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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — With new construction, new students, and new traffic patterns, getting anywhere downtown is harder than ever. Downtown Wilmington is packed with people on both roads and sidewalks, all in a hurry to get where they need to go. The corner of Front Street and Red Cross is especially busy because it’s smack in the middle of the Cape Fear campus.

“When there’s a lot of people out on the sidewalk it’s a little bit of an issue with all the traffic getting backed up and everybody looking for a parking space at the same time,” said CFCC junior Dominic Cambese.

Students are trying to get to class while commuters are trying to drive through campus and not hit anybody. It all makes for a potentially dangerous four-way stop intersection.

“There will be minor accidents I’ll say. A lot of that is contributed to people being in a rush,” Wilmington Police Cpl. Myron Irving said. “A lot of students wait until the last minute and report to class. If they would just leave a few minutes early and leave themselves a little bit of time to get where they need to go and if people just paid attention as pedestrians enter the cross walks, I think we’ll be able to get along without having any of these minor collisions.”

Cape Fear Community College says it knows the traffic and pedestrians are a problem. They hope some of the issues will be resolved once the new parking deck on 3rd Street is finished later this year.

“The students will not have to walk on heavily traveled road to get to class,” CFCC representative David Hardin said. “They will actually be parking in the parking deck which is on campus, walking actually on campus property to get to their classroom. So, we hope to move most of those students off the city streets when that deck is completed.”

When the new buildings are done, CFCC says the center of campus will shift which will hopefully change the traffic patterns as well. Meanwhile, the City of Wilmington says it does not have plans to change the traffic patterns or signs. So, it looks like the only solution seems to be to leave earlier, take your time, and watch out for the other guy.

CFCC says it has resources available for students to making parking on campus easier. They say it is as simple as following “CFCC Parking” on Twitter for the most up to date information on where to park.

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4 Comments on "Downtown roads congested as students make their way to class"

2015 years 10 months ago

What I don’t understand is why this roadwork was not started in the summer time, when student enrollment at CFCC is lower than the fall semester. This would have provided downtown workers and students with a period to become adjusted to the new traffic pattern, therefore, when CFCC met in the fall, those workers and students who were adjusted to the new traffic pattern would not be so grossly affected and could avoid the mass traffic jams I’ve been seeing.

Also, why can the work not be done during the evening hours? Cutting traffic down to one lane in each direction during normal working / school hours baffles me! It seems like poor planning on the City’s part. Please realize that it is not only the students at CFCC that are affected, but also ALL of those who are employed by downtown industries, who must now compensate for the additional traffic by leaving their residences earlier and earlier each day. What happens when the school buses start to run again? Imagine the traffic nightmare that will cause! I think this whole renovation could have been better planned. Just my humble opinion…

2015 years 10 months ago

That tie up traffic. Students need to CROSS the street..not linger across. They are oblivious to traffic waiting for them. Then you got people being dropped off at the door to the school…pull of to the side of the rode!!!!! OR into a parking spot that is empty. Don’t stop traffic and we have to wait for you to say good-bye, grab your book bag, get out of the car, shut the door, say good-bye AGAIN, then slowly cross the street.

Ignorance and entitlement is what is causing traffic problems….

Hang up the phone and WALK!

2015 years 10 months ago

The problem is that there are simply not enough parking spaces for the number of students. It is poor planning on behalf of CFCC. They thought that a new parking deck/lot would be sufficient But they eliminated the previous spots students used in the old parking lot. When there is more students on campus each year and no residential housing, it should not take a genius to figure out that the demand will far exceed the supply. CFCC should invest in using public transportation to and from campus(similar to UNCW). This will decrease the number of individual cars vying for one spot. Also, CFCC does very little to suggest ways student can reduce their carbon footprint such as carpooling, public transportation, walking, etc.
Don’t blames the students trying to obtain an education, because you will never be able to put 50 cars in 10 spaces. Proper planning is encouraged.

2015 years 10 months ago

The students for the traffic tie up. We don’t sit and wait for them to park.. we wait for them to linger in the street as they stroll across the street. They don’t use cross walks and look at you when you dang near hit them. I was always taught that yes as a pedestrian I have the right away, but get OUT OF THE WAY. Also again don’t drop the kid right out front. MOVE OUT OF THE WAY and let them out somewhere you are not tieing up traffic… Yes its poor planning on CFCC… but its STUDENTS AND ADULT STUDENTS walking around oblivious that cause traffic tie ups on front street!


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