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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Thousands of North Carolina parents are wondering whether their 4-year-olds will attend taxpayer-paid pre-kindergarten this year despite a judge’s ruling that all needy families should have access.

Stephanie Grimes of Winston-Salem said Tuesday that conflicting information is frustrating parents like her. She says she was told last winter her 4-year-old qualified based on income for a slot in Forsyth County’s program, only to see that opportunity wiped out when the General Assembly cut funding by 20 percent in July.

Grimes said she thought after Gov. Bev Perdue last week ordered state agencies to figure out how to broaden the program that her child would be guaranteed a classroom spot.

The reality is that she’s on a waiting list after 900 families applied for 569 funded slots.

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  • what

    When kids are this age, those “needy” families are just looking for a free babysitter, or either their too lazy or don’t know how to teach their children a few little things themselves, like respect, not to have too much selfishness, thinking about others feelings as well as yourselves, the proper way to dress in life, telling them they will grow up to be real “ladies” one day and act that way and carry yourself that way, or that one day they will grow up to be “men” and that they will be expected to carryout their role the same as ladies. They are not just males and females.
    There’s no reason that taxpayers should have to pay for their own children to go to pre-kindergarten, and be expected to pay for other peoples too. And why is pre-kindergarten necessary any way? I never attended it when I was growing up, in fact there was no such thing, and I grew up fine. All these FREE programs do is teach children to do like their parents, take advantage of the government, and just sit back and smoke, drink or drug.

  • Guest789

    Wow, as a parent whose child will be attending pre-school is amazed at how people think now a days. I do not look at this program as a “free babysitter ” nor iam I too lazy to teach my child, I actually buy the preschool books and work on it with them, I also teach them manners, how to dress oh and they get an allowance so they can start learning the value of money. I look at the program as a way for him to socialize and meet new people while learning at the same time. As a taxpayer I dont mind my taxes going towards programs like this. I think some people should just keep thier comments to themselves!!

  • christina

    It blows my mind how politicians are all.about cutting funding for education because those politicians can afford private school! The majority of us can’t and our children deserve a great education just as much as theirs! And none of them.are willing to cut some of the breaks millionaires recieve because that would just be wrong! Keep voting republican and see where this country goes.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    If Mister Jones can afford private school for his children but Mister Smith’s kids must rely upon public education, bully for Mister Jones and too bad for the Smith kids. Rich people have a better life than poor people, and as soon as the government stops shielding poor people from the reality of their poverty, the more money will be available for public education.

    Millionaires already pay quite enough in taxes and on a percentage basis, every American should pay the same.

  • SurfCityTom

    could you go to the Bill of Rights, or the Constitution and identify the article which states “…our children deserve a great education just as much as theirs…”

    Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are gaurantees. Nothing in there about free or subsidized education.

    Keep up that Democratic mindset and watch our country go down the commode.

    What do you not understand? You can not spend more than you take in.

    Want to throw stones? Go see the Governor.

    She & her Predecessor borrowed billions from the Feds to keep Medicaid afloat. And now, the state begins paying $143,000,000 annually in interest only payments.

    She & her predecssor are the ones who constantly use the Education Lottery Fund and the Roads fund as their private piggies to fund pet projects.

    So what will your children do with a great education when there are no jobs and industry abandons North Carolina?

    The gravy train has run out of steam. Cuts are being made across the Board.


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