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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A woman hit by a tractor trailer this morning may faces charges.

Wilmington Police say Ruth Henry was crossing New Centre Drive from the east side of S. College Road. With traffic backed up, she walked behind a truck stopped at the light.

She tried to step over the trailer behind the vehicle, but as she did so, the light turned green. Henry was knocked down and dragged for twenty to thirty feet and may have broken her arm.

Police will not file charges against the driver. Henry may be cited for not crossing in a crosswalk.

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    I want to start by saying that I don’t know this woman but I am appalled at the things people are saying in response to this story…to call her stupid or say that this was mother nature at work is disgusting. Did it occur to any of you posting these things that her friends and family might read this? Do you care that it may make this traumatic experience harder for them and anyone else involved? I’m not saying that she made the best choice but I no way think she deserves the pain she’s going through…think about your own past actions for a moment and if you can honestly say with 100% certainty that you have NEVER done something that in retrospect was probably dangerous or ill-advised then pass judgement all you’d like, but I’m sure no one can say that. It was an accident, an awful accident and maybe instead of wasting time by talking badly a person in pain we should all say a prayer for her and her family and be thankful that it wasn’t us involved.

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    I was at the intersection and the driver did not flee the scene he stopped and came over when he reliazed his trailor had hit this lady. The police asked him to move his vehicle as it was blocking most of college road but he was there.
    That is a huge thing to say he fled the scene.

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  • Carrie

    Some solid evidence that stupid hurts. My mother always told me that Stupid should hurt. Apparently it does. Really if you are going to cross a street you should do it somewhere that is safe and where you are totally visible.
    Stupid people should have to serve 6 years probation, one year for each letter in the word. During the probationary period they should have to take a course in commonsense. Not to mention if their stupidity is found early enough they should be sterilized, so they don’t pass on there ignorance.

  • she broke more than just her arm. she has 8 broken ribs, all her fingers are broken, her pelvic is broken, both her arms are broken and a leg. i don’t think she should be charged with jaywalking and the man who ran her over fled the scene.

  • Guest123

    While the wording is bad I’m pretty sure from reading this article and comments that the “tractor trailer” is a trailor used for hauling and transporting trailers not a semi. Hopefully she will recover and next time think twice about walking between a truck and an attached trailer.

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    Yeah i don’t think they should cite her. I mean with medical bills & the suffering shes enduring now is enough.

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    Hopefully Mrs.Henry & the driver are well this evening. Unfortunately accidents do happen. Also i have actually had to cross the road in this area before. No crosswalks equals Pedestrian danger.

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