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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It didn’t take long for New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger to pop back up on the public radar.

Commissioners had their bi-monthly meeting this morning at the county courthouse. It started promptly at 9 a.m. with the consent agenda and recognition of various county employees.

During the meeting, which is broadcast on Time Warner Cable channel 13, Berger is seen sauntering in almost 15 minutes late with his satchel strung across his chest.

During a break in the meeting, Berger refused to comment on why he was late to today’s meeting and last week’s transportation meeting. He said he will only discuss issues that are important to county citizens.

He has consistently been late to county meetings even though his fellow commissioners have chastised him and encouraged him to be on time. He is also reported to be unemployed at this time.

Berger made headlines earlier this summer when his girlfriend called police requesting help picking up stuff from his house. Police decided to arrest and jail him. The charges were later dismissed.

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  • Russ H

    Why do you feel the need to bring up personal issues?
    I thought the story was about tardiness?
    The full roster of Commissioners should be highlighted. By only mentioning Brian, you have revealed your bias.

  • Challengetheworld

    Come you know he is late because they only pass out the unemployment checks at a certain time! He had to be there to get his shady paycheck from the taxpayers!

    Second, he doesn’t want to drive too fast and attract police attention because they might pull him over and find out he doesn’t have car insurance (like before).

    Party lines aside, this guy is a joke.

  • Guest

    He almost ran over my family and I near 17th and Independence. At least he honked his horn. When I saw him, I knew why he was in such a hurry.

  • Guest1984

    Why didn”t you report that Davis was late–and why didn”t you correct your prior misleading reports on catlin and his his attendance. Catlin missed same meetings yet you lied and focused on this guy. Joke is on entrenched interests in this area –Berger is a threat to their crap and misdeeds. Hang in Brian- we see this for what it is- media fiction and bias.

  • Guest1492

    WWAY3 just cant stay out of the gutter. Cheap shots at Berger—AGAIN.
    He votes the right way, hasnt personally profitted from doing business with County and has kept his word on votes whether it’s Titan or Taxes.
    Fact is you demonize him like another person noted–why dont you tell us who gave you his stolen notes? Most of us know it was a republican woman operative very close to saint catlin.
    Brian was right to tell you folks to take a walk–you arent worth his time or ours.

  • Guest

    He almost ran me and my family over near 17th and Indpendence. At least he honked his horn. When I saw it was him, I knew why he was in such a hurry.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …isn’t worth his TIME.

    Any adult who continually has problems with punctuality has deeper problems with maturity, trustworthiness, dependability, and self-discipline.

    I voted for Berger and I don’t regret it, considering the alternative. You can bet that I will never vote for him again, however.

  • Guest

    Brian Berger’s continued antics obscures the fact that the Commissioners as a whole have not shown much leadership. We’ve got it Channel 3: Berger is a loser and the Tea Party is nothing but a band of idiots financed and beholden to Wall Street. We’ll vote him out in the next election cycle (vote or don’t complain!). It still doesn’t fix the fact that this version of the Commission has been unable to create jobs or really any economic development. Maybe if the five families and the candidates they support would look past there own personal interests and do what’s best for the entire area, Wilmington would finally flourish and attract outside investment.

    You can always dream….

  • Jerry Kaplan

    This is not news of substance. It strongly suggests that WWAY has an agenda to demonize Berger. Could be he is not of your conservative ilk? I don’t want to read non-sonsequential articles about the local Liberals but I am sure I will not have to, as you will not report that “news”…

  • Guest

    Hence the old expression, “Careful What You Wish For”. Well it appears the voters are getting what they voted for and now about all one can do is remember it at election time.

  • Guest CommonTater

    This guy is just a loser…. go away and find some help.

  • AverageIsGoodEnough

    15 minutes late is early on Berger Time. He’s giving his most ardent supporters what they apparently want: status quo mediocrity.

  • Guest7969

    Can I have my vote back…he is BARELY better than the alternative!

  • Guest99x

    Fifteen minutes late, SO WHAT?? The consent agenda was likely published already and this commissioner may have had no objections to it. Who cares if he missed the recognition of county employees, again, SO WHAT?

    Brian may be averse to bloviating gasbags who are wasting our tax dollars while conning us taxpayers to believe that they are governing.

  • GetRidofIdiots

    Those of you who continue to defend Berger are half-educated buffoons.

    It would be better for the Berger supporters to remain silent and be thought fools than to continue sporting him – removing all doubt.

  • Guest

    Im still kinda baffled on how Ben David dropped his charge’s seeing as to how they have a no drop policy on Domestic Cases,well maybe thats just for certain folk’s like the unemployed,homeless and the rest of the general public.

  • Guest11221

    For all of you that have made fun of Ricky Meeks in the past, wouldn’t you rather have him then this bumbling idiot. I know Ricky will be running again for City Council, but from what I see on this board he would be a breath of fresh air. Not hot air or late air, but fresh.


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