WPD: Suspect on run after shooting at barber shop; LISTEN TO 911 CALL

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Submitted: Sat, 08/20/2011 - 3:29am
Updated: Sun, 08/21/2011 - 3:29pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police say a barber was shot inside his shop this morning. A police spokeswoman says it happened at Mirror Image Barber and Styling Salon at Dock and 13th Streets around 9:15 a.m.

Investigators say a man walked into the shop, argued with the victim and then shot him multiple times. The victim has been taken to the hospital. No word on his condition.

According to a 911 call from the shop, the victim, who witnesses referred to as “O,” is 27 years old. The caller said the victim looked like he had been shot “in the rear, in the back and some other places.”

Listen to the 911 call from the shop (.mp3 file)

Witnesses told police the shooter left the building and ran south on 13th Street. Police used dogs to track him, but the gunman is still on the loose.

If you have any information, call Wilmington Police at (910) 343-3600. You can also TEXT-A-TIP to CRIMES (274637), and begin the text message with TIP708.


  • Guest350 says:

    If your handle “Grand Ole Party” reflects the fact that you are Republican, we ALL know who the ignorant one is. That being said, nobody expects the dispatcher to come to the call. Information just gets lost and changed when the caller is unable to speak directly with the emergency team, while going through a third party.

  • dedicated customer says:

    The barber that was shot is NOT the owner. The owner is a GREAT and RESPECTABLE guy and a TALENTED barber. I still get my haircuts there!!

  • GuestLee says:

    Thank you for the job you do. You really don’t get the respect or appreciation that you should be receiving.

    I have had to call 911 a couple of times for medical emergencies, and I’m so glad you were there to calm me down and get us the help that was needed. You made a difference.

    Thank you to all 911 operators!

  • Telecommunicator says:

    Yes, you were being critical. I understand, that’s to be expected of those who don’t do the job and don’t quite understand what being a 911 telecommunicator entails.

    First of all, being awake and breathing are two COMPLETELY different things. Someone can be awake but not breathing. Ever hear of choking? How about if someone was shot, as this male was…he could be choking on blood. It’s important to know if a person is breathing. Its always better for someone to be breathing than awake. The question is there to find out if the airway is blocked for any reason.

    Not only that, but the medical questioning that we follow through with on ALL medical calls is a national standard. It is time tested, and has saved more than one life. We don’t ask questions needlessly. We ask these questions to save lives.

  • Guest says:

    Too many guns circulating the streets of America. Seems like a gun show every month in Wilmington. Notice after every gun show somebody gets shot. Youths are not using their fists to settle disputes these days. Nor are they using their heads.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    Don’t try to blame the gun shows. Blame it on the inherent lack of character that now permeates our society after fifty years of no one being held accountable for anything.

    Anyone purchasing a handgun, even from an individual, must have a permit to purchase or concealed carry permit. Transferring a handgun without one of these permits violates Chapter 14 of the NCGS. No one at those gun shows is selling handguns in the absence of these permits. It is too visible and would be an express trip to jail.

    You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    No as a matter of fact I didn’t notice a shooting after every gun show. Unless you are reffering to unrelated shootings. In which case there is a shooting after every church service too.

  • Guest461 says:

    …the vast majority of guns these punk thugs carry around are stolen from responsible owners. There is absolutely zero correlation between the frequency of “gun shows” and the frequency of thug related shootings. There is however, a relationship between shootings and heroin/crack distribution on the streets. This one is easy to decipher from the crime reports.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    Are you really that ignorant? Do you think the dispatcher is going to get up and come to the call? While they are speaking to you someone else is being sent to deal with the emergency. I doubt you have a friend, much less one that was put on hold while calling 911.

  • Guest4396 says:

    It appears a bunch of (maybe just 1) 911 dispatchers are sticking up for their own. I have never thought 911 was a good idea in the first place. They ask too many questions and waste too much time. When somebody needs help, an emergency vehicle needs to roll THEN. Just the other day a friend had to call 911 and they put him on hold……

  • Guest says:

    Why are you people poking fun? The people related to the victim, as well as his close friends are going through a lot of stress right now. I’ve only met him once, but I am closely associated with one of his family members. I’ve seen what they’re going through and it’s nothing to joke about. And are you seriously steretyping all of his family members to be hoodlums, or thugs? A man was shot and put in the hospital. His family members had to deal with the stress and worry of if he was going to turn out okay, and instead of positivity and encouragement, you criticize people you’ve never had the opportunity to form a judgement on by calling them thugs? Congrats, you’ve officially committed an act of cruelty.

    And to all the family members, I’m very sorry for what has happenned. I hope you can all help him get better and move on. Hopefully the shooter will be found and charged soon enough.

  • guesty says:

    It is a hood version of West Virginia!

  • guesty says:

    I’m good with what I said.

  • Guest says:

    it was HIS barber shop. He owned it. He was working.

  • reliable says:

    The barber that was shot is NOT the owner. The owner is a GREAT guy and a WONDERFUL barber.

  • GuestLee says:

    If you ever call 911 using this kind of “language”, they would never be able to find you because they wouldn’t be able to understand anything you’re saying.

  • Ignorance Hunter says:

    You sound really ignorant to write that way, if someone’s grammer is not proper enough for you, who cares? People worry about other’s far too much these days. And actually if you would have read the story, the victim was a Barber at the shop so your last sentence makes you look like the ass! Last time I checked if you had to be at work and you were at work working, you couldn’t really be at the wrong place at the wrong time because that is the place you are supposed to be at…… no?

  • Guest1234 says:

    I bet somebody’s fade got messed up

  • Guest says:

    @ I bet somebody’s fade got messed up………Grow up!!!!!!! This isn’t the time to be making jokes you ignorant individual!!!!!! Are you the suspect??????????

  • Guest says:

    This is not to be critical but the 911 dispatcher asked the caller if the victim was awake and the caller responded with “YES”. Then the dispatcher asked the caller if the victim was breathing and the caller again responded “YES”. Now if the dispatcher had given some thought before asking, he should have realized that the victim was breathing after the caller told him that the victim “WAS AWAKE”.

  • Guest says:

    The 911 dispatcher is doing his job do you know what its like to recieve that phone call be as calm and collected as he was? Didnt think so… There is a list of questions that need to be asked even though sometimes they might not be proper or make sense it is part of the job and sometimes these questions save peoples lives so before you judge someone on their work and be so quick to act like you know it all try to give some thought about that and dont forget these are people who stay calm in the craziest of situations and save lives on a daily basis

  • Guest says:

    I agree with you it seems a bit overkill…however 911 follows a medical protocol that is used nation wide by a vast majority of large agencies. And when you are dealing with an adrenaline rush, fear and anxiety a person may appear awake and actually not be, they may appear to be breathing when they in fact are not. The protocol is setup to help assist EMS responders with what they will need to take off the truck when they get on scene. The entire protocol can be answered in less that 90 seconds in most cases…but thats when you have a completely calm collected person on the other end of the phone who is willing to just answer the questions. Sometimes it takes several minutes to get through the protocols and while that seems frustrating (and it is at times) it is a very important diagnostic tool for the responders who are not yet on scene.

  • Guest says:

    Depending on where the victim was shot, he may have been awake but struggling to breathe. Some people have nothing better to do than criticize people who are there to help/send help to those in need.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    Because the victim is awake does not mean he or she is breathing. If they are choking on blood they can be awake and not breathing. Now if you had given some thought to this ignorant post you wouldn’t have bothered making an a@@ out of yourself. Let the good folks at 911 continue to do their job and you go back to cleaning port-o-potties. Stick to what you know.

  • Concern lady says:

    It is so sad that people are this stupid to do something like this right beside a school.
    What about the safety of the children? I hope they catch the dummy who done this and put
    him behind bars for a long time. It is pass time for these wanna be “Gangstas” to grow the hell up and get a life and stop trying to end others lives because of stupid stuff!!!!
    May GOD have mercy on your soul for trying to end another human beings life!!!!

  • Guest says:

    The 911 dispatcher is just doing his job do you know whats its like to get that phone call and be as calm and collected as he was? These are people that have a job to do and most do it well, there is a long list of questions that need to be asked in any situation and there is not much time to think in this situation they have to act because a life is in their hands and dont forget that these are the people who save lives and deal with this kind of stuff on a daily basis! No one kicks the mop out of your hand (guest at 1:52 pm) so dont try to tell other people how to do their job!!

  • Guest says:

    Have you ever been a 911 or emergency dispatcher? Do you think maybe the questions he asked are ones he was trained and or are supposed to ask? No thought needed to be given as these questions are necessary for the safety of everyone involved especially when there is a lunatic running around shooting people at 9 am!

  • Guest says:


  • Guest67IKYUKU says:


  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    I am convinced that everyone residing West of Seventeenth is related to everyone else living West of Seventeenth.

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