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WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — Once again, a high bond won’t keep a teen with ties to R.C. Soles behind bars very long. The 19-year-old with no job and no known source of legitimate income is on his way out of the Columbus County Jail after posting a $1 million bond. A deputy at the jail said at 12:40 p.m. Allen “Frog” Strickland was waiting to be fitted with a GPS device. He was released at 1:04 p.m.

This morning a judge set Strickland’s bond at $5 million or $1 million with a GPS tracking device until a trial September 23 for charges of vandalism at Soles’s house from an incident back in February. WWAY was the only Wilmington TV station at the hearing, which ended about 10:15 a.m. By 12:15 p.m., Sellers Bail Bonding has posted the $1 million bond for Strickland.

After today’s hearing, Soles told WWAY he does not pay for Strickland’s bonds, but that he does give his money to Strickland and other young men, because he is trying to help them because they’ve had such troubled pasts. Soles said it’s his money, and he could do what he wants with it. He would not say when all the violence and vandalism would stop or why he does not cut off relations with the young men who continue to harass him.

The judge set the bond so high because he said his primary responsibility is to protect the victim, in this case Sen. Soles, and to protect Strickland. The judge said the bond was not a punishment on Strickland, but that he took into account the fact that Soles has already shot one man who continually harassed the former senator at his home near Tabor City. The judge and attorneys discussed in open court that this case is being handled like a domestic violence case would be.

Soles told the judge he thought the no contact rule against Strickland would be dismissed, but a deal in the works fell apart yesterday afternoon. Soles, who at one point got so emotional he could not keep talking, said he came to the hearing voluntarily, because he assumed he would be subpoenaed if not. Soles has been subpoenaed to testify against Strickland at trial.

Today’s hearing came after Strickland landed in jail earlier this month after more vandalism at Soles’s home. This time, Soles called a police officer’s cell phone after Strickland allegedly broke a window on the house and a taillight on Soles’s car. A magistrate released Strickland on a $1,000 secured bond after he turned himself in the day after the incident.

Strickland turned himself in to Tabor City Police back in February after investigators say he and B.J. Wright rammed the gates at Soles’s home and did donuts in the yard before leading police on a high-speed chase. That case is the one scheduled for trial next month.

Police arrested Strickland again in April for another round of vandalism at the former senator’s home. When a judge set Strickland’s bond at $500,000, the teen, with no known job or legitimate source of income, bonded out within 90 minutes.

“I feel very sorry for the young man,” a teary Soles said after that bond hearing on April 7. “I wish him well, and I don’t wish him any ill will.”

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48 Comments on "FIRST ON 3: Strickland posts $1M bond two hours after hearing"

2015 years 8 months ago

by the giver…not the receiver of the gift. But then again…there must be disclosure of the gift by the giver…wink/wink…nod/nod.

2015 years 8 months ago

after Chappaquiddick. Politicians just seem to work hard to be an embarrassment to those they represent. This is just what you get from a lot of politicians thanks to voting being a right and not a privilege. A thorough civics exam should be required to get a voter registration card and we should have to pass it every several years. It should be at least as hard to get a voter registration card as it is to get a driver’s license. At least Soles is a former politician.

2015 years 8 months ago

I am starting to feel ashamed of being from NC.

Les Paw
2015 years 8 months ago

When will the IRS get involved?

2015 years 8 months ago

Let’s get the facts straight. First, Strickland drives a brand new Mercedes Benz sedan that Sole bought for him after he (Strickland) wrecked the brand new Corvette Soles bought for him (when he was running from the police).

Next, Strickland isn’t investing in property, RC Soles bought the house Strickland lives in. Soles paid for additional remodeling after Strickland burned the house in a fit of rage. And now Soles has purchased a single wide on one of the main streets in Tabor City for Strickland AND paid for the remodeling that was done at the house.

Strickland’s means of income is being RC Soles’ boy, plain & simple. He has no job, hangs out at the Subway all day and then does whatever it is he does for RC Soles to give him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And it’s about time the court system, judges and police put an end to it. If our judicial system doesn’t have laws that will keep one or the other of them in jail for years to come, then our judicial system SUCKS!


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