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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The local jeweler who gained national attention after giving away thousands of dollars in jewelery is at it again. This time around Alan Perry is giving away a car to a high school senior.

Perry has become a familiar face on TV. His jewelery store’s promotions have even gained national attention.

Many now know Perry as the guy who gave away more than $40,000 in jewelery after more than three inches of snow fell in Asheville Christmas Day. It was all part of his “Let it Snow” promotion.

Now Perry has a new promotion; this one targeted at high school students. Perry’s goal is to get kids excited about school by giving them an opportunity to win a car. He got the idea while talking with his daughter, who happens to be a teacher.

“My daughter is a teacher at Wake Forest, and she’s like, ‘They need to make straight As,'” Perry said. “I’m like, ‘No. The kids that make straight as are going to continue to make straight As. I want the kids that are making Cs and Ds and some Fs to pull them up to Cs and stay in school the whole year and get their high school diploma.’ So what would make them do that? I thought every kid would like a brand new car, so that’s where I came up with the idea.”

The rules for Perry’s Senior Pledge are fairly easy: Keep a C average, don’t have an unexcused absence and stay out of trouble with the law.

“I definitely would have given up some of the wave days that I went surfing, skipping,” recent high school grad Blake Bedson said.

Bedson and cody Biggs are recent Ashley High grads. They think perry’s idea is awesome. They just wish they still had a chance at the new car.

“I would definitely sign up for it,” Biggs said. “It sounds like something that is easy and doable”

Perry plans to give away other prizes besides a new car for this promotion. He’s considering PCs and iPads as runner-up prizes.

So why would Perry’s Emporium create a promotion for those who most likely can’t afford the jewelery in the store? Perry says it’s all about name recognition.

“I’m probably being a little bit selfish, because I figure in four or five years they’ll be bridal customers or potential bridal customers,” he said.

Perry has not decided what type of car he’ll give away. He’s hoping a local car dealership will step up and partner with him, donating a car as well. That way not just one but *two* students will win a new set of wheels.

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