. I’m sick of that and many more things too. How can Obama be the first African-American President when he is half white? He’s choosing sides simply because of the color of his skin.

  • Dee102 says:

    Guess you need to re-read your post…you mentioned alienation.

  • Guest7969 says:

    Not sure what “alienation” you are speaking of… first question would NOT be what race they were. You see…their color is of little consequence to me as long as they pledge allegiance to our great nation. Ummm….if you were BORN here…you are celebrating someone ELSE’S culture…not your own…

  • Guest7969 says:

    I know what I said…I want to know what YOU mean by “who started the alienation”…please lay it out for me with facts…

  • Guest7969 says:

    your born in the US…and your celebrating African traditions and culture…it SURELY isn’t YOURS, unless you immigrated into the US FROM Africa…

    OF COURSE I say the same thing about anyone trying to call themselves something they aren’t. Bottom line..if your born here and try to subdivide yourself..don’t complain when your treated as being are TRYING to be different…

  • Totally Agree says:

    All I can say is DITTO!!! Well said.

  • Guest says:

    This is why I want to move out of Wilmington, there are so many closet racist here its ridiculous. Just because your white doesnt make you better than me or anyone else!

  • Move!!!!! says:

    MOVE!!!!! PLEASE

  • Guest7969 says:

    I don’t see one single post that even remotely suggests that because your white your special….nice use of the race card though…BUT YOU FAIL!

  • Guest says:

    You would love that wouldnt you? Maybe I will stay a little longer to make yours and every other bitter racist life’s more miserable!

  • Guest says:

    TYPICAL! “Nice use of the race card” You people always want to throw that up when someone calls it like it is and furthermore:

    Today, white college bound students with flawless GPAs are getting rejection letters from their dream school to meet the required race quota. I’m sick of that and many more things too.

    This is proof that you people are saying your better than Black people. Why does it have to be that Black people are getting into good schools because the school is required to meet a race quota???!!! so a black person cant have a flawless GPA and work hard to get into one of these prestigious schools???

  • Guest7969 says:

    YOUR A RACIST if I ever heard one…”you people”…LOL…again..nice use of the Race Card…YOU FAIL…GOOD BYE!

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