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WILMINGTON, NC (NHCGOV) — The New Hanover County Attorney’s Office has received a copy of the Release of All Claims and the Joint Stipulation of Dismissal with Prejudice in the Estate of Gary Rummer v. New Hanover County etal lawsuit. These documents are attached.

This litigation was a result of the death of Gary Rummer in January, 2003 following his incarceration in the New Hanover County Jail. The lawsuit was filed in December, 2003 alleging multiple claims and naming the county, Sheriff’s department and multiple individuals as defendants.

Over the course of time, each defendant and each claim has been dismissed with the exception of a single claim of inadequate medical care by one deputy sheriff. This claim involving former Deputy Billy Hudson was scheduled for trial this week in Federal court.

New Hanover County’s insurance carrier retained the law firm of Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice to defend this lawsuit. The insurance company had exclusive authority over the disposition of this lawsuit and determined to finally and completely resolve this matter by payment of $325,000. The only sum paid by New Hanover County was the $10,000 insurance deductible early on in the litigation.

All other details of the resolution of this litigation can be found in the attached documents.

Attachment – Release of All Claims

Attachment – Joint Stipulation of Dismissal with Prejudice​

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